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By: Martin Cisneros

Is peace the absence of the storm? Or is peace the absence of enmity?

Jesus Christ knew what storms were like (Mark 4), but His mind was not at enmity with either His Heavenly Father, nor was it at enmity with the creation around Him. I personally believe, based on Hosea 2:18 and various other passages, that we can walk in a place, by faith in Christ and His perfect Blood and Anointing to where the lions we face in life can become dearly beloved brothers in whatever lion's den we ever find ourselves in, just like in the lion's den situation with Daniel in the Old Testament.

Some people are a part of families that have family pets. And it doesn't seem to matter how wonderful the humans nor the animals are in that family. Inevitably it seems like there has to come a clash. Sparky doesn't like Aunt Minnie. Or Admiral, the parrot, tries to bite Uncle Fred every time he sees him.

What's going on here? This is an area where we've not fully embraced what Isaiah chapter 54 calls the Covenant of Peace. Therefore, enmity is the result. In Genesis 3:14 we see the introduction of the results of sin upon all of the animals through Adam. Well, Christ has redeemed us from the curse, according to Galatians 3:13! Any area where there's been a curse, Christ is the God-Man to redeem us from it. There is no marvel to the 23rd Psalm if the 23rd Psalm is talking about heaven. And the figurative interpretation of scripture should never take the place of the literal interpretation of scripture when the literal interpretation of scripture sheds just as much light, and perhaps more light, on the divine nature and the redemptive works of Christ. Through the resurrection of Christ, the 23rd Psalm belongs just as much to every animal ever born into the earth as it belongs to you! Romans 8 says that you'll know when the sons of God are manifesting when they're beginning to hearken to the groans of the creation around them and are beginning to lead the way towards the deliverance of all of creation from futility.

Jesus said that it's the merciful who will obtain mercy. Are things a little tight, right now, financially and in other ways? Go feed some birds of the air and some ducks at a pond somewhere. And begin to rejoice in the Lord of Hosea 2:18 who's betrothed both you and the animals to Himself to the age: in righteousness and justice, in lovingkindness and mercy! Get yourself off of your mind and go be the servant of all if you want to be a joint-heir with Christ over all.

Stop licking your wounds and let God begin to share His Heart with you!

When's the last time you woke up and sang to the Lord with the birds? Have you ever thanked God for the birds of the air, for His wisdom in creating those little earthly angels that have never fallen to the ground without your heavenly Father noticing and yearning for them? Or do you never stop to notice them and God as their Father and Creator except to curse the day they ever hatched when you see something suspicious on the windshield of your car?

The point of what I'm sharing with you is that the creation around you is much much bigger than your little world of problems. And your Daddy in heaven is a lot more merciful than you've ever given Him credit for. You're always on His mind. His thoughts of you each day are as the thoughts of any righteous human parents looking at their newborn babes in total wonder and excitement. No matter how many people have ever been born again, God never gets tired of it. And so you messed up your three millionth diaper today. So what?! God is NOT getting tired of you! George MacDonald said one time:

"Our day we shall laugh ourselves to scorn that we looked for so little from Thee..."("Discovering the Character of God" -compiled, arranged, and edited by Michael R. Phillips)

Also, from George MacDonald:

"Ah, Lord! Be Thou in all our being. We dare not think that some things are not for Thy beholding, some questions not to be asked of Thee. For are we not all Thine -utterly Thine? Our very passions we hold up to Thee, and say, 'Behold, Lord! Think about us, for thou hast made us.' We would not escape from our history by fleeing into the wilderness, by hiding our heads in the sands of forgetfulness, or the repentance that comes of pain, or the lethargy of hopelessness. We take it, as our very life in our hand, and flee with it unto Thee. Triumphant is the answer which Thou holdest for every doubt. But Thou shalt at least find faith in the earth, O Lord, if Thou comest to look for it now -the faith of ignorant but hoping children, who know that they do not know, and believe that Thou knowest." --end of quote

Some people have made the mistake in thinking that truly Biblically based healing was an absence of medicine rather than an abundance of peace and joy in the never failing, inescapable love of God. The image brought to us in scripture of Christ's crucifixion and the perspective of universal love and redemption brought to us by the Apostles and Prophets of the Old and New Testaments is, first of all, meant to lead us into peace that we're not in this world without a Savior. Next, it's meant to quicken in us unspeakable joy in His resurrection that is full of glory for all of mankind. Above all, peace with our past, present, and future is the goal, knowing that God has all of creation lovingly and passionately in His hands. All of creation, by the resurrection of Christ, is destined to soon know the flaming embrace of our loving heavenly Father.

