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Holiness Has A Reward
By: Martin Cisneros

Christian Universalists almost act sometimes as if God's truth would fail or God's glory would be hindered by the lack of proclamation of the final regeneration of all things. God will achieve all of His purposes, no matter what. He would just simply prefer for us to know and proclaim His goals and bring a proper understanding to His process. While in some respects, God seems to do nothing except it first be revealed to His servants, the prophets, at the same time, God's already revealed what He would do to the ancient Apostles and Prophets and through the prophetic writings of the Scriptures.


Some would say that that, of necessity, makes it our moral duty to preach the final holiness and happiness of every created being when death is abolished and God is all in all as a matter of love and trust rather than merely all in all as a statement of absolute power as at present. Others would say that unbalanced souls would take it as moral license to live as they please irrespective of the divine standard.


Some would argue that true holiness can not prosper when truth is purposefully withheld. The healing power of the doctrine of the universal restoration is appealed to, that final truth and the good news of final peace, holiness, and joy for all should be preached BECAUSE of it's moral power to convince all of the royal command by the example of God and not merely as a matter of religious, traditional precept. Others would argue of a weakening of fruitful evangelism by the truth being shouted abroad that God will [inevitably] have all men to be saved by the authority and wisdom of Christ Who's greater than Solomon. Some would point to the final fruit of peaceful and holy lives as the determining factor of being brutally honest with the true and consistent flow of the divine will of the Scriptures taught without translational oral tradition and the fear of death.

The fruit of Universal Reconciliation must be seen as beginning with our reconciliation with Christians everywhere, whether they ever agree with us on how far the Blood of Jesus will reach into hell, or regarding how high it will reach into the realms between this earthly one and the New Jerusalem! We can all agree on love and the miraculous power of Christ's cross whether we ever share the same level of hope in it's infinite outcome! Let the reconciliation begin.

Does Universalism promote greater tolerance? And if so, what kind of tolerance does it promote?

Universalism is the most intolerant doctrine on the face of the earth. It's intolerant of "separation from God" when the Blood of Christ is the remedy, channel of divine grace, and universal basis of all of God's dealing and judgments with man. It announces the kingly reign of Christ Jesus over every single heart in the cosmos: past, present, and future. It announces the most powerful denouncement of sin and the most powerful punishment of sin permitted by divine love and wisdom. It announces that no one is their own but that all were bought with a precious precious price, with the spotless blood of the lamb of God, Jesus Christ.

The doctrine of Universalism differs with other streams of Christianity only so far as the extent to which the work of the cross of Christ will captivate and capture every heart with infinite grace and judgment. It is a simple matter of degree rather than a "new doctrine". Universalism declares that God will have His Way and that the Blood of Christ will overtake all sin and destroy it. The Blood of Christ is viewed as acidic to the sin nature, as cancerous to iniquity itself, and as hybridizing the whole of creation with the dominant genes of righteousness until only the peace, joy, and holiness of God can eventually grow from the roots of creation!

True Biblical Universalism never calls one to believe in the best of every man, but only to believe in the best of Jesus Christ and His redemptive sufferings and His redemptive exaltation for all of creation! True Biblical Universalism looks at the sin infested creation through the Blood of Christ and boldly declares that righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost will triumph over you! True Biblical Universalism looks at death and laughs knowing that the end of death is near. True Biblical Universalism challenges fundamentalist Christianity to leave it's "elder brother" attitudes towards it's "prodigal younger brothers"(Luke chapter 15) and to embrace them as freely as the Father of Mercies and the God of all Comfort does.

God is never viewed by Universalism to embrace sin, but only the wayward sinner; compelling, urging, pleading, demanding, and dragging the sinner towards repentance until all sin is slain in a decisive victory by the work, blood, and tears of Jesus Christ. The Holiness and Judgment of God are absolutes of divinity, history, scripture, and eternity and only the pure in heart can see God at work graciously uprooting and tearing down, building and planting a whole new order of things, saving and redeeming man from His destructions. Let God be true, just, merciful, and gracious to whom He will be gracious to, and let every man be a liar that would contradict Christ's conquest over all of creation!

I just, recently, saw a Christian Universalist site that claimed that they don't have ANY creed BUT the Bible!

