March 29, 2012 @ 9:07 PM

April will make 11yrs of 100% Veganism for me! Was so-called "Holy Week" of 2001. That's a lot of corn tortillas, when in doubt about bread or other things normally eaten with one's food! LOL!  Had to give up Veggie Burgers for a few years because they got prohibitively expensive at well over $1 a piece, but the other day I managed to get my hands on one brand of Vegan Veggie Burgers that's a leading brand at a local store that carries 'em for $2.89 for a box of 4.  That's a $1.50 savings on a box anywhere else! 

I was definitely a happy dude this week with having a couple of Veggie burger sandwiches.  Didn't have hamburger buns, but used wheat bread slices.  I've been praying over the years about John McDougal's diet plan that involves avoiding any kind of oils, whether olive oil or any other oil, as though they were the plague, and may be inching towards that, since I've generally kicked the sugar habit already.  For the millionth time, but misery level over extra pounds exceeds anything I can be tempted with, 9 times out of 10.

Spent the month of March drinking water 98% of the time with only the rarest soda, green tea, hot chocolate, or anything else.  Might be the 1st time in 37yrs that I had so much tap water, or any kind of water, for a whole month.  I drank bottled water by the gallon jugs when I was working grocery retail, but I'd still mess with sodas while at work TOTALLY MISTAKING THEM for an energy boost.  Only with drinking as much water as I have this month have I discovered water's the only energy boost the body needs!  Takes a while to fully acclimate to drinking nothing but water, I know. 

Still on that voyage as I'm typing this, having had 1 or 2 diet drinks this month while I was out running errands.  But decided wrestling water into a 100% dogma and preference is preferable to cancer or alzheimers or other issues 25 to 50yrs from now!!  I like CHOOSING my battles, and have always liked and preferred to pick my own fast days when they were seemingly unnecessary or to spend the night in prayer when it was seemingly unnecessary, in terms of no pressing emergencies and receive correction and instruction and protection from God and extension of my peace, prosperity, and wisdom, rather than to wait for some circumstance of life to get the 1st punch! 

I like picking my fights in the spirit or with my body's predisposition for wanting ease and pleasure, rather than to be in any kind of so-called crisis!  I had a good spiritual unbringing with a man that was to me what St. Paul was to Timothy and Onesimus, in the New Testament, and learned that lesson early and had it re-enforced often to not wait 'til I'm trying to play catchup, to desire mercy rather than sacrifice.  I require reminders and to be inspired by teaching CDs and Word of Faith meetings that are taught by men of some degree of honour, even if they lack many things regarding God's eternal purpose for animals and other matters.  I'm getting to where my actual needs along those lines are increasingly few and far between, but Solomon had God's jumper cables applied to him for wisdom and surrounded himself with 4 pastors and still screwed up.  Even your isolation from the religious must be chosen wisely, so as not to isolate yourself with everything you don't want, and to where you don't cut yourself off completely from opportunities to grow others, while protecting your own heart with all diligence.

Choose water in the name of protecting life, as a Vegan principle, even if you've thus far been of the opinion that you've given up smoking, alcohol, animal products, and other things, therefore this particular brand of soda is going to remain your one vice!  You're never in trouble in your health for what you do occasionally, and nobody's saying your soda can't be how you enjoy your Birthdays, Purim, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and every other major holiday that's sincerely worth observing, ignoring the doughnut days or take your kid to work days and other minor holidays -- minor in terms of symbolic meanings, so that you're drinking water 98.6% of the time 330+ days a year!  If you'd find your soda, coffee, teas, flavored drinks, juices, and alcohols total abominations in terms of what you give animals, then live consistently to where you start inching towards it being for special occasions, 'cause if you're diseased 7 to 70yrs from now, how are animals helped by your money having to go to support a disease treatment habit, medication, etc., on things that are preventable!??