September 19, 2011 @ 12:36 AM

We've been grossly sloppy with the New Testament Greek and I don't say this as a Greek scholar of any kind, but merely using the Concordant Literal and being surprised that certain passages aren't certain things in the Greek that I suppose in my early days in Christian Universalism I always assumed based on the preaching around me that was perhaps more heavily based on the KJV rather than rightly dividing the Word of Truth.  God's corrections of us ARE NEVER EVER kolasis.  They're "pai d ei'a" and potentially "pai d eu'o" and the analogy of our discipline from God is given to us with Scriptures that use the word "pai d eu t es'" See Concordant Literal New Testament's lexicon on "discipline, train" the entry immediately afterwards that says "discipline" and the entry after that that says "discipliner" and look at what passages it's saying use this ENTIRELY DIFFERENT WORD in the Greek.

KOLASIS IS NEVER EVER GOOD EVER!!  True sons are going about casting out the root to kolasis in 1John 4, i.e. perfect love casts out fear, for fear has chastening.

You could rightly say that the nations go away into eonian fears, based upon 1John 4 and the usage of Kolasis elsewhere in the New Testament as the attempt at instilling fear.  CASTING OUT KOLASIS IS A PART OF CHRISTIAN MINISTRY.  WHY WOULD WE CAST OUT THAT WHICH WOULD RECLAIM??  IT'S EONIAN 'CAUSE WE'LL GET TO EACH CASE OF IT EVENTUALLY TO CAST IT OUT, IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!

AREN'T THE NATIONS IN EONIAN FEARS, RIGHT NOW, BECAUSE OF DISPENSATIONAL PREMILLENNIALISM, LEFT BEHIND NONSENSE, GREAT TRIBULATION TEACHINGS, ETC., BEING THE CLOSEST THINGS TO WHAT THE CHURCHES IN THEIR NEIGHBORHOODS ARE CALLING GOOD NEWS??  Yet those that really have the life of the spirit aren't trying to restrain the nations from wickedness by such error, but are revealing the Son of God to them, the one who casts out all fear, for fear hath chastening/kolasis.

I realize Concordant Literal says on chasten: "kol a'zo": with a view to amendment, in contrast to punishment which is penal, but look at the examples of passages where this appears: Acts 4:21, 2Peter 2:4, 2Peter 2:9; and for chastening: "Kol'a si s": look at the examples of the passages where this appears: Matthew 25:46, 1John 4:18

None of these passages are reclaiming anyone and it's one of the areas where our etymology that Hanson said should be taken cum grano salis has desperately failed us, 'cause the passages all indicate something to be rescued FROM rather than to be REFORMED BY, even if THE WICKED seek to use kolazo to try to reclaim the Apostles from heresy! USAGE IS WHAT MATTERS, NOT ETYMOLOGY!!  To say that kolazo or kolasis has saved one single person in all of history is the very denominational anti-healing, anti-prosperity, anti-Spirit-filled lifestyle that God's raised up millions over the last 150yrs to reclaim the Body from those errors that were introduced right before the Church went into the dark ages, held to a form of godliness and denied the power thereof!

We were sent to seek and to save those that are in eonian kolasis, not to let it do it's work of destroying their lives!  The nations aren't going into chastenings eonian that are ANYTHING EVEN REMOTELY RESTORATIVE.  WE HAVE TO SPEND OUR EONIAN LIVES RESCUING THEM FROM AIONIOS KOLASIS 'CAUSE KOLASIS IS BASED ON FEAR IN 1JOHN 4 AND HE SAID FROM COVER TO COVER IN THAT BIBLE TO FEAR NOT!!


Jesus from Nazareth, as God anoints Him with holy spirit and power, Who passes through as a benefactor and healer of all those who are tyrannized over by the Adversary, for God was with Him.  Acts 10:38 Concordant Literal

So for the Concordant-Only Crowd you'd say that Kolasis is the tyranny of the Adversary!  i.e. 2Corinthians 4: the things that are seen are temporary, the things that are withheld from sight are only withheld from sight eonially!