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Thine, O LORD is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty: for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom, O LORD, and thou art exalted as head above all. Both riches and honour come of thee, and thou reignest over all; and in thine hand is power and might; and in thine hand it is to make great, and to give strength unto all. (1Chronicles 29:11-12 KJV)

These are a few prayers of this ministry to aid those who are praying over these very things to pray fuller prayers as they do their own praying on their own.  These aren't meant to be thorough enough to replace your own praying and your own convictions from the Written Word of God and your own growth in His Spirit and grace.  But these are simply meant as an aid to you, and yes, you're free to pray these Word for Word as often as you wish, just the same as we often do.  Use them as a spring board for receiving from God and hearing from God.  That's why these are being made available: for your edification, for your instruction in righteousness, to help you in your prayer life, and so you can stand together, strong, with us in faith for all of these various matters that many people aren't attentive enough to pray for on a regular basis without a kick in the rear from their Apostles, Bishops, and Pastors to stand firmly before the Father of mercies and God of all comfort for these various issues.  I thank you for praying these with us and for us, so that these matters are kept before the Lord's face always and continually in the Name of Jesus!

  Answered Prayer: A Foreward to this prayer page
  Prayer for those actively seeking deliverance from homosexuality
  Prayer for Christian Vegan Bodybuilders
  Prayer for Firefighters
  Prayer for Veterinarians, Animal Rescuers, Shelter workers, and those who train animals to live in our homes
  November 11, 2011 prayer for the West African Black Rhino
  Continuing prayer for those who've committed themselves to ongoing financially supporting this ministry
  Continuing prayer for those who've sown into this ministry, financially
  Prayer for those who've embraced the Lordship of Christ Jesus through this ministry
  Prayer for those dealing with fear and confusion and/or a lack of wisdom
  Prayer for school administrators, boards, teachers, students
  Prayer for wisdom, entertainment, purity, healing, money, and the renewal of youth.
  Prayer for unwed mothers, orphans, one's spouse, neighbors, clothes, houses, automobiles, and one's cleaning.
  Prayer over the Word, one's family, one's Church, one's calling, and one's job

Prayer over one's study time in the Word and practicality with the Written Word of God for all of the matters of life, prayer for one's Church, one's family to know God, for any meetings one will teach, [even in places and situations where one wouldn't necessarily view it as doing that,] for one's calling, one's job.

  Prayer for ambulence drivers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, patients, surgeons, et. al.

Prayer for local hospitals, prisons, doctors, clinics, ambulences, ambulence drivers, nurses, nurse's aides, surgeons, psychiatrists, those facing surgery, pharmacists, and all who are handling and dispensing medications, bandages, and various tools and health equipment for the handicapped.

  Prayer over one's stewardship of one's body
  Prayer for all men
  Leaders, researchers, judges, law enforcement, & media

Prayer for state and local police officers, Attorney Generals, judges, District Attorneys, military, politicians of every kind, Governors, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Prime Ministers, Cabinet Members, Kings, Queens, FBI, CIA, MI5, MI6, Private Investigators and Detectives, the news media, and related services, occupations, and personnel, as well as scientists.

  Wife Blessing
  A Prayer For The Lonely
  A Daily Prayer For My Enemies
  Prayer for Christian Vegan Volleyball Players
  Christian Vegan Personal Trainers and Fitness Models

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6be humbled, then, under the powerful hand of God, that you He may exalt in good time,
7all your care having cast upon Him, because He careth for you. (1Peter 5:6-7 YLT)

Whenever I find myself starting to sink into the:

  • Nobody cares;
  • nobody's there for me;
  • nobody understands;
  • the ones that say they care and that they're there for me usually have their own reasons for why that's not really true or is only true up to a point or until I really need them;
  • yada, yada, yada, yada,

then I know that my thanksgiving is running pretty low, that I'm listening to the lies of the devil, that I've lacked diligence in militantly casting all of my cares upon Him, and that I'm needing some serious Word, Bread, and Cup time.

When your cares are really cast upon Him -- which is a hard day's work until you've thoroughly retrained your spirit, your mind, and your mouth to keep all of those cares cast upon Him and to violently refuse to bare them -- but when they're really cast upon Him, then loneliness is surprisingly absent, from a guy's perspective there are no unmet "needs" whether you're married or not, you're not hungry all of the time, and you reclaim all of that energy that you forfeit when you've [by default through a lack of diligence] decided to carry every care that rightfully belongs cast upon the Lord. When your cares aren't watchfully being kept on the Lord instead of on your own shoulders, then your preoccupation with your own thoughts and your cares creates being hungry all day long, being emotionally and sexually needy all day long, fretting over never having enough, and you're preoccupied by either the lack of depth in your relationships or the lack of relationships in your life.

