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By: Martin Cisneros

Christ the healer is the same yesterday, today, and through the ages. Where ever He's needed, by whom ever He's needed, and no matter the cause of the need --Christ is the Savior of all, the restorer of health, wisdom, and wholeness in every area of life and in every area of being and possessing. Whatever the curse has taken away from you and whatever your own disobedience to God has taken away from your life --whether by God's eternal punishment or by the simple consequences of inconsistency with the divine nature-- Christ is your answer, He's your Savior, and He's interested in setting you free, teaching you exactly how to obey God, and in walking with you as your Shepherd and Friend.

In walking as the Scriptures term "worthy of the Lord," we must not search the Scriptures for what's permissible, but rather for what's commanded by our Lord. We must listen for the heart of the Lord and not look for what He chooses to forego dealing with 'til a future age or some future step of grace in your life. When we make all of the intents of the Lord to be purely eschatological and remove them from the practical, then we hold to philosophies rather than a living faith, hope, and love. Too many people are preoccupied with trying to push off God's perfect will into as far of the distant future as they think that they can get away with. God does have short-term goals and long-term goals. Some of the long-term goals are dependent upon what happens in the present. But some of the preferences of our Lord for the present are merely conscientiously compassionate gratuities of our Lord that are reflections of His tenderness and not necessarily matters of ultimate intent.

Not all of our actions, as an example, are focused firmly on gathering towards ourselves the most prosperous retirement package and provisional "nest egg" as possible. In the same way our Lord is fully conscious of what relates to His ultimate intent, what works towards His ultimate intents, and what pertains to His and our present peace of mind, wholeness of being, and contentment of life, knowledge, and family. Some of it overlaps, but it's not for us to degenerate into dogmatisms as to how God will fulfill His ultimate purposes of reconciliation and sanctification and an utter-oneness of all of Creation.

It should be enough for us to know what He's commanded of us to say and to do and to preoccupy ourselves with the times and seasons that He has ordained for our lives; clinging to the immediate promises that He's made for our lives and our immediate relationship with Himself. Focusing on what He's given to us each day from previous ages to do, to be, and to fulfill will train us to understand His ways and to anticipate His ultimate intents of destruction, purification, and restoration (in the orders, manners, means, and modes where they apply, and have their essence and being).

Some people argue that you should never do anything beyond what your Lord tells you to do. Some would say that to Him belongs the "second-mile" of any and every service that you could possibly ever render, that if your Lord asks for your coat that you should be all of the more ready to give Him everything else besides. Some would say that "yes, you need to obey God but..." and their "but" that follows is to imply that while there is most certainly a divine timing of things, that you should still be doing this or that for the advancement of your Lord's work, being watchful to pull aside from this or that, at your Lord's command, to do this or that, that He may command of you.

The bottomline to all obedience and all perfection, however, is spending time with God. Worshipping God is where you as an individual are going to gather how much or how little He's desiring to hold the reigns of your life; how tightly or how loosely. Spending time worshipping God is where His Personality will be revealed to you and those aspects of Himself that are private (i.e. for your eyes only) and those aspects that He wants you to preoccupy yourself with both understanding and sharing. Your healing isn't in an abundance of formulas, though God does use formulas with those whose minds are only quieted by a sense of structure to their lives. Your wholeness in every area of life, or rather what constitutes the mystery of wholeness for your life is only going to be found in the time that you spend worshipping Him. You should never stop worshipping until there's genuine intimacy between you and God.

That intimacy will reveal itself in fruits of wholeness, understanding, contentment, and unconscious Christ-likeness. When you're at peace about how you personally are to hear from God and that you personally have heard from God, then you know that your worship has achieved it's firstfruits. Contentment isn't blind resignation to either the times or to a certain stage of life with either an eonian or eternal perspective. True contentment should be a reflection of God's contentment in His time with you.

True contentment isn't something only achieved by the "spiritually elite." In some ways, one might say that it's more precious than either love, hope, or joy. Wisdom gives hope and sometimes joy, but contentment is born from having your spiritual and emotional needs met from your God. Love gives hope and sometimes joy, but contentment stops the aging process because it's the sign of having entered into God's rest. Ever illusive and ever coveted, contentment isn't anything more or less than having the internal stability that God has. It's the root to perseverance, yet itself a firstfruit of Christian maturity in intimacy with God.

Obedience doesn't produce intimacy with God and neither does it produce contentment, though I can scarcely perceive of one continuing in a state of intimacy with God who isn't striving for obedience towards God. Contentment is the sole possession of the worshipper of Christ. Clinging to His promises won't even produce perfect contentment. His promises facilitate obedience towards Him by imparting the measure of faith, hope, love, and wisdom. Worship towards God alone will produce contentment. Intimacy [itself] with God is manifested many times as contentment.

Intimacy isn't always produced by (i.e. manifested in) visions of the apocalypse or the regeneration of all things that follows all of that. And contentment is deeper than a sense of well-being. One can often have a sense of well-being: peace of mind, health and strength of body, fullness of financial prosperity, and perfect joy in every earthly relationship and reputation -- and still be lacking in contentment. Perfect wholeness begins and ends with worship towards God and His Christ. There is no getting around it. There are no built in short-cuts for life and contentment. Find a hiding place as soon as possible and as many of the ol' time Pentecostals have creudly said in generations past "stay on your knees until God walks in!"


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