August 22, 2011 @ 3:04 AM

Uncertain of the direction to proceed because every single thought presupposes a ministry staff of ten thousand that's more doctrinally and visually (i.e. vision) united than anything this ministry has ever seen thus far.  Trying to dissect each possible direction for it's seed or an initial direction to go that's initially less ambitious is always like trying to dissect the whole universe. Each area of vision is an animal all it's own, too vast to pin down long enough for such an attempt!

Everything has always been too cosmic with us. The next one thing that must happen and the next dozen things that must happen after that require an immediate one hundred new spiritual sons and daughters that know the vast contents of this website better than we do. We've tried to lie to ourselves for a while that the next phase could be accomplished with just ten more, for obvious reasons of wanting to appear to our own eyes closer to the next steps of this ministry than we've been.

Absolutely everything is so within view, including the Christian Universalist message becoming the mainstream Body of Christ's sole perspective regarding the outcome of the Holy Spirit's work with each soul. Hopefully, the reorganization of our ministry will be completed before our full Anti-idolatry message is at a more advanced stage on our website.  The only writings that yet remain to be put on the website are those for which we will have been thought extremely prudent to have secured greater liability protection than we've formerly had.

That's true regarding a bare minimum of 40% of what we're yet to place on this website.  We've been "there" for at least 2yrs on what remains to be said in stating a greater specificity in our Anti-idolatry and Hosea 2:18 messages, as any defense attorney would readily acknowledge. So we've remained guarded in our testimony until the final protections were in place that would secure the protection of our loved ones on free speech any attorney would say is right on the event horizon of liable. Protecting our loved ones and setting Creation free are BOTH enjoined upon us!