His judgments are more severe, more just, and wiser than any man has ever been capable of duplicating, perceiving, or understanding thus far. God's wrath against sin, though born of love, will put the fear and reverence of God into the wickedest demon in all of creation. Make no mistake about that. But His judgments are absolutely and wisely passionately born of His love, mercy, and tenderness. Even His worst imaginable cruelties are firmly centered and rooted in the most compassionate ends for all of His creation!

To abide in the place of healing, where His words are the continual medicine and chastening of your flesh is to abide in the understanding of His Universal love and unwavering commitment to all of creation. In enjoying the privileges of firstborn heirs of the covenant and of creation, we must be merciful as our heavenly Father is merciful.

Does this mean to either give the right hand of fellowship to sin or to lash out at it with all of the fervor of a protege of Jonathan Edwards (1703A.D. to 1758A.D.)? No! a thousand times "no!" It means to be as our Father and even beside our Father as He looks off into the distance with longing eyes, sobbing for the return of His prodigal son or daughter. He'll give you compassion, strength, passion, and wisdom to sob along with Him, if you've pledged in your heart to not be critically religious, but to rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory with Him at the recovery of His one destroyed sheep, His one destroyed coin, and His one destroyed son.

When your soul rejoices as much in the redemption of others who've been destroyed as it does in how your life has been redeemed from destruction, then you are truly ready for your healing. His Spirit and your spirit, at that point, are One in the Blood of Christ! How, then, could you be without your healing at that point? When you've reached the place of perfect love, healing must result for yourself and those around you, particularly through you as you inherit the Abrahamic Covenant by faith.

Christ died to cleanse you through suffering and through Blood. And He arose from the dead to lead you to glory, as you mercifully take your place in the leading of the rest of creation into God's promised rest.

To enter into His rest, you're going to have to enter into His love as you would enter into a new room. You can only do that through knowledge and through worship. Christ will teach you what you need to know as you worship Him. God isn't compelled to love you more if you worship Him. But as you worship Him, you open the door of your life so Christ can, through the Spirit, clothe your spirit with His love. When you've been clothed with His love, then you're ready to walk into His wisdom, which leads into the secret place of His power. In the place of worship and obedience to the Divine Will, as it's revealed to you, is where you will find your healing, your peace, and your true source and place of power.

We are told in Romans chapters 3 and 4 that Christ died to justify the ungodly. Christ has already done His work, though the author of Hebrews says that we don't yet fully see all things in subjection to Christ. That "not yet" indicates that if you'll stop chasing the ungodly with the lightning bolts of Zeus and of Jupiter and learn to live at peace with all men, as we're admonished to throughout St. Paul's writings, then your meek conduct will heap burning coals of conviction, judgment, and ultimate, inescapable redemption on their heads. You can, in this way, do more to push people into the judgment seat of Christ than you can ever hope to lead to judgment through your fists.

The roadmap for the final healing of your body, your mind, and for the healing of all of creation is carved into the Body of Jesus Christ. You'll find your healing by finally loving Jesus so much, that the only things that remain important in your life are those things that concern Him. When you see all of creation through His eyes, then you'll finally learn to see all of His healing power through His eyes. When you finally learn to see through His eyes, you'll wake up totally startled one day to see yourself through His eyes. When you come to that point of seeing all of creation through His eyes, all of His sufferings through His eyes, and at last yourself through His eyes, then will be fulfilled for you the saying which is written in Scripture and in His Body:

"by His stripes ye were healed!"(1Peter 2:24)

Healing isn't a reward. A lot of Christians have made the mistake in thinking that physical healing, emotional healing, spiritual healing, or any type of healing was something owed to them because of the abundance of their righteousness, their charity, their purity, and/or their service to the kingdom of God. Divine, Biblical, health is something that Jesus paid for by His sufferings for you. It's not something that you can at any point receive because you have x-number of brownie points with God for teaching a Sunday school class, a married couple's class, or because you're the one person in the entire history of creation that's been on the mission field longer than God has!

There are processes of proper rest and meditation in the Word of God that facilitate a greater ease in walking in the divine health that Jesus has purchased for you with His Blood. There are issues of diet and nutrition, temperance, and abstenance that have a baring on your ability to walk in God's plan for you. But these aren't merit issues. They're personal strength issues to [be able to] bare the cross of Christ that is alloted to you. You can't any more ignore your spiritual diet than you can your physical diet and think that you're going to live life and that more abundantly.

God is never glorifed by a disease, no matter what. God throughout Scripture has only been glorified by the repentance and healing of His people.

God's only timing issues are in relation to the maturing nature of His Word in your heart. You could have had today's miracle YESTERDAY! Your obedience to the ordinances of the kingdom of God with relation to the spoken word of God in faith is, in essence, your only source of limitation. Sanctification to the promises of
God with regard to sanctification and provision is a decision away. But, it's a decision that'll change your life for the balance of the age and will effect your kingdom positioning in the coming ages of deliverance.

God is more touched by the manifestation of His Word through your heart than the perseverance of hope that got you there in the same way that an athlete is more touched by winning a gold medal than they were by the grueling years and months of preparation that got them there. But, God is pleased by your progressive obedience, by your progressive sanctification to His Words of judgment, sanctification, and provision for all of creation. You'll have a life-time to minister the gospel to others, but few ever have more than one chance to prepare for their ministries!

Take advantage of opportunities to be around anointed men and women of God who's hearts beat with the same promises of God that yours does. When possible, spend time talking with those who have greater vision from the promises of God than you do. Don't do it with the intent to argue over the areas where you're not in agreement with them. Be yielded to the Holy Spirit and to the Holy Bible as there may yet be a thing or two that Jesus, our blessed High Priest, may wish to teach you -- even through so called "heretics". Be all of the time weary of those who criticize others for their doctrine but don't have anything to replace it with that gives greater hope from God on the same issue that the alleged erroneous doctrine is proported to convey.

Don't get caught either being a promise breaker or one who tries to weaken any area of the hopes of others who've set their hopes in Christ for the deliverance of their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor, and all of creation. Life is too short to be callous and too painful to be abrasive. Don't ever get caught being on the same side as those who believe that God only sparingly takes care of His own, regardless of whatever confusion you may have about the ways of God in God's dealings with you, your loved ones, or your enemies.

Run to Christ for refuge from the temptations to inflict the same pains that you've been forced to bare. Do everything you can to lighten the load of others whenever possible. The saying is true that anything anyone does for another, the same shall he receive from the Lord (Ephesians 6:8); the Lord knows those who are His; and Jesus Christ will judge the living and the dead for the things done in the body. Be all of the time aware that you'll give an account for the deeds done in the body. Comfort yourself, most of all, in the end intended by the Lord as seen in God's graciousness to Job for his patience.

Healing is a cycle that we receive from God, pass on to others as we receive it from God to give to others, and receive for ourselves again. Any lack of mercy towards our fellow creatures disrupts the flow of God's provisions to you, in you, and through you. You KNOW whether or not you're being merciful. And you know whether or not you're being cheerful and abundant in your mercy or whether you're being stingy in your mercy. You also know to what degree you've humbled your heart before God's judgments, His sanctifying Spirit, His providing Hand, and His decrees about the regeneration of all things to come. So, God's gentleness or lack thereof with you, and even His downright severity with you should come as absolutely no surprise to you, as you know Him better than there are parts of you that wish to admit!

He's the loving Father, the God of all Comfort, the righteous Judge, and the soon MANIFESTING Shepherd of His flock.


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