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The future isn't the demon your pastor warned you about. Yes, there are preparations that you have to make in cultivating your own soul and lifestyle like a garden if you want the earliest, best possible outcome. Yes, there are people that are sleeping in the day to day of their existence when they should be plowing their own minds and receiving with meekness the restraints upon their words, spending, lifestyles, and entertainment values that will guarantee that the roots and branches of their lives are growing long enough and in the right directions to give them the best possible relationships, benefit to their community, retirement, and rich rewards for a life well meditated and executed in His Name. However, the future is compulsory, the prayers of everyone not mentioned in the history books are reaching their harvest time, God's mercy is nonnegotiable and irrefutable, you were made for the decades ahead, and the experience of the many is still stitched, genetically, to the whole.

Christ Jesus is still wrestling every enemy that was waiting on you when you were born. Christ Jesus has still been plowing and sowing the field of the Cosmos for two thousand years as High Priest Who faithfully is pleading the case of each of us since before we were born.  He is arguing every defense that was engineered into the Words that incarnated Him.  Every needed defense of your life was bred into Him, genetically, so how could your future possibly have one iota of the macabre to it?  Everything it would take to make your life a total success was genetically bred into the New Testament and the Prophets of the Bible!  You are not here by accident! You are not damaged and rejected goods! You are the future that God, Himself, sowed for in every previous eon.  As much as Christ Jesus is the sum total of God's good news to man, you are the sum total of Christ's good news to God!  Every moment of the life and the future that awaits you in this life is what God has been joyfully anticipating since before He ever created the very first being!

You are not going to fail!  Christ Jesus is plotting through your life to have the mythical battles of history yet unwritten!  If there were to ever be an unbeliever thousands of eons from now, they'd look back upon your life the way many unbelievers, today, regard Moses, Joshua, Samson, David, Solomon, Isaiah, Abraham, and Joseph!  They would insist you are just a made up figment of some native's imagination somewhere that got a little too well acquainted with certain types of herbs and mushrooms and didn't know what they were talking about!  Or, they'd insist that the books about your life have been corrupted and/or added to over the centuries! The future God has for you will far surpass all of the myths and legends of the last 8 thousand years!

It is genetically encoded into the Gospel and Prophets of the Bible and all that awaits, for it's release from God's crock pot, is for you to become the hardware that plays out the New Testament software in your life.  It's all just a prepared algorithm with no application until you get into the Gospel until the Gospel takes over and begins to release it's time released life through every aspect of your being and every aspect of the Creation around you.  You must begin to commit more deeply to the Gospel having foremost consciousness and expression through your subconscious until you've fully presented yourself alive from among the dead and your body as an instrument of righteousness to God.

The Holy Scriptures are your final frontier.  You are not the first one, nor will you be the last to have difficulties with getting through various aspects of what Moses wrote.  So at least begin with the table of contents and find out how Israel screwed up what Moses meant from the book of Isaiah to the end of the Bible; to the book of Revelation.  Isaiah will take you to the time period before the Babylonian Captivity of Israel, everything else will take you through their Babylonian Captivity, and the Book of Revelation covers their coming out of Babylonian Captivity as the Kingdoms of the world become the Kingdoms of our Lord and of His Gospel and the inheritance of every Christian that goes back to Edenic living through the Blessing of Abraham in the Gospel, letting Christ Jesus, as High Priest, give them access through the New Testament vital experience of His Body and Blood as you walk out the New Testament contracts of promise and reveal the future, hallelujah!


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For the idols speak delusion; the diviners envision lies, and tell false dreams; they comfort in vain. Therefore the people wend their way like sheep; they are in trouble because there is no shepherd. Zechariah 10:2


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