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By Martin Cisneros

Father, in the Name of Jesus, we thank You for all that You've been revealing during these beginning of days.  Thank You, Father, in Jesus' Name for the Outpouring of Holy Spirit upon all flesh and for advancing the discipleship of the nations to the next level with the next higher levels of teaching from the Scriptures being the general direction that Holy Spirit is leading and that You're modeling for Him to pass along to us in sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom at much more advanced levels as we lead the world going into the start of this next age of Your grace.  Thank You, Father, for more ancient textual discoveries of Biblical manuscripts that put remaining doubts to rest about the veracity of the Scriptures, that they genuinely do correspond to the Flesh and Blood of Jesus Christ, that though having been bruised, striped, and pierced, they're now being glorified along with us, or rather as the path upon which the rest of us are being glorified!  Thank You, Father, for medical advances that extend the lives of those weak in faith into ranges where they live as indefinitely long as we do so that we CAN get more faith and training into their lives with the Gospel so they can have incorruptible and immortal lives with us, in the Name of Jesus! 

Thank You, Father, for greater degrees of sanctification for all of us, for setting us free from limiting mindsets, and for setting us free from autonomous mindsets that aren't in accord with the Spirit of the Gospel or in accord with being Your Understudies, and that aren't in accord with our living the scripted lives with the Scriptures that the Scriptures and our Lord Jesus have called us to since before we were born!  Thank You, Father, for greater dimensions of peace in our hearts, clarity of thinking regarding every righteous principle of the Kingdom, and for making our wholeness and separation to the Gospel from every false way our foremost quest.  Thank You, Father, for enabling us to form New Governments, for giving us courage to purge the evils from our midst by every means necessary, including our having righteous New Constitutions that declare us to be Christian nations without regards to denominations, but likewise nonnegotiably Christian solely in all of our institutions and all of our cultural expressions.

Lord Jesus, as Governors of the Nations, we sup with You, according to Revelation 3:20, lifting the Bread to eat it, remembering that You said this was Your Body broken for us.  We eat this in Remembrance of You!

Lord Jesus, as Creators of Cultures, we lift the Cup to drink it, remembering that You said that this was Your Blood of the New Testament that was shed for the remission of sin.  We drink this in Remembrance of You!

Father, we thank You that You've redeemed our lives from destruction, healed us, renewed our youth as the eagle's, filled us with Your Spirit of wisdom, and restored our loyalty to the Gospel and to living New Testament lives with one another.  Father, we receive Your will done on earth as it is in heaven, and all evil removed from our midst, and we thank You for days of heaven on earth, and total freedom from wickedness in our cultures.  Thank You, Father, for setting our nations in righteous order and for ending the evils that have been in our midst that have been nature's responses to our own wickedness.  Father, we thank You for enabling us to escort the whole of Creation into a righteous new order, for enabling us to revive our religious institutions and to cast Unbiblical traditions far from us, never to be remembered, like Amalek, according to Deuteronomy 25:17-19.  Thank You, Father, that those evil ways will never be our ways ever again, and we'll not forget!  Thank You, Father, for new nations that are Gospel oriented, that preserve the godly liberties embraced by our more recent generations, and that increase those liberties to all of Creation.  Thank You, Father, for abolishing from our midst all that's not in harmony with the Hosea 2:18; Jeremiah 31:27-28 Covenant, and that we'll never again have those evils against any creatures of the earth, in the Name of Jesus!  Thank You, Father, that we have it in our power to begin the world over again. 

Thank You, Father, for new Republics, righteous, Biblically redemptive laws that regard the lives of both man and beast, that aren't the CRUEL tender mercies of the wicked.  Thank You, Father, for prosperous citizens that live according to the principles of redemption, and governments that are patterned on New Jerusalem, and for a total Renaissance of the Gospel age that we're in, that every redemptive principle of God's grace from Isaiah through Revelation would be abided by and that every creature in heaven, our lands, and under our lands would join in Revelation 5:13 and Revelation 15:3-4 praises and worship of our Redeemer, our God; our New Moses that's lead us into new compassion based governments that show forth His wisdom and a just balance for all life everywhere, and no matter what type of life that it is!  Father, in Jesus' Name, we thank You for eyes that see and ears that hear, and for hearts that understand and obey the Gospel for every Creature without hesitation and without stopping at the first mile!


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