Where that's coming from is obviously a shyness about the prejudices of other Christians who've bludgeoned others with their creedal statements, exclusivity, etc., that it's either OUR way or the ETERNAL hell way kind of nonsense.


#1). if you have no creed but the Bible, then that's subject to everybody's interpretation of what the Bible is in their judgments about your particular group, and therefore:

they can call you anything they wanna call you, based on THEIR understanding or LACK thereof of what the Bible is, and then they can run around claiming you believe this or that particular fundamentalist and/or fringe extremity, right?

While the goal is noble of being nonsectarian, nonjudgmental, etc., and all of the positive goals that are probably associated with trying to shy away from creedal statements, it also does nothing to distinguish what your particular group calls truth and error and if the point is spiritual growth, then a landmark or two of what a healthy and positive flow of life and practice is necessary and a unifying thread needs to be present, UNLESS you're just going to be a life-principle, motivational speaker type.

But for a Christian ministry to claim to be a Christian ministry and most especially to qualify that by saying that they're a Christian Universalist ministry AUTOMATICALLY says that they subscribe to the belief in the final holiness and obedience of AT THE VERY LEAST all of mankind (i.e. the debates about whether there's a literal devil and whether or not animals are spiritual beings notwithstanding) based on the sacrificial/mediatorial work of Christ.

To believe that the judgments on sin are merely the prelude to everlasting blessings for all of creation IS a creed in itself that distinguishes someone from 70% of the Christians and Christian movements out there.

But the website I'm refering to was OBNOXIOUSLY anti-creedal, which though nobly motivated is ultimately self-defeating!

Universalists, in closing, I'm addressing this SPECIFICALLY to you, ok? Try to always remember that there isn't a Christian of another denomination that wouldn't LOVE to believe what we believe about Luke 15, Colossians 1:15-20 etc., etc., etc.

We must always speak the truth in LOVE. (i.e. not with the accusing finger and fist of wickedness as Isaiah 58 warns us against!) There aren't as many pride issues that prejudice Christians against what we believe about Universal Reconciliation as some of us have thought in the past. There isn't a single truth of Scripture that any of us treasures in our hearts that wasn't FIRST revealed to us from Above. Those who believe in some version of unending punishment of those that Christ hasn't reached before a certain eschatalogical deadline, (whether it be torture or extinction,) were appealed to, most of the time, for years and years and years. Their whole concept of God's divine government was built one stone at a time.

We are TRULY, as Universalists, where other Christians SINCERELY desire to be, if only it weren't for this or that aspect of destiny, justice, or of human will that they can't see how the wisdom of God could sufficiently deal with in such a way as to recover every fallen created being.

Mainstream evangelism, devotionals, and Christian media are prejudiced against the larger hope. And they didn't become that way just when we came to believe as we do. They've been bent at odds with the Anointing of Jesus and our perspective of His atoning and mediation ministry for generations.

Remember again: in their heart of hearts, they want what gets rid of the contradictions!

Don't any of you Restorationists forget this, in the Name of Jesus Christ, ok?! Try not to be abusive and flippant about issues that are real issues in the minds of other Christians and that worry them night and day with the fear of death for their loved ones. Yes, Christ paid it all, and yes His love reaches to the highest mountains and to the lowest valleys. You and I both know the reality of that, but other Christians while sincerely believing that they believe that too don't know the DEPTH of it.

Everyone who calls himself or herself a Christian believes in:

1.) the wrath of God revealed from heaven against all ungodliness;

2.) the love of God towards sinners;

3.) the atoning work of Christ;

4.) the need for present sanctification, discipleship, and obedience to the Scriptures;

5.) the soon return of Jesus Christ and the full end of all sin.

Christians who haven't seen the larger hope [of Universal Reconciliation] yet, simply differ by degree in how effective the atoning work and mediation ministry of Jesus Christ will be. They don't see days of grace beyond their own times in God's purposes. They need to be loved and prayed for, quite often with fasting, but it's in God's hands as far as when they see the fullness of His purposes even beyond their own private election! Guess what? God's as faithful to them as He is towards us! Don't doctrinally BEAT the children of God that you have seen and think you're living a loving lifestyle towards the God you haven't seen!!!

