August 30, 2011 @ 1:34 PM

After 10yrs of wrestling with it, thinking it was extreme, making private arguments [to himself alone & mentally alone] about not being able to afford it, falling totally off of the wagon a couple of times over "cooked," Martin Cisneros finally surrendered to his destiny to be a 100% Raw Food Vegan.  First few days are a little rough, not so much with any kind of cravings for cooked food, but over detox of refined white sugar, caffeine, and perhaps secondarily over being used to tons upon tons of garlic powder and other types of powdered seasonings that are now regarded with suspicion and avoidance until he can verify if any of 'em are ever made without a heating process of any kind, or if they're merely ground and dehydrated without excessive heat.  Martin's not a stranger to unprocessed herbs from the produce department, but is currently weighing budget issues and gaining his footing, not wanting to go all out on anything, immediately, while he's in a process of change, having seen online rumors over the years about the two possibilities of an immediate ravenous hunger because of the body finally getting the enzymes it wasn't getting AS RELIABLY from cooked food, or what some raw food vegans have reported about their appetite going into very very bare minimums BECAUSE their body is satisfied, nourished, has less to fight with and contend with in digestion, etc.  Martin's settled upon avoiding grains entirely, as a personal preference, and having very little fruit, initially, with wanting to deal with any potential undiagnosed levels of insulin resistance by letting his body have time to heal itself on raw greens and vegetables. 

Having seen numerous anecdotes over the years that not all nuts and seeds labeled "raw" are in fact fully sproutably "raw," because of that term not being a regulated term over the years, he's settled upon taking things nice and slow in order to remain 100% Raw Vegan at all times.  Martin says he's always had a very healthy appetite, or unhealthy, depending on the selection of food before him, so he's eager to discover for himself what percentage of that, in himself, is from any areas of undiagnosed malnutrition in relation to certain enzymes and/or if it was just the [severely] addictive nature of many cooked foods that were the culprit in his own life.  Besides knowing that God had been dealing with him all of these years to be all that God had originally intended for a man to be, and being allured by the sense in which a 100% Raw Vegan diet is a form of living a fasted lifestyle that's separate from what's currently mainstream, several YouTube videos of 100% Raw Vegan Body Builders were helpful as a deciding factor that Raw Vegans weren't across the board the stereotypical frail, perhaps underweight stick figure parodies that he'd seen a few times over the years, but that with better nutrition and allowing the body to do it's own combining of enzymes into proteins that the body would use, that the performance of athletes was actually enhanced and their recovery times from training, sports, illness, or injury were incredibly faster -- not even factoring in a faith lifestyle on top of that that Martin brings to the table where his own lifestyle is concerned.  Often, over the years, the month of September has marked a period of particular transition and promotion from God for Martin, so while unsurprised that September of 2011 would be right around the corner from this full quality decision that he's made to be a 100% Raw Vegan, he's at the same time excited by wanting to see what God has in mind for him, physically, this September of 2011 with this lifestyle rebirth.

Same day Update: Martin reported 3hrs later that with just a very few minutes of sunlight, that suddenly he felt better than he'd ever felt; the sun seemed to be bathing him in love.

April 17, 2012 Update: You know how the best of intentions sometimes have to give way to "middle-ground" when it comes to loved ones, right?  To promote peace in my home with my wife, what may wind up being the diet that we move to [as a family] is still 100% Vegan, but 60% to 75% Raw Vegan, with 75% [or more] Raw Vegan being when we're either particularly inclined [as a family or as an individual] or when we're at our busiest to where there's no question we HAVE TO HAVE the extra energy from Raw Foodism.  Negotiations are ongoing with my wife to keep the household at 100% Raw Veganism, but 60% as our minimum goal, to guarantee we never fall below 50%, is still a victory compared to how the rest of this city, this country, and the Western world lives!  There's a moral argument, as well as a spiritual argument, for 100% Veganism, but there's so much conflicting information out there on whether 100% Raw Vegan is the healthiest way to live or whether 75% is generally regarded as optimal, mainly because of the evolution of the human body over the last several thousand years -- NOT FROM ape to man, BUT FROM Raw Vegan herbivore to everything it's been since in it's ancestry -- to where certain nutrients might be optimally received by the body from the food being cooked.  Yet there's the UNQUESTIONABLY POWERFUL ARGUMENT that more harm than good is done to the food and to our bodies by cooking it. 

I'll always lean towards 100% Raw Veganism, emotionally, but I'm also exercising my faith in God's Word for the perfect health, energy, AND HAPPINESS of my family and if we need the once in a blue moon cooked meal or to have roughly a third of our meals cooked to get that little extra nutrient kick in the right direction 'til we've received more wisdom specifically from God in the matter, then that's what we're going to do UNLESS we come to 100% TOTAL UNITY about perpetual 100% Raw Veganism in our home.  I'll never lose the health, energy, and long-term wellness and vitality arguments when it comes to eating predominantly Raw Vegan, but 'til we've received more info from God's Holy Spirit about 100% Raw Veganism being ideal for us when looking at the Century and a half that we're believing God for as our absolute minimum remaining lifespan, then we'll have SEASONS OF UNQUESTIONABLY 100% Raw Veganism, but we'll have leniency with [roughly] a third of our meals, which in Fort Worth, Texas gives us more options, including socially.  If we lived immediately in Dallas, Texas or in parts of California or other places where there's multiple 100% Raw Vegan restaurants, then potentially a stronger argument could be made for perpetual 100% Raw Veganism, 'cause when you're in lazy mode about meal preparation, then there's always that place that's within 30 minutes of your house to have others consistently make your meals during normal business hours.  Of course, we could EVENTUALLY hire a 100% Spirit-filled, 100% Raw Vegan chef, which would be my personal preference, but uncertain if that's on the "things to immediately do" list! 

As everyone knows, another contributor to longevity, youthfulness, and remaining very active after you've passed your first Century in the earth is also going to be a moderate bodybuilding program of working out progressively more and more until you've worked your way up to working out between one and two hours a day, 6 days a week, or are working out between one and two hours a day, every other day.  We're still working on fully getting THERE as a family, and of course the quicker recovery times from having more Raw Food in your system are a great motivator to feel the upward pull of going into 90%-plus in your Raw Veganism during seasons of your working out when you're not only trying to add muscle and/or lose fat, but when life's particularly hectic and you're really really needing those faster and faster recovery times from your workouts so you can do the rest of what needs to be done with your time!