March 25, 2012 @ 3:48 PM

Good little faith affirmation would be to start affirming your eyesight will be 20/15 by the year 2015. Gives your thanksgiving & your faith something to diligently pursue, particularly if you're needing your faith to do something very strengthening and corrective by then, so that you'll have those well-timed organic blue berries for your eyes, or be lead, after you've developed your faith substantially for that, to stop useage of any particular products that are giving you a hard time in that area of your body! For some of you, that'll be better eyesight than you've ever had in your life, even if you've never considered yourself to have any deficiencies in your eyes! 

Your goal is to affirm words to that effect as present realities until it's very very deep in your spirit and in your subconscience AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that it's not only growing your life in that direction, but so that any correction of habits or substances you introduce to your body to nourish it or as your hygiene or how you clean your house or anything else can be clarified to your understanding to stop doing such and such or for better things to be doing with your time, body, and resources to simply step in and unconsciously correct what's needed correcting, not only with the tissues of your eyes but with your lifestyle that's giving you the eyes you'll eventually have!

Fight tooth and nail to have said something to that effect 8 to 24hrs by year's end, though you don't have to have said it in one or two shifts of that, but just with your daily habit with how few minutes here and there leads to so many hours by year's end.  This is promised to you in the finished work of the Cross that you'd have all God ever intended for your eyes to be, because Galatians 3:13 says Christ has redeemed your eyes from the curse and every eye issue or lack of perfection is listed in Deuteronomy 28, not limited to but including the 61st verse.  Use this as a good Mark 11:22-26 exercise of your faith.  Your looking to continue to affirm it from the moment you read this through the end of 2015 and after 2015 to affirm your gratitude that your eyesight was adjusted to being 20/15 in 2015 and you're never turning loose of having received God's provision of that, in the Name of Jesus, to whom you're ever grateful for the strengthening of your eyesight!!

Reminder: doesn't matter if your eyesight appears better by then, appears to have gotten worse, or appears not to have changed in the slightest.  You're settling something on the finished work of Christ at the Cross and HIS INTEGRITY with what He said in Mark 11:22-26 that you'd have what you said that you became fully convinced of.  Your confession never changes towards 2015 and after 2015 that your eyesight is testable at 20/15 and you're enjoying the best eyesight you've ever had in your whole life because Isaiah 61 says that Lord Jesus is anointed to minister to eyes and your faith and your hope are firmly rooted in Jesus as the Anointed One, through His Anointing He said it would be as YOU called it, in Mark 11:23-24, and your confession is that you're fully persuaded of the faithfulness of God, the healing and the measurable strengthening of your eyes, and your eyesight will never again be below 20/15 in the Name of Jesus because you absolutely refuse for it to ever again be any weaker than that! You absolutely refuse it, in the Name of Jesus, and insist all of your days that His Anointing for eyes is at work in your eyes and from 2015 onwards you're able to see at 20/15 and beyond, in the Name of Jesus!  Never allow it to be any other way.  Your beliefs are your stewardship before God, not the stewardship of your circumstances, nor of one part of your body!