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Universal Repentance Series

These are some of Martin's earlier writings. They're not a series of messages in the traditional sense. They're essentially one long piece that's been broken up into half a dozen articles for a little bit of easier reading and reference.

Being Martin's earlier writings they do not reflect his recent shift to a Postmillenial eschatology that's revised and informed by the Word of Faith movement's message. These writings (i.e. Universal Repentance series) do not reflect his fully revised beliefs in the restoration of all along the lines of Mark 4; "Word of Faith movement" principles, which Martin only saw through a glass darkly at the time that this series was being written and couldn't articulate at the time.

His [current] beliefs are neither a Restorationist brand of Universalism nor anything approximating an Ultra brand of Universalism. He's developed a third system which incorporates the Word of Faith movement's principles into the restoration which highlights salvation as being through the faith of Jesus Himself. This website will ultimately and eventually reflect that in it's selection of writings and A/V materials.

Talk about a "prosperity theology!"

Martin says about this series: "I was more firm about the subject of a temporary 'Hell' during the first 5 years of my belief in the Universal Restoration because of the influences of Andrew Jukes, Elhanan Winchester, Charles Chauncy, and George MacDonald on my beliefs. Elhanan Winchester was the first Universalist that I'd ever read after that attempted to square his belief in the Universal Restoration with every single verse that could have possibly been raised in objection to it by Pastors and Theologians who knew their Bibles better in the 18th century than most Pastors and Theologians do today. The Body of Christ owes Elhanan Winchester an eternal debt of gratitude for his dialogues on the Universal Restoration. I'm more willing, these days, to look at the type of Ultra Universalism that Hosea Ballou and others have espoused. This is in part due to my inability to escape my 'Word of Faith movement' roots and various aspects regarding my grounding in the teaching of faith and it's accompanying teachings on the anointing as they work together in the concept of 'Seed-faith living.' This is not to say that I've embraced any goofy ideas regarding indulgences which are completely blasphemous to the atonement of Christ, much like many expressions of the altar call ceremony in many Churches which impart fear and despair rather than love for the Redeemer of all. I simply can't reconcile a 'Hell' any more with what the Amplified Bible calls 'God's way of doing and being right.' I believe that Jesus in His High Priestly ministry is much more active in the life of each and every single individual that doesn't know Him yet, than any of us have ever had any idea of. While I'm looking for the words to express what's been going on in my heart along these lines, these early Christian Universalist writings of mine are a good analogy of our redemption from the tares of this life. And there are still many, many principles in these writings that I still do agree with."


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