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I bumped into someone online a while back that was trying to assert on a social networking site that such and such a social issue would stop right then, because they commanded it.  The command of faith on something like that would work where there's a genuine revelation of the principles of faith through diligently being a disciple of Jesus' Word regarding it, faithful application of the principle with believing that every single thing you say comes to pass, and where it comes to bringing about peace on earth & good will towards man, if you've been not only a son/daughter of peace by being a peacemaker, but also if you've been really really faithful in 1Timothy 2 intercessions & giving of thanks for all men everywhere, growing more and more faith for all people everywhere. 

Then because you've sought first the Kingdom & His righteousness, then these things are being added to you as well, because by diligently being Jesus' disciple according to John 15:7 and John 8 'til you're just like your teacher, according to Luke 6:40, then you're growing to the point to where you're no longer a Psalm 23 lambkin that "has to be lead by Him" as your Shepherd & you're becoming a colaborer with God; the Zechariah 8:3-6 express image of the invisible God with the Revelation 2 staff with which you're leading the nations everywhere that they should go, according to Revelation 21 as someone who is of full age, according to Zechariah 8 & Hebrews 5. 

You can get so strong in New Covenant grace that you can UNDETONATE a nuclear devise, not only back up the clock to before it happened, but purge the minds of everyone that it ever happened because as a Romans 8 joint heir with Christ, you're participating with Him in bringing the Creation into the liberties of the children of God; the Creation goes from being in futility to becoming an Edenic garden around you because of the Isaiah 30, Isaiah 43, Isaiah 49, & Revelation 22 rivers that are flowing out of you and watering more and more of the Creation 'til it's caught up in the praises of the redeemed in Revelation 5 & Revelation 15.

You never come to a place where you're not being lead by Him, but you can come to the place to where you're guided by His eyes instead of through continual discipline & blows from the Word 'til the husk of flesh is broken & roots are only just being set down; from a position of your being the light of the world, where the bread you're offering is YOUR flesh & blood, & where it's not taking these eons of preparation times between His leadings 'cause you're staying ready. As a result, the nations are staying edified, Satan is being kept in a bottomless pit, & the Jeremiah 31:27-28; Isaiah 54:9-10; Hosea 2:18; Zechariah 2:4-5 Covenant of Shalom is abounding to all life everywhere 'cause you've genuinely got rivers of living water that are flowing east & west according to the books of Zechariah, John's Gospel, & Revelation. 

We can all grow to the point, through the Scriptures, to where we're His Supermen & Supergirls that are zipping around at the slightest breath of His Spirit, setting the oppressed free & breaking up the radical agendas of the enemy according to Isaiah 10:27 & 2Corinthians 10:3-6, and enforcing the abundance of grace & gift of righteousness as the consummation of human history, according to Romans chapters 5 through 8.  It's not about waiting another million years on Him to do for us what He told us to do with His Name, with the Scriptures, & with the Spirit He's given to those that obey Him.  Colossians 2 forbids us from being all locked into special times & seasons mentalities and to heed the warnings of the close of the 1st chapter of Colossians, 1Thessalonians 2:3-12, & 2Peter 1:2-11, so that we'd be presented perfect in Christ, [IN THIS LIFE, ACCORDING TO 1JOHN 4:17,] 'cause we're diligently obeying Colossians 2:6-7 & Colossians 3:12-17.

The good news of the Gospel is that if we've been left behind in previous eons, we can now be brought near through the Blood of Christ, according to Ephesians 2.  Christ has His own plan in the works right now that He also calls "no child left behind" that's going to be infinitely more successful than the US government's idolatrous policy by the same name that tries to usurp the rightful place of His "no child left behind" policy.  Acts 3 is an eternal truth, that if He seems to have left you behind, it's only until all things are restored in your life through the Scriptures & your laying aside of the popular sin in order to run the race set before you in full assurance that the ungodly shall progress no further, even if they appear to go from bad to worse with deceiving & being deceived, yet their folly shall be evident to all & all of Creation shall enter into the Revelation 5:13 praises of the redeemed.  He's not done with any of us until He's fully brought the Superman out of each of us.

The Word of Faith movement's lifestyle of Scripture application to each moment & each need of man's lifestyle is what we do on a foundation of the Universal Restoration.  The Hosea 2:18 Covenant covers "those that are His at His coming" according to 1Corinthians 15:23.  This is clarified in Isaiah 40:10-11, since people are always regarded as first-fruits in every Gospel, Ephesians 2, "age of grace" that has unfolded from the first one in the first century until now!  Isaiah 49 says He's made us a Covenant to the Creation for His Isaiah 43 "new thing" which corresponds to the forgotten parts of Jeremiah 31:27-28 since the Creation must enter into the liberties of the children of God in Romans 8:21 so that He can have a glorious Name in Isaiah 63:14.  The whole earth is being filled with His full knowledge in Isaiah 11:1-9 so that all flesh sees the salvation of God in Luke 3:6 and all join in His praises in Revelation 5:13 and throughout the Psalms.