Many have written about how bankrupt of morality the endless torment paradigm is and the immorality that it generates. Many have contrasted that with the Universalist paradigm, but we've not said enough of how the message of the ultimate universal restoration is [in itself] a cause of morality without commenting on the endless misery paradigm.

If there were a world somewhere, nearly parallel to ours, that had never heard of the eternal punishment paradigm, what moral force is there to be found in the universal recovery message independent of a contrast with the eternal torment paradigm?

We're always accused of holding to what will multiply iniquity. But I've found very little said about the morality that the Universalist paradigm would produce --again, without any reference to the traditional endless bondage and imprisonment "in eternity" of the wicked. Most Universalist believers are content to throw around the depraved histories of Martin Luther, John Calvin, St. Augustine and other persecutors of the truth without majoring on what makes Universal Recovery better, aside from all eventually being drawn in.

What's the inherent moral power of the Biblically based Universal Recovery message?

Because all will be made alive in Christ, your neighbor will literally be your neighbor forever.

[This is using the term "forever" in it's proper sense rather than as a glib King James-ism.]

This has certain moral consequences that our critics continually fail to see. Our critics claim that by our interpretation of 1Corinthians 15:22-28 and Colossians 1:15-20 that that necessitates that anything of a morally bankrupt nature goes unchecked into Paradise. However, the Love of Christ that compels us IS the great check and balance upon all vice, all evangelism, and all other matters of Kingdom importance.

Because all will be made alive in Christ, there are certain moral obligations towards seeing to it that you seek after their Highest good rather than your temporal comforts. Because all will be made alive in Christ, as you've been: through many manifestations of God's grace and disciplining hand, this means that you can't screw around with someone sexually without realizing the consequences of eternal life. They will be with you forever both in the heavens and on the new earth! There is no such thing as "love 'em and leave 'em".

They'll never leave your insides because all of mankind is already organically one through both the first Adam and through the last Adam. Some have been sanctified to God's covenant purposes and some have not yet been. But the organic wholeness of humanity is something that can not be perpetually denied without simultaneously attacking the very ground that gives both the fall and the incarnation of Christ it's meaning and integrity.

The person that you steal from today is someone you'll live with forever because God's as faithful to them as He is to you and none of His purposes will fail nor come short of His glory.

Why would you want to do hurtful things to "family"? You may have grown up in a painful earthly family situation, but though that's not excusable by any stretch -- except in God's pardoning and redeeming grace after His judgment has come upon that situation -- you still have a moral obligation to treat others the way that you want to be treated, to go the extra mile for people, and to be a building block of wholeness for people's lives rather than one more source of temptation and destruction at work in their lives.

Holiness has a reward because we are all [ULTIMATELY destined to be] one in Christ. And the damage that you cause could take God thousands of years to remedy in your life and in the lives of others. Why be a part of dishing out more mysteries of iniquity when you can be a part of dishing out more mysteries of redemption? What you say and do that's negative can have consequences that only the lake of fire can bring to the surface so that the blood of Christ can wash it away. But, what you say and do CAN help to break the cycle and be something of eternal consequences where God's healing power is concerned.

Do what's right, in honor of the ultimate oneness of all of creation through the Blood of Christ, and do it right! Because all will be made alive in Christ, your neighbor will literally be your neighbor forever.

As I'm rapidly concluding the writing of my own "Universal Repentance" presentation, I just completed my first reading of "Mystery Hid From Ages And Generations" by Charles Chauncy. It's a work of slightly over four hundred pages. It's a work of great merit. It's one of the most learned works that I've ever read on the subject of the Ultimate Repentance and Restoration of all of the human race by Jesus Christ's redemptive works.

The first 80+ pages were the first presentation that I'd ever seen that was just about a verse by verse commentary on Romans 5. It was laborious over nearly every Greek word in the passage, weighing the pros and cons of interpretations by Biblical interpreters whose works perhaps were more significant in his day, such as John Locke and others. Basically, if you survive reading the first 100 pages, then you'll probably be curious enough to complete the book. Once you pass about page 80, then the main point of where he's going with being so meticulous starts falling into place.

He was absolutely fabulous on 1Corinthians 15 as well, in the same book. You'll scarcely find a superior work on that passage as well: 1Corinthians 15:19-28. You'd basically weep for joy over his handling of the seed of the woman bruising the head of the serpent, and his elaboration on "subjection."