When you're first starting to diligently keep every care cast upon Him, that's an honest hard day's work at first. But you really reclaim yourself and your relationship with God in a way that you won't any other way. You're going to spend the time and you're either going to be reclaiming your energies by not making them bare a multitude of burdens or you're going to continually be forfeiting your own soul moment by moment. You've just got to get mean about keeping every care cast upon Him. Under the New Covenant, in some ways, 1Peter 5:6-7 is the greatest commandment. Because think about it: if you're preoccupied with yourself, your emotions, what's not going on in your life, or what's not happening quickly enough for you in your life, etc., then do you really have the energy and the inspiration to love God with everything that you've got and to love your neighbor as much as Jesus has loved them? Under the New Covenant, we're not obligated to love one another as we love ourselves. Jesus told us to love as He loved us. That's higher, deeper, richer, and more powerful and takes you out of the realm of fretting over whether you're loving yourself enough which is total nonsense and not the perspective, priority, and commission of the New Testament.

Every care has got to be kept cast upon Him if you're even going to be able to think straight with all of the distractions that we're all facing day and night. There is no soundness of mind without keeping every care cast upon Him. Jesus lived with every care of His cast upon the Father, otherwise His "sermon on the mount" would have gotten Him busted by the devil in an area of hypocrisy. No thoughts for tomorrow, beyond what you can honestly do something about today/tonight. If you know that you're scheduled for work, then obviously you need clean clothes and anything else that's obvious to you that you'd need to keep that commitment. But no more warfare in your life in areas where there are no spoils, ok? If there's nothing to be gained, then don't let anyone pull you into the argument. Every care has to be cast upon Him, including all of the ones about personal reputation. Keep every other care cast upon Him. Nothing else matters but obedience to that. When every burden is genuinely off of your shoulders, then and then alone resume with the rest of your life. Loving God is easier when you're carefree. Fasting and praying for enemies as well as for Christians that don't understand you or that you don't understand becomes easier when you're not at the point of nearly slapping someone.

Every care. You're not entitled to a single one of them and then to claim that you're obeying your heavenly Father. This is where the rubber meets the road and this is something that I've had to get really mean with myself about over the last year and a half. I usually believe God for my words for the new year usually around October/November and do anything that I feel lead of the Lord to do where fasting, worshipping, and thanking God is concerned until I've got the assurance that in the coming year that it won't be me that speaks but the Spirit of my heavenly Father speaking through me. As many of you might remember, June/July of 2007 the Lord told me to do something else and I had to start believing God RIGHT THEN for my words for the following 3 years from then. I posted a prayer request along those lines, per the leading of the Lord, and this was the primary subject He started pouncing on me about within hours of having posted that prayer request.

Those of you that have even any remote fleeting wish that you'd experience more of the leading of the Lord to where you genuinely knew that it was Him, this is one of the most important "keys of the kingdom" where that's concerned. Every care has to be cast upon Him and firmly held there with your faith. Again, this doesn't mean do nothing practical about upcoming plans and agreements that you have with others that at certain times and on certain days you'll be somewhere. I'm not talking about that at all. You do all you can along those lines without worry, fear, and anxiety and give God every single worry, anxiety; every ounce of fretting; every thought of "what am I going to do?" and if you've publicly embraced and confessed His Lordship over your life (Romans 10:9-13) then relax and realize that the Greater One is on the inside of you and you're going to have the answers that you need for those situations that you're facing as long as it's His care throughout and not yours.

Ever cried out to God in the midst of tragedy while you were a basketcase about all that was going on, and felt like you were talking to the ceiling and not much else? Not a pleasant place to be in, right? You were two yards/meters buried under your cares and not inhabiting the land of the living where what the Holy Spirit would have told you would register on your thick head/ears/heart. It's not Heaven or Hell as so many have preached. It's God or baring all of those burdens yourself and unwittingly/unknowingly trying to be your own God in doing so. If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired in any area of your life, then all of those cares have got to go. They're a major roadblock to the clarity of conscience and mind to know what to do. Buddhists and Hindus have gotten it wrong about inheriting the level they want by trying to strip themselves of desires and of self. That's not how you attain anything. It's not by deadening yourself, but by presenting yourself to God as alive from the dead and your members as instruments of righteousness, according to Romans 6. You've got to give it all to Him, relax, and thank Him superexcessively that no matter what it is, He'll take care of it.

He cares for you and wants to exalt you over every situation you face in life, but 1Peter 5:6-7 gives the key. Father God must carry your cross daily! Not you. Him. Turn loose of it and give it all to Him right now. Don't take any more excuses from your emotions or from anything else in your life. None of 'em are reasons for having a single care in the world. Let Father God carry your cross daily and you just follow Him through Jesus Christ. God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. In 1Peter 5 the proud are those that are carrying the cares of their life on their own shoulders. Ever noticed His resistance while you're doing that? It's not in your head. 1Peter 5 promises it. 1Peter 5 calls the humble those that give it all to Him and make Him the General Manager of their universe.


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