All of this comes back to the Word of Faith movement's lifestyle principles of hearing & doing from a renewed mind flowing from a heart that lives in the realities of Colossians 3:12-17 because of a 2Peter 1 consciousness of the divine nature we reign compassionately with in Romans 5.  The Universal Restoration is simply the presupposition of where we're going & “why,” while the Word of Faith message is the "how" and the Hosea 2:18 Covenant is a whole class of details Christians have been amnesiacs about.  All of these animals were made because His mercy endures forever & never with the understanding that our appetites for baked carcass would endure forever.

As in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.  The argument shouldn't be myopic as to whether or not animals died before Adam died in trespasses, but rather whether we're treating them shamefully on a religious presupposition of doing what we want because our Lord supposedly delays His coming.  Didn't our Lord Jesus indicate to trust Him that you don't "really" wanna "go there?"  He said the whole earth would be filled with His glory & Isaiah 63:14 says that these animals having rest is a part of His two step approach towards giving Himself a glorious Name.  Lord Jesus told His Father to glorify His Name, and He responded that He had & would again.  Philippians 2 is only half of the story on God glorifying Himself, according to Isaiah 63:14.

In speaking of a future that can only progressively get better & better & better through the proclamation of the Gospel until one's life is thoroughly disciplined by & to the Gospel of Christ Jesus, it's important to distinguish this from either the pride of life or interdependence upon societal structures for one's needs being met.  The future won't gratuitously get better & better & better any time soon for those who are caught up in this world's lusts, cares, & carnal ideas about riches.  Nor will this better future be built either on environmentalism or humanism that have their roots in either limited thinking or in Adamic thinking.  Nothing about a Word of Faith mentality, an Absolute Postmillennialist mentality, nor a Biblically-based Christian Universalist mentality can be built upon circumstantial indicators, nor upon humanistic or environmentalistic enterprises that aren't thoroughly & deeply rooted in Scripture, particularly the New Testament of Jesus Christ.

Christians didn't TRY Postmillennialism in the 18th & 19th Centuries and find that it didn't work.  Postmillennialism tried Christians in the 18th & 19th Centuries and found that they were unfit for the Kingdom; that THEY didn't work.  Same thing with Christian Universalism that was taught more Biblically based in the 17th & 18th Centuries.  People don't TRY faith stuff & find that it doesn't work.  It TRIES THEM and finds them wanting!  Nothing about restoring our future through the Gospel of Jesus Christ & it's application of the prophetic writings of the Bible as a whole, through the prism of the Cross, can have a secular counterpart that's build on the rock  & will weather the storms of life!  In the KJV, the center verse of that translation of the Bible is Psalm 118:8:  “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.”  Center two words in the KJV are “the Lord.”  Yet the KJV translation is built upon the sand, based upon compromised late century manuscripts & stands self condemned as chiefest of man's attempts to build a better world through his own devises.  Hands that shed innocent blood weren't going to produce a good translation of the Bible because there was nothing about that that God could bless.  If He had, He'd of been blessing the ministry of condemnation and violating the very living Words He gave through the Apostle Paul.

The translation was built on human endeavor rather than as a product of humility & willingness to be corrected by every line of the Bible as it was being brought into English.  It was tainted by the attempt at building a better world without being a disciple of the very Gospel that it was claimed to be restoring to the people.  Were the people involved sincere?  Doubtless!  As were the Christians in Postmillennial & Christian Universalist circles in the 19th Century that let politics and the American Civil War take the truth of the Gospel away from them & began to buy into idolatrous ideas about an Apocalypse that would be the Unveiling of the ministry of condemnation, as if that wasn't the biggest oxymoron the carnal mind of man had ever come up with!  Over 230 chapters of the New Testament were undeniably a clearing away of the ministry of condemnation, yet the closing Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave to Him to show to His servants what had to soon come to pass was supposedly a rebuttal of the previous 230 chapters of grace, mercy, & peace on earth, good will towards man!  Doesn't make any more sense if I say it in Spanish instead!  The very crowning achievement of grace that was to show forth the conquest of Hell by the Gospel is thought by billions of Christians, at the present time, to give the dimensions & degrees by which the gates of Hell prevailed against the Church that's birthed by the revelation that Lord Jesus is the Anointed, the Son of the Living God!


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