He tries to prove from Romans 8:19-23 that the creation being delivered from it's bondage to corruption by the first fruits of Christ is uniquely talking about the latter fruits of humanity. The stronger he tried to argue against it applying to animals, as I've always applied that passage towards, then the weaker his argument became. Whatever else that passage insists upon, it comprehends everything that I've ever said about it. I came away from this book more convinced of that than ever. Though this still winds up being a good argument for the salvation of all of mankind, he tried to go too far in trying to limit the passage to that.

One point of concern for me is that he taught in this book a complete entrance of the latter fruits into all of the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of the first fruits, after their period of reformation, or reduction to obedience was completed. I cling to a similar interpretation as that of Elhanan Winchester, that God never encourages us to hope where there is no chance of obtaining, and never warns us of danger where there is no genuine danger. I personally don't see "sonship" promised to the latter fruits. That's been a growing concern of mine over the last few months, that the book of Revelation says that God will only be a Father to the overcomers. I'm sure there's a philosophical way of maneuvering the text, that by the time He's done with absolutely all of us, that in some abstract way every single individual could be looked at as an overcomer, because He overcame through them in some esoteric sense in each and every single life at the time that best suited Him. But, I genuinely am starting to think that this is one of those "terrors" that is too awful to think of, were it not a genuine possibility that only the firstborn are called "Sons of God." This book only seemed to increase those concerns in me for all that are presently in the evangelical sense "without hope and without God in the world." I think that Andrew Jukes's book, "Restitution of all things" started sowing the seeds of that in me, with talking about the warning about Esau being on the New Covenant.

Chauncy was at least emphatic that repentance and a genuine Christ centered faith in this life were absolute necessities that only a madman would put off or in any way discourage or fail to facilitate in themselves and in others by proper evangelistic and holy spirit filled means. He beautifully demonstrated from the Greek language in the book of Ephesians that the Good News of the final salvation of all is the thing that the Holy Spirit has been sealing in our consciences with each miraculous manifestation of His; the "seal of the Spirit" being the pledge of the Salvation of all. Where the Holy Spirit isn't moving in miraculous power, it's easy to infer from his presentation, then this message of Universal Repentance is discredited and vice versa.

Basically, the first 300 or so pages were fabulous and just kept building and building and building in the grandeur of the plan of the ages. But, I felt like approximately the last hundred pages became too speculative on a few points. There's much in those last 80 to 100+ pages that I'll remain open to, as possibly eventually enlightening the last 3 chapters of the book of Revelation for me. I've never supposed to be a "book of Revelation scholar." I've never had any desire to become that. The New Testament is plain to the careful student in Colossians 1 and a few other hints besides that plain statement, that St. Paul completes the Revelation of the Gospel. Those last few pages of the book may have pushed me out of my comfort nonchalant zone to where I'll eventually start looking further into the book of Revelation. But I really can only recommend 75% of the book for being a really solid study on the subject of Universal Repentance.

The complete title is "The Mystery Hid From Ages And Generations, Made Manifest By The Gospel Revelation: Or, The Salvation Of All Men, The Grand Thing Aimed At In The Scheme Of God, As Opened In The New Testament Writings, And Entrusted With Jesus Christ To Bring Into Effect." And this work, if my knowledge of Roman numerals hasn't failed me is from 1784.

All are assured of a loving, wise God and of a holy restoration, not of heaven, rewards, dominion, etc.

You do have a loving, wise God regardless of who you are, what you've done, and regardless of what you ever will do. God will punish you for doing those things that He has not placed on your heart to do. That punishment is as sure for me as it is for you if I do those things that aren't pleasing to your Creator.

God may even send you away to a very dark and hot place to recover your long lost senses and to "find yourself" [Luke 15] as you've always wanted to do. He may banish you from His presence until you've worked things out and til you realize how "lost" you are without Him and without those of us who do as God says and who love you as deeply as He does. But, you'll always have a Home to come to, a God Who loves you and passionately believes that you and He can "make this work".

