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By: Martin Cisneros

It's time to get back to the basics of bodily healing in the atonement. In Mark chapter 2, Jesus asks, "Which is easier to say, "your sins be forgiven you, or be healed? But that you may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive healed!" Matthew chapter 8 says that it was fulfilled that Jesus bore our sins and carried our diseases. Romans 8 says that if the Spirit of Adoption abides in you, then He's all of the time working to quicken your mortal body through the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus which is abiding in you. If nothing can ever separate you from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord, then nothing can ever separate you from the bodily quickening Spirit!

2Peter chapter 1 says that through His exceeding great and precious promises through which you are born again, you are also a partaker of His divine nature which causes you to escape from the corruption that is in the world through the pressures of the flesh.

Do you believe in the atoning Blood of Christ, His ongoing mediation ministry at the right hand of God, and His Presence and Power within you through the abiding Spirit, the quickening Word, and the Bread and Cup of the Abrahamic Covenant that was broken and shed for the remission of sins?

Then it's time to lay aside questions and doubts about whether or not God heals, is working on your healing, and whether or not it's His will for you to be a partaker of the divine nature, the Covenants of promise, and the bodily quickening Spirit. Press into the Word and the Spirit of Faith for Wisdom about how to walk in each stage of wholeness that God has for you and lay aside your faith in the disobedience of your flesh. It's not a matter of whether or not God will work out of the divine nature growing in you a healing and a cure, but whether or not you'll humble yourself under the mighty hand of God for Him to exalt you and your Temple [of the Holy Spirit and of your spouse*] when God determines that the fullness of time has come for your growing Christian character to put off that element of the old man that the flesh has been festering and weakening under in the form of whatever has been bringing you pain, misery, or disrepute out of your flesh.

It's time to say that regardless of the circumstantial evidence that you are [single-minded in your purpose of] walking in the wholeness of the Risen Christ, that you are [single-minded about being] a partaker of the divine nature, that [you are single-minded that] your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit and of your spouse*, if applicable, and that you are not allowing anything in your flesh, mind, will, or emotions to be the determining factor of your wholeness and of your identity through Christ as a part of God's New Creation.

It's time to awaken every morning, thanking God for the Redemptive Blood that Christ has sprinkled on you and on all of the Words of the New Testament; to declare that Satan is bound all day today and cast out of your life; and to declare that you've offered up your body as a living sacrifice to God and to your spouse, and that all day today you are walking in newness of life through Christ Jesus thoroughly and completely free from the law of sin and death, in Jesus' Name! Amen?

*I am saying that a married believer's body is not only the Temple of the Holy Spirit, but that their body is also the Temple of their spouse. Though that may strike many Christians, and even many seasoned Bible teachers, as a new concept, read 1Corinthians chapters 6 and 7 and Ephesians chapter 5 very very carefully and you'll see where I'm getting that from. Research other passages in relation to marriage and of the "sanctity" of the marriage bed. Other authors have explored the Biblical implications of marital sexuality as a fundamental type of spiritual warfare for ongoing spiritual, temporal, and tangible blessings - in the same class as "meditation," "fasting," "prayer," "confession," and "giving," and possibly superior to these things for lasting breakthroughs. Matured Christian sexuality, within the bonds and bounds of holy matrimony is in the same general direction as the doctrine of the laying on of hands. It's not only an opportunity for physical and emotional wholesome release, but also for very dynamic spiritual release of the riches of the Kingdom of God. This is why God condemns sex outside of marriage as being essentially in the same unclean and treasonous area as witchcraft, and why there are so many warnings against manipulating a spouse with sex or with threats against having it. St. Paul warns against depriving each other, within the context of marriage, because it's one of the highest offerings - not only to one another but to God as well. (See "Song of Solomon" in the Old Testament, noting [carefully] the implications of spiritual warfare in the marriage bed, re-read the whole book of Ephesians very carefully exploring the whole book in the light of it's 5th chapter, and reread 1Peter very carefully exploring the whole book in the light of it's 3rd chapter. Also, tread very very softly on 1Corinthians chapters 5, 6, and 7.) A marriage that isn't "sexually whole" will definitely lack a significant part of God's promise of answered prayer. (Again, read 1Corinthians 7 and 1Peter 3 very carefully while I try to stop blushing because I "went there" in this article.) Sexuality in marriage is what thanksgiving is to God, though thanksgiving should also exist in a marriage as bountifully as it exists towards God. An easy philosophical corroboration of this esoteric Biblical truth is this: ever noticed that whatever tends to work against the sexual part of a marriage also tends to fight against both the relationship and one's physical, moral, and spiritual health and morale? Also make special note of how Christ indicates an end to marital relations at the time when death is abolished - not necessarily implying a connection between sexuality and death but between sexuality and the struggle for life - Matthew 22:30. Also, ask yourself this in the light of this, why else is sexuality such a vital part of integrity, except for the fact that it is at the very core of your integrity, vitality, and essence; the very core of your value, honor, and validity as a married partner? Why does this present age demean and devalue it, while there are few things that the Bible holds on such a high pedestal? Your body literally becomes an antenna or a lightning rod for your spouse's prayers and for the growth of their spiritual life. Reread the first 14 chapters of Proverbs along these lines as a single unit of instruction. This is one of the few dogmas that I've had for 25+ years that has stood the test of further personal growth, Biblical study, and Biblical light. Now reread the above healing article and don't get side-tracked by this explanatory note of a crucial core concept to the married state, which is the most agreeable state of life for all men of genuine humility (though it is Hell and "eternal punishment" at it's hottest for the proud!).


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