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By: Martin Cisneros

God's plan is for you to know Him, for you to learn from Jesus Christ, for you to obey Him, and for you to reflect His character in your character.

It is the will of God for you to have everything that you could ever possibly need in order to fulfill His will for your life.

It is the will of God for you to have everything that you could ever possibly need in order to have your basic needs of wisdom, food, clothing, books, shelter, and safety met.

It is the will of God for you to have everything that you could ever possibly need in order to have the needs of your relationship with God, and with your fellow man, met.

Health and strength to carry out the perfect will of God for your life and to be able to enjoy your relationships with God and with your fellow man are basic needs that God has set Jesus apart in order to fulfill those things in your life that you're yet lacking. Jesus will progressively bring fulfillment where there's only been needs up until now as He's progressively able to bring you to a place of being apart from all of the cries and dictates of this world around you. When His world is more real and demanding upon you, your time, and your resources than your own little dimensional stronghold in this universe, then His strength will become yours and nothing will be impossible to you - except disobedience to God.

The heart's cry to know God, His Son Jesus Christ, and to understand Wisdom will not be left unanswered. Each cry that comes up before the throne will be met by Mercy Himself, from Whom no being can be withheld or hidden forever. Cries of hatred will be answered with shame and punishment, while cries to become love will be answered with glory, inheritance, and immortality.

2Corinthians chapter 5 says that all died spiritually when Jesus Christ died, in order that they would be made the righteousness of God in Christ. The teachings of Jesus and of St. Paul both reveal that there are many stages of spiritual growth and many layers to the order in which God is doing things. And as all seeds don't come to fulfillment at once in regular crops of corn, grapes, olives, and wheat, neither will every person realize God's deepest intended state for them at once.

Paradise being restored for all of mankind is essentially the restoration of the nature of Jesus Christ within each of us. Though He's already promised to bring us a new world, as His own free gift, the nature of Jesus Christ sown and harvested from each of us would enable all of us together with Him to begin to multiply bread and wine at the same rate that He was able to provide for the wedding feast that He attended in Canaan or at any of the other times when He produced an alarming abundance as it became necessary to feed large crowds of people. With the character of Jesus Christ fully formed in each of us, our flesh fully crucified with Christ, and our hearts fully upon the Father of Mercies, the new world that'll come as a matter of His pure generocity and wisdom would at the same time be within the reach of our creating together with Him, had He not already reserved that right unto Himself for the coming world.

Genuine prosperity is the ability to walk with God, to have perfect humility before God, and to be able to obey God and inherit any promise and judgment from Him that He's spoken in the light of our inaugurated and continued obedience and relationship with Him. Genuine prosperity may reflect trillions of dollars of assets in the earth, or it may remain hidden all of the days of your life in your heart as you work in a carpenter's shop. Genuine prosperity is only defined by one's relationship with God. It's one thing to trust God, but what a rarity to be someone that God trusts!

That is the only genuine struggle in life [worth participating in]: to have a genuine, intimate, and growing two-way relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The privilege of obeying Jesus Christ is the only successful quest for immortality worth pursuing. To humble one's self before the One Who was mutilated in order to identify with the mutilation that your heart has known in this world, and so that He could lead the way towards both of you - Him and yourself - being restored to wholeness in the Father at the same time is honestly all that matters. Once you're restored with the power of God, then you'll be able to come back to Hell for those that you've left behind there and get them out with the same compassion and lessons that He taught you in bringing you out of your Hell.

This is what it means to be redeemed from poverty, sickness, and spiritual death. Do you want it for yourself?


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