We were created to be a very holy Creation and that's the one part of the equation that gives all things stability, consistency, and form. Hidden in that holiness --sometimes from each of us, individually, at times-- is the most passionate and giving love, along with the most passionate and strictest standards of obedience to God that could ever be "created", or imagined. None of us are [perfectly] whole until all of us are one!

Those of us who do as God wishes, along with our Lord will never stop longing for your Restoration, to the place of identity in Christ and servanthood to one another and to all of creation. You are deeply loved and longed for and don't you EVER forget that, ok?

Sin has consequences and there's only one Bridge to God's House on the other side of the Abyss and that's through Jesus Christ as you've always been told by those of us who love and obey God and love and hurt for your return and reconciliation with God and with us. When you've felt the full venom of sin coursing through the veins of your soul and when you've personally seen that there is no other way, but God's Way, of any lasting value, importance, growth, and succulent fruit, relationship, and enduring love, peace, and passion, then the Door will be open to you to find your way Home.

Jesus Christ still hears the cries of the damned and is still moved with compassion towards those who've found their way to the place of humility where the only thing that matters is whether or not God still loves them. Oh, He does!

God's judgments are based on His desire to set things in the order that He intended for them to be in. His punishments sting the soul and carve a way through which the venoms of sin can drain out and be destroyed by His loving wisdom. He won't destroy all that breaks the heart until He's destroyed all that would poison the heart and darken the mind. His love is everlasting and the true fountain of His wrath against all ungodliness.

You have a loving Church and a home among all of us who've known Christ's saving power and sanctifying Shepherding. Those of us who've seen the tears of Christ, fully, have also seen as eye witnesses His resurrection power. Worthiness is God's judgment and not your own. It's your own sense of unworthiness that God's been judging, right along with your ways of dishonor to His royal Name and holy Family.

All are NOT as sure of heaven as if they were already there, as I've often been accused of preaching. All are assured of a loving God and of a holy, final Restoration, not of heaven, rewards, dominion, etc. Listen to the redeeming voice of Christ that demands obedience as His hands reach towards you with all of the healing that you've been needing.

Jesus Christ will pursue every sinner until He finds their repentance. Jesus Christ will pursue every broken heart until He brings truest blessings to those who mourn. Jesus Christ won't [ultimately] lose a single one of God's babies! But too often we've tried to convince people of God's inescapable love for all of Creation when they've yet to be convinced of God's inescapable love for themselves.

People can't see beyond their own present level of understanding of God's love for themselves. Totally convince them of God's heart ravishing love for themselves:

God's love towards them;
God's love at work in their behalf;
God's love at work inside of them;
and the invincible power of God's love through them;

and then, and then alone, is the heart properly tilled for receiving the width and height of God's love.

Show the people the depth of God's love for themselves, and their hearts will no longer be offended at God's loving everlasting commitment for all of Creation. But, when their own hearts are shaky about God's love towards themselves and while their own hearts are deeply broken, then the vision of God's everlasting commitment towards every being in the cosmos will sound like an abomination to their ears. And I'm not just referring to people with forgiveness issues or "religious" issues. I'm talking about the regular everyday Jo-Shmo in your life that wouldn't dare say in Church or around other Christians that they have questions about the depth and sincerity of God's love towards themselves, and whether or not God really does spend every moment thinking wholesome saving thoughts towards themselves.

We've tried to win people to our doctrines in the past without ever fully convincing them that in their own personal lives that everything is going to be alright, that God hasn't abandoned them in their times of greatest temptation, testing, and trial.

I know some Universalists, even, that have had such a rough experience in trying to share what has been God's Word to them and in them, that they're not fully believing any more that God loves them as thoroughly as He loves all of the rest of Creation!

If I can fully convince you, yourself, of just how much God loves you - if I can win that battle for your mind and your heart regarding God's love for you, yourself, then when that day comes for me to share with you the size of God's heart (i.e., intent, purpose, plan, and commitment!) for all of Creation, then you'll have fewer stumbling blocks in your way towards believing in God's ultimate, eternal designs - because your own heart will have been won, and your own soul will have been delivered by the full realization of God's inescapable love for you, yourself, and you!

