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Appendix: Preterism


I'm very close to being a full preterist. Full preterism, as you know, is the belief in absolutely all Bible prophecy being fulfilled, from cover to cover in the Bible. I evaded capture by it for 10yrs, since I was first exposed to it through Thomas Whittemore's “Plain Guide To Universalism.” I could not accept an end to the miraculous in Christianity, and didn't know how to get around the difficulties of the final resurrection of all, BODILY. However, I believe the problems that I feared were inherent with full preterism from a Scriptural perspective are erased by not making the mistake of Premillenialists with having Israel as the center of Bible Prophecy.


Having Israel as the center of Bible prophecy in preterism leads to cessationism, which is the end of the miraculous from Christianity, if not ALSO the cessation of the ministry offices outlined in the New Testament. An Israel-centered Bible prophecy is where the errors come in, whether we're taking about Dispensational Premillenialism or a type of full preterism that's existed in the past. The center of our Bible prophecy must be Jesus Christ and His High Priestly ministry, without making the Dispensational mistake that His reign and His High Priestly ministry is predominantly Israel-related, when He's the head of every man.


To have Jesus Christ as the center of a full preterism inescapably leads to the Word of Faith movement being the center of our Christian faith, with the foregone conclusion being embraced of all being fulfilled in Jesus Christ rather than in Israel. In saying this, I'm not saying that the Word of Faith movement is either preterist or Postmillenialist. They are predominantly in the errors of Dispensational Premillenialism and that's the reason why many people within that movement never achieve world overcoming faith 'cause afterall, this world isn't their home and Christ Jesus is the burglar and thief of the ages that'll steal them away from all He provided for them in His death in this world and will take away with the left hand what the right hand had given of responsibilities to this world.


What a Scripturally based full preterism Word of Faith message would look like is a belief in absolutely all things being fulfilled in the Son, but it would not create the fatal error of an inactive faith that doesn't seek the tangible manifestation of the Son of God in themselves by being made His disciples indeed, knowing and utilizing the truth that'll make one free.


The difference between first fruits and lump sum that are argued in Romans 11 would be dealt with in Romans 12 in being transfigured by the renewing of one's mind and one wouldn't Unscripturally hold to a fulfillment of all things at the blatant disregard for all Scripture about being His disciple, abandoning one's self to all forms of iniquity with no threats of Hell, nor of reaping being on one's horizon. That's not thinking soberly according to the measure of faith one's been given, to presume that full preterism, all things being fulfilled in the Kingdom of the Son of His love presupposes an end to all earnestly contending for the faith.


Every fulfillment must be placed on a firm Covenantal foundation of the Word of Faith call of a Kenneth E. Hagin or a Kenneth Copeland of being a participant in the divine nature. Just because all of His works were finished from the foundation of the Christian dispensation of boundless grace, that doesn't mean that each of our works have been finished in being imitators of our Father as beloved children, according to Ephesians 5:1 and 20+ other Scriptures in the Bible.


We can't retreat into a retarded pseudo-intellectualism that would deny the power of those provisions that are made in Jesus Christ. By keeping that in mind, resurrection of the physically dead is an ongoing Pentecostal experience in the modern sense by the application of Word of Faith principles of the carefully cultivated heart with God's provisions until all fear is cast out, and clarity is granted about how to inherit what's already been given.


Prophecy in our understanding must be what's already been given rather than what's passed away, otherwise, we'll fall into the error of Premillenialists that this world doesn't really matter, Dispensationalism is the order of the day and from our perspective, there's nothing further to do 'cause it all was completed by 70AD. No, Jesus Christ is the center of our Bibles, and whether in facing temptation in the wilderness or in explaining the fulfillment of His own resurrection, His constant retort was “it is Written.”


A belief in all things being fulfilled must be anchored to a Covenantal reality rather than to the idea of an expired Jewish calendar that's about as useless as the expired Mayan calendar, otherwise, it'll give rise to the very infidelity that futurists assure us is on the path ahead of us with such a theological understanding.


Bodily resurrection not yet being in the hands of everybody isn't to be flinched at or apologized for or a cause to recoil from all things having been fulfilled if we're walking by faith and not by sight, calling things that be not as though they were and being declared the friend of God by our inheritance of what was promised. Fulfillment and inheritance are two separate matters, and digging our heels in about either all things being fulfilled or most things being fulfilled isn't going to bare fruit if we don't embrace a [modified] form of a Scriptural-Inerrancy doctrine that's consistent with the first chapter of Andrew Jukes' “Restitution of all things,” where he didn't try to argue that the Bible hadn't experienced growth or been touched with death, but where he argued that it corresponded to the physical body of Jesus Christ and is every bit as glorified as His own person, though scholars who look very deeply can still find the nail prints of human frailty and the scourge marks on the back of the Bible that are the necessary consequence of the oracles of God having been entrusted to the protection and spreading of a humanity that's been mortal and at various stages of understanding and motives throughout the millenia that have passed.


