August 22, 2011 @ 7:00 PM

The purpose of Rain Showers, besides the obvious of more teaching in the perspectives of this ministry is to bring forth various aspects of the message that have been shared before, hoping to bring more clarity and hoping to better demonstrate the interconnectedness of the various parts of this ministry's teaching as vital components of the whole.  It is likewise meant to encourage and inspire more deeply than a regular daily devotional would that's a page or less of writing.  There are many passages of Scripture that have been the real tofu and potatoes of my spiritual life that I, Martin Cisneros, have yet to do anything online about them over the last decade plus that this ministry has been morphing into Fountain of Gardens Ministries.  Psalm 91, Isaiah 53 - 55, and others that it's my sincere hope to actually devote at least one webpage and preferably two to really encouraging, inspiring, giving faith for those provisions, creating boldness in believers, renewing minds, and with fresh faith on those subjects for people, perhaps even saving the lives of people that were in the right state of spirit and anticipation on the Word of Christ dwelling in them richly in all wisdom to where they were actually protected and rescued out of random calamities that perhaps various spirits in their environment had been working on bringing about in their lives for decades -- and with that one changed day from being a poor mouth into having courage, gratitude, and renewed firm reliance upon that particular aspect of God's Word, then the Hebrews 1:14 angels assigned to believers were better able to gently tug them away from whatever, or to shove them out of the path of whatever, or perhaps just to be a wall of fire around them that kept harm out of their lives.  It is always my hope to nurture a strengthening of honour, God's love, obedience to the Scriptures, and a deepened resolve to reject every contrary way to His lifestyle that He's expecting all of mankind to gradually begin adopting as His work of adopting them through Christ is increasing in the earth through the preaching and teaching of the Gospel.  The delay in the completion of the series has ultimately been about wanting it to be the most interconnected series of teaching that I've done in recent years with really distilling all of it into a tangible way of life, frame of reference, and core set of values that are consistent with one another and that readily explain the failures [and the limitations] over the centuries of various attempts to spread light on any particular one of the 5 spiritual genes on the front page of this website that I'm hoping to insert into the DNA of every Christian in making up what's lacking in their faith, according to 1Thessalonians 3:10.