God hasn't forgotten about you in the pursuit of His designs for all of Creation. And God hasn't forgotten about you as the precious individual that you are in the pursuit of His designs for all of Creation. God's not just viewing you as just one more domino in His game of dominoes where He's proving how every single word and action of His has consequences for all of Creation, for all of eternity, and in relation to each being in Creation. He's as Personally desirous of His intimacy - His utter Oneness - with you, as if you, yourself, were the only One that He'd ever made or ever would make.

Jesus Christ is not just the Saviour of the world, but He's also the Saviour of your world!

Guess what? I have a surprise for some of the Christian Universalists that will be reading this! Mainstream Christians have genuinely been entrusted with the Gospel to the firstborn. They've been entrusted with the commandments of God. Therefore, there's many things that you can genuinely learn from them, though you can't always do as they do because they don't always preach what they practice.

By God's choice, they are currently mainstream Christians, or "fundamentalists" if you prefer to distinguish them with that term instead. Among them there are partialists and limitarians.

Some of them hold to that part of God's Word which is particular, or partial, for those who are firstborn heirs of the Kingdom of Christ. Some of them are limitarians in either limiting the grace of God, His promises, or His wisdom and provision. Of these, some believe that the number of those finally saved will be equal to, lesser than, or in a few cases there are those who believe that the numbers of those finally saved will be greater than the numbers of those whom they believe will be finally lost.

Without a doubt such attitudes are "elder brother" attitudes, if you'll allow my allusion to the prodigal son story in Luke chapter 15 in the Bible. But, even with such an elder brother attitude, they are legitimate elder brothers who believe that they are doing what's best for their Father and for their Father's estate. Though their attitude isn't conciliatory towards their younger and more naive brother, they still have the spirit of sonship by which they cry before God "Daddy." They're genuinely sons and genuinely loved by their Father, though like the younger brother they too have much to learn and to be broken by.

Mainstream Christians - or those who currently have the most influence in drafting society's image of Christ, Christianity, discipleship, righteousness, sanctification, etc., etc., are, generally speaking, fulfilling what God by His wisdom has entrusted to them.

They have a legitimately expanding knowledge of the Gospel to the firstborn of the new creation. God has entrusted them in a unique way with His first commandment to all people everywhere to repent and fear God.

They have a genuine claim on the same Scriptures that you as a Christian Universalist draw a larger hope from, to command you from those same Scriptures to repent of any and all deception, excess, and filth in your lives.

They have their place, as we have our place in God's plans. As the Church has often been short-sighted in not embracing the truth of the ultimate restoration of all created orders to God, the Christian Universalist in the same fashion has been slow to believe that God has been carrying out any purpose of grace through those who lack the clearer image of Jesus Christ as the Saviour of the world without the "and," "if," or "but" about it.

As they often blaspheme the full knowledge of the Son of God, you too, as a Christian Universalist, have often blasphemed in ignorance and unbelief concerning God's ways and thoughts that He works out with those whose ways are not His ways and whose thoughts are not His thoughts.

If you can see no purpose of grace outside of your own election as co-deliverers with Christ of all of creation, then how are they different in their blindness from you in your blindness? They see dimly through one eye, while you repeatedly bludgeon both of your eyes and their weak eye!

Could their hearts be as broken as your own? Could it be that many of them barely hang on to what little light that they have of Christ as their Saviour? Who made you responsible for changing their "Pampers" while your own adult diapers are full to the brim?

Love them. Pray with them instead of against them. Celebrate with them those areas where the two of you can agree. Celebrate with them that there really is no other Saviour than Christ Jesus the one and only Lord by which any of us have been or can ever be saved.

On many points of doctrine, they are generally correct within this brief time frame that we're in. Their doctrines hold true up to and prior to what St. Paul called "the dispensation of the fullness of the times." Their view is indeed limited, though not often as selfish as many Christian Universalists assert. They often misinterpret the blessing of Jacob and Esau and are slow to believe that even those who've despised their firstborn birthright are still blessed with the lesser blessing "concerning those things to come."

But they're still family, and they're still dearly loved by the Father of all!!