With acknowledging the Scriptures to be perfect in a context where we admit it's nail prints, prior floggings by our understanding and application and lack thereof over the centuries, we must live by it rather than treat it as a history book. It must be our living link with the resurrected Christ Jesus, our access code to the bank of heaven where all things that have been fulfilled in Him will be fulfilled in us, from gold, frankincense, and myrrh given to our virgin born new lives to our own ascension through history yet to come and the realization of all things being as under our feet as under His. This would not set aside relational aspects of repentance, forgiveness, faith, self-control, and judging ourselves with the Word of Faith lest we be judged with the world's lack of foundation with their continual calamities that overtake the very types of fools that the Bible describes and reprimands.


Each generation is still called out to be the re-incarnation of all of these fulfilled realities and to make their own each aspect of His provisions of health, wealth, wisdom, protection, and every other form of equipping by the Scriptures for every good work. If we root our “all things fulfilled” understanding in Israel, then we'll deny the power thereof for our own lives and for our world today, and the changes we're each called to bring to our world. In saying what I'm saying, I'm not arguing for eastern ideas of re-incarnation of previous generations of individuals, but a re-animation of Gospel truth for our day.


If we root our “all things fulfilled” understanding in Jesus Christ, then we'll walk before Him blameless in appropriating by the confession of our faith each aspect of what He's provided. We'll go from people who've formerly looked for things to be fulfilled, to people who are progressing towards being the fulfillment of all things. This is a higher calling to a higher way of life that's more dependent upon the Scriptures for each thought and each manifestation and perception of reality that we're to progress through, as we go through each type of metal and gem of the New Jerusalem of the Post-Apocalyptic world we've been born into.


This requires, in our understanding, the whole of the Bible being manifested in our day both in allegory and in terms of all of it's principles. All truth, power, judgment, condemnation, justification, and restoration are present realities that we must learn to manifest as those conformed to the image of His dear Son. Bodily resurrection appropriated with our faith for this world means bodily resurrection, our progressing from mortal to what's called in science “biological immortality,” which is the “eternal, but not immortal” argument that some have argued about Adam and Eve prior to sin, and from there to the inviolable immortality of Hebrews 7. It can't mean something else related to 70AD if our eschatology is fulfilled in Jesus Christ and not in Israel and not in a manifestation of anything book of Revelation related.


This takes us back to Kenneth E. Hagin and Kenneth Copeland 101 about not living in denial of our circumstances, but in denial of our circumstances having the right to dominate our way of thinking, what we have of God's grace and manifestation, and the outcome of our lives throughout history. You're not in denial that people are dying everyday without hope and without God, but are embracing the mantle that the gates of Hell can't prevail and you're not holding the fort with reading Psalm 91 as all of these attacks you're dodging, but of the intellectual carnage you're bringing about to everything around you that's hostile to the knowledge of God in a 2Corinthians 10 sense of bringing every thought captive to the obedience of Christ and living as long as you want, knowing that life in this world is the inevitability of destiny, divinity, and the Covenant that we've been grafted into in Christ as His Judeo-Pagan “new thing,” reading Ephesians 3:1-7 bluntly.


For full preterism to be strictly true, we must anchor it to the Word of Faith message or we'll anchor it to infidelity and everything the critics of full preterism say is down that road of denying the resurrection. Keep it clearly distinguished in your mind that the resurrection is in Christ, and if all things are fulfilled, Biblically, then I'm merely in the process of walking out my unlimited piece of the pie, demanding of my Father my portion of the inheritance while dodging going into the far country, and everything related to the harlots that the elder brother was mentally preoccupied with in the parable of the prodigal son. We're still to call all nations to repent and believe the Gospel, but it's not with threats of judgment, but promises of experiencing this same fulfillment of all things in Christ Jesus that we're experiencing by actively discipling ourselves to His Gospel on a moment by moment basis.


As to what this does with my Hosea 2:18 Animal Gospel that I've contended for, for 10yrs, it's fulfilled rather than a fulfillment yet to be sought, and on the Word of Faith foundation to set our full preterism on, that I'm contending is the just foundation for it, if Christ Jesus is the fulfillment of all things instead of Israel, then it's merely something to continue to appropriate, walking by faith and not by sight where all of these global animal cruelties are concerned.


As I wouldn't fret the baring of my transgressions and the bruising for my iniquities or the chastisement for my peace being upon me, but is merely a provision to be acted upon and renewed in the spirit of my mind about that I'm as righteous as He is by His Blood, so also, by the Blood of Christ all of these animal exploitations are already judged and the Gospel to every single Creature is continuing to leaven the whole of Creation with the experience of it being birthed into time, no longer as a silhouette from ages past of a provision made by His Cross in Jeremiah 31:27-28, Zechariah 2:4-5, Mark 4:30-32, Romans 8:19-23, et. al., but as something that must cave in a Psalm 91 sense as I continue taking captive every thought to the obedience of Christ in a 2Corinthians 10 sense, refused to be moved by what I see, feel, or hear of circumstantial evidence to the contrary – not denying the present plight of billions of animals, annually, but denying that circumstantial evidence as the truth of the matter and the manifest destiny of all animals, if it contradicts what's already been fulfilled in Christ's having been lifted up.


Since I'm not rooting my eschatology in Israel, but in Christ Jesus, as the fulfilled reality of all things that are Written, and myself a living example of that fulfillment as I maintain a good confession of faith-filled dominion and a pure conscience, then the burden of proof isn't on me to chase the fulfillment of all kinds of things through Josephus or Church history, since my fulfillment of absolutely all things is seated at the right hand of God and I'm giving birth to the reality of this fulfillment for the eyes of all to see on a daily basis.


All I have to do is step up to the plate on an hour by hour basis to bring evidence of the resurrection through my moment by moment confession of faith that'll bare fruit if I'll live in a reality of discipling all things to His reality in me, rather than letting the prognosticators of the world or of religion dictate to me the health care of each of us, the lifespan of each of us, the solidity [and solvency] of our financial futures, and the outcome of my experience in Him.


I'm not living with my head in the sand, but with my head under a crown of glory, as I keep the Word of faith in my heart and in my mouth, in my heart and in my mouth, in my heart and in my mouth that all things are provided, that death is defeated, that weakness and failure shall not reign over me, and that as He IS, so am I in this world, and all are welcomed and compelled to come along on this journey of discovery of the TOTALLY FULFILLED Written Word of God being first priority and final authority in all areas of life. Wealth and riches ARE in my house and the generation of the upright is blessed. Christ Jesus dispersed abroad, He's given to the poor, and His righteousness in me endures forever in the Baptist sense of the word “forever.”


I'm not moved by what I see or by what I feel. I'm moved only by what I believe, and I believe the precious Written Word of the living God, and live with it as first priority and final authority in all matters of my life. Not what I think it says, but what I explore in it's pages each and every single day, as those pages explore each and every single page of my future history through my flesh that's ALREADY conformed to His image and likeness, already His righteousness and already conformed to His perfections. The resurrection is passed and I don't overthrow the faith of any 'cause my faith isn't rooted in the natural nation of Israel, nor in the stones of a future temple made with hands in the middle east, nor in the Church Fathers of bygone eras, but my faith is rooted in the Son of His love. I am complete in Him and if He's completed in resurrection, then so am I. And I live my life to serve the One who loved me and gave Himself to bring me out of my death by His resurrection.


This doesn't mean that any excuses would need to be made or amendments made to my understanding of Christian doctrine if I myself ever failed to live in this world for as long as the Scriptures were true. Many Christians everyday don't live in the reality of their freedom from sin, their freedom from disease, their freedom from poverty, and their freedom from condemnation and worry.


If anything ever happened to me, I'd expect everyone to keep pursuing the prize of the upward calling of God in Christ Jesus, to keep seeing all things as fulfilled in Him, and to keep exercising their faith daily for better experiences, better days to come, and the meeting of all needs everywhere through their humbly acting, simply as if the New Testament were 100% true and 100% fulfilled.


This world is worth living in. The future is exciting. Evil is defeated. Poverty is defeated. Death is defeated. Weakness is defeated, and we're impervious to temptation for as long as our devotion to the Written Word is first priority and final authority, the settling of all doubts and fears. These are not truths we ever need to qualify by anything or anyone other than Christ Jesus. Our experiences in this world are based upon the exceeding riches of His grace and our acting faithfully upon the revelatory light that we get of the Scriptures.


We need never offer an apology, an explanation for where Christ Jesus ever needs us in relation to all of the works of His Hands. We're called to maintain an expression of His absolute victory without qualification, without faltering, and without looking for fulfillment elsewhere in history.


History isn't fulfilled, it's ruled over by the principles of the Fulfillment, Himself, and by appropriation of His grace, which is His Covenantal honour that He gives and seeks to birth and express in each of us. He gives more grace so that we'll give more honour to Whom honour is due.


All of the fulfillment pressures are off of us, for as long as we maintain our consistent, jovial confession of victorious faith over every idea and every circumstance through the finished work of Christ Jesus, God's mercy, and the never-ending grace of God that's always abounding towards us, that's the never-ending, inescapable singularity at the center of His Creation drawing all of His Creation into Himself. It was our Father's good pleasure to give us the Kingdom.


Many well-meaning Christians have lived in the far country and given their inheritance to death, were it within their power, because of their ignorance of the freewill He purchased for them by His Blood through the thorns He bore for us, so that we could know life as He knows it, living in the kinda freedom that He lives in. Though it's not been in their authority to give all fulfilled things over to a future age, they've essentially refused the yoke He's had since His resurrection.


Many are waking up everyday to the Word of Faith message as the fulfillment of all things spills over into the reality of this world on a moment by moment basis, and they're embracing their heritage in Christ. They're becoming participants in the fellowship of His sufferings, being made conformable to His death in full Kingdom realization that if He bore it for them, according to the Scriptures, then they're obligated to resist it from their lives, whether sin, or sickness, or poverty, or wishing they were in another time and another place, etc. They're becoming participants in the divine nature, escaping the corruption that's been in the world through lust. More and more, daily, they're aggressively taking the reality of their new heavens and new earth, and are embracing the reality that the Adversary is a non-issue through the Cross of Christ because He paid, [in full,] the price for their divine natures.


More and more, people are awakening daily, they're awakening to righteousness and sinning not. They're increasingly refusing to be spoiled by vain philosophies from the full treasures that are their's in Christ Jesus. They're confessing the Word and not living subject to the strategies of the past. They're aggressively pursuing their right conversation and are living budding lives accordingly, and are increasingly becoming His testimony of how thin the veil of the curse has been, and how thoroughly solid the Kingdom blessing is behind the scenes that merely awaits their awakening from the conditioning of their youth in every false way. They're awakening to what's been fulfilled in Christ, more and more and more. They're realizing that all of life is a journey of exploration of all that's fulfilled in Christ Jesus, and they're bringing more and more of their daily confessions into conformity with obedience to all He wants done with all He's already given.


They're tapping into a fulfilled Bible and aren't living as strangers to the Fulfillments of God, without hope and without God in the world. All of His Covenants are His Fulfillments. We have the Old Fulfillment and the New Fulfillment and both are fulfilled in Christ Jesus, and there are inclings in Ephesians 2, Hosea 2:18, and elsewhere of other Sub-fulfillments under the main categories of the main Fulfillments that are His Fulfillments for all life everywhere to participate in, with a world that's contracting more and more into one as we're progressing more and more fully in walking with singularity of mind to all that's already been fulfilled. They're realizing that it's His goodness that leads them [and everyone else] to repentance, and where else is His goodness to practically be found, but in His Fulfillments that we call the Bible, and that some call the Word of Faith movement?


Health, wealth, protection, peace, righteousness, wisdom, understanding, oneness, immortality, the future, our loved ones, and the enemies we've had in the past – these are all Fulfillments in Christ Jesus that merely require walking out by faith and not by sight, resting in His abounding honour that meets us in our time of need from each of His Fulfillments in Christ Jesus.


The Covenants are Fulfillments and there's no such thing as eschatology in the Bible that's not a Covenant, and all Fulfillments are in Christ Jesus and not in Israel or in the future. We're not exhorted in the New Testament, that's the fulfillment of the Old, to look to the future for the fulfillment of God's Kingdom. We're exhorted to look unto the author and finisher of our faith, Christ Jesus.


We're to obey and we're to apply Covenantal PRESSURE upon each fulfillment in Christ as our portion of His sufferings, and to reap the rewards of His sufferings that He administrates in His High Priestly ministry. We give thanks for the Fulfillment of all things, and that's our New Covenant counterpart to the book of Deuteronomy that instructed the people to give thanks for the abundance of all things, lest there be penalties inflicted upon them by God. However, in the Fulfillment of all things, which is Christ Jesus, we're never told to look for judgment.


We've only previously held a testimony to the world of a judgment of all things that weren't anchored in the Fulfillments in Christ. That wasn't wrong. All that's outside of Christ is condemned and judged ALREADY. But in Christ Jesus is a Covenantal restoration of all things that we're to invoke daily and inherit on a moment by moment basis as we preach the Gospel of His Lordship over all of Creation, and His supremacy over everything else that was ever previously called a god.


The restoration of all things in Scripture is a Covenantal restoration that we're to invoke daily and obey Him daily regarding, so that we'll experientially eat the good of the land, and there is to be no limits and restraints on that good of the land that we're to eat and keep eating for as long as we live in the honour of God that's sufficient. If we live in the honour-spring that God relates to us based upon, which is His grace, then the law and the prophets are fulfilled. That is the explicit teaching of the Scriptures from Matthew to Revelation. Each person has their journey and their area in His Creation where they're to discover and implement His fulfillments on a daily basis, or a “today” basis, according to Hebrews.


Lord Jesus Alone is King of all Fulfillments and the one through whom and upon Whom all Scripture is totally fulfilled. He's never turned loose of the Scriptures and the Scriptures have never turned loose of Him. Our eschatology must be the Secret Place of the Most High, which is Christ Jesus upon our hearts and our mouths, with His Lordship declared over our spirits, souls, bodies, finances, social lives, ministries, legacies, the Creation around us, and the future of our world. The future is already fulfilled in Jesus Christ, not in Israel.


Our lives, our ministries, our occupations are to be a continuation of physical expression of all that's fulfilled in Him, and we can't turn from our confession of faithful dominion through Him, under His headship and governance, to the right or to the left. Keeping our hands and feet out of evil, as we're admonished in Proverbs 4 is going to be based upon keeping ourselves out of a paradigm of what's yet to be fulfilled, and stay in the reality of our continually birthing invocation of all that's fulfilled in Christ Jesus. As we live in the reality of our confessions of faith and His High Priestly ministry will measure out to us an existence in this world that's progressively more and more worth living and giving to of our substance, of our Fulfillment in Christ Jesus.


As to the matter of the literal, Bodily coming of the Lord: It's Covenantally realized as Christians [experientially] inherit all that He's fulfilled.  He lives in the realm of that fulfillment, and when we permanently take up our habitation there, then John 14:23 is brought to pass, that I believe to be how Acts 3:20-21 and 1Corinthians 15:25,28 are experienced in this earth.  I started this by saying I'm very close to being a full preterist, but don't quite qualify as one, though I'd perhaps more closely approximate a full preterist than other preterists with the partial preterist label, but ""technically"" speaking, of course, I'm not.  I still hold to an Absolute Postmillenial message, but don't live [a single moment of my day] in a paradigm of what's yet to be done, or what's yet to be completed outside of me, or of what He hasn't done yet, but of what's already been fulfillment; Fulfillment's Name is Jesus Christ and Fulfillment's not ashamed to call me His Brother. 

The so-called rapturing of the saints in 1Thessalonians 4 that Dispensational Premillenialists believe themselves to be the only ones that read that literally, [though they lock it into a "last days" quasi-pandoras box,] is merely when Christians have entered fully into His rest of a completed work, according to Hebrews chapters 3 and 4, are no longer conformed to this world, according to Romans 12, but are transfigured by the renewing of their minds, have ceased limiting the Holy One of Israel, according to Psalm 78, and they enter into the joys of their Lord in John 14:23, Acts 3:20-21, and 1Corinthians 15:25,28 believing all of it to already be fulfilled.  All events are fulfilled, but our relationship with Him is an ongoing and ever-expanding, ever-materializing experience.  Otherwise, I wouldn't consider myself Word of Faith first and foremost.


Additionally, on why I couldn't be considered a full preterist, full preterism, as it's been historically understood, allows no remote possibility of any relational mechanisms between the Lord and His people by which Lord Jesus could ever physically be on the earth again. While I don't anticipate the “Rambo Second Coming” of the Dispensational Premillenialists, I do expect that a fully restored world through the proclamation of the Gospel to be as much a part of the inheritance of Lord Jesus as it is our inheritance and that He does eventually enjoy this world to the full, after it's been EXPERIENTIALLY brought into the reality of the FIRES of the Gospel that have already sanctified all of it.


All things are already Fulfilled and have their fullness of being in Him. We don't yet wait for anything, in terms of passage of time or for Him to have to do one more thing about it. We simply live in the reality of it, as our ultimate reality and the only reality we acknowledge as having validity and the right to exist in our world, denying the validity of the present world as a truth of God in it's present form, but believing all is already fulfilled and He'll progressively enjoy more and more of it, in our enjoyment, to the perfect day, and we'll have actual photographs of Him eventually. First priority, though, is our being as thoroughly persuaded of all things being fulfilled as He is.


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