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Word of Faith > Feeling Like A Failure? Feeling Defeated?

By: Martin Cisneros

God trusts Jesus to bring you across the finished line. God believes in the Blood of Christ, that Jesus was raised from the dead, that Jesus sits at His right hand, and that all of Jesus’s enemies will be made His footstool. Jesus is the Head and you’re the Body of Christ. If Jesus’s enemies are being made His footstool, guess where the feet are! God believes that Jesus is the Lord of your life, that His Blood has taken away your sin, and that His Word and Holy Spirit are at work in your heart. God sees Jesus in you. God sees Jesus Present in you. God sees Jesus active in you.

God sees His New Creation within you. God sees His Word growing in you. God sees more courage in you than you think that you have, because He sees Jesus inside of you. God still believes in all that Jesus is doing inside of you. God sees you perfected in Christ and at rest in His completed work. God doesn’t doubt for a minute in your ability to hear His Voice. God loves you. He sees the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness within you. An angel is very reverently polishing your scepter right now.

God loves you as if you were the only one that Jesus had ever had to die for. God loves you as if you were His only child in all of existence. God loves you as if there were no Jesus. Don’t ever think in any of your weaker moments that God, your Father, only "puts up with you" because of Jesus. God loves you as if it were only you and Him in the entire universe or multiverse.

I hope that you realize that in saying this that I’m not dismissing redemption, it’s process, it’s history, and it’s outcome. Neither am I in any way ever claiming that there’s ever been or