They hold, cherish, defend, and promote the Gospel to the firstborn, while we hold, cherish, defend, and promote the "Everlasting" Gospel. There is genuine good news beyond measure to the firstborn that's often an area of neglected teaching among Christian Universalists. That good news includes what we believe, but also pertains to all areas of life and godliness where their own personal lives are concerned. We cherish the genuine faith and hope of the incarnation, the baptism, the resurrection, and the judgment. But there are vast temporal blessings that belong to the first born of Christ's covenant with the Father and with the people, that too many people among us in their short-sightedness, frustration, and aggrivation over other matters tend to dismiss too readily. Christ not only came to crucify the firstborn, but to also teach us to walk in the same glory that He walked in as a mortal.

Absolutely no one will miss their day of crucifixion, but many of you walk as Esau in despising the firstborn glories that are likewise rightfully yours!

Beg God for His mercy for both the traditionalist and for yourselves. If you've only recently come into the knowledge of Jesus as the triumphant unifier of all souls with God, then rather than being overly confident in boasting over your neighbors of your greater knowledge, stay in reverent, trembling awe. If you've only recently understood Christ as the ultimate rescuer of every life, then what other truth is as plainly or perhaps more plainly taught in the Scriptures than this that you've thus far not seen?

Rejoice that Christ is the sufficiency greater than every insufficiency in creation, but stay humble and teachable with both God and your fellow man.

Who knows? God may yet scare you to death with some other facet of His glory, before He utterly quickens and thrills you to some other area of newness of life through Jesus Christ. There may yet be something you've never heard of, that should concern you more than what your neighbor has never yet heard of.

Perhaps rather than finally proving anything to anyone, your destiny is rather to be healed together with each of those that you despise, or who perhaps readily despise you today.

Love the Saviour God, your friends, enemies, and anyone else that can be called your neighbor. But also love the Church. Remain shy of their institutions if you wish, but have a heart ravishing love for each of the individuals in each institution as you fast, weep, and pray for each of them.

Love your God and His people as much as you've ever loved your doctrines in the past!

It is enough for me, and it gladdens my heart to find a brother who believes that Jesus Christ came in the flesh, born of the flesh of the virgin Mary by the power, presence, activity, purpose, and destiny of the Holy Spirit. That a brother would believe this, along with the sincerity, singularity, and power of the Words of our Lord Jesus and the sufficiency of His Blood shed at the cross for the recreation of every life are what matter most to me. If one believes in the literal bodily resurrection and literal bodily ascension of Jesus Christ to God's right hand, then my joy is full in my brother.

If he (and obviously my sisters are equally embraced) believe in the commandment of Jesus to believe and confess His Name and His Lordship over all, along with believing and taking to heart and his daily life the commandment of Jesus Christ to love all men without hypocrisy, then how can any say that such a one is not my brother, or that such a daughter of the commandments isn't my sister?

Christ came to not only give life to each of us, but to truly teach each of us how to live in obedience to God. Christ came to teach us the meaning and the practice of sincere integrity, compassion, and moderation with each of our brothers and sisters in the world.

(Humbleness, sobriety, joy, gentleness, and zeal are not excluded from Biblically and Christ centered Christianity.)

Love for life begins with love for God, together with hope in His promises. These three things: devotion, integrity, and hope without hypocrisy are what anchor lives and truly create a society, or a local community worth living in.

You cannot ignore the brotherhood and fellowship of those who believe in the purity and sanctity of the cross and Blood of Christ for the atonement of the whole world merely on eschatological or semantical conflicts.


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For the idols speak delusion; the diviners envision lies, and tell false dreams; they comfort in vain. Therefore the people wend their way like sheep; they are in trouble because there is no shepherd. Zechariah 10:2


Unless otherwise noted, Scripture quotations are from a solid Center Column Reference Study New King James Version Bible. Where Center Column Reference alternate renderings are preferred, they're not always noted on the site at the time of their usage in a given context, if there's a discrepancy between our quotation and a NKJV that our site's visitors use that's missing the Center Column Reference notes that provide more literal renderings, alternative Hebrew and Greek manuscript variations, etc. Sometimes an "Understood Subject" from the given chapter of the Bible or the particular book of the Bible (perhaps previous chapter) is given attention to while teaching. Reading (and rereading) each book of the Bible [in it's entirety] that's being quoted from in the midst of each subject is [always] greatly encouraged for added clarity! While we're [deeply] supportive of what's understood to be orthodox Christian doctrine on all matters, we're always looking for what God's ADDITIONALLY saying to us in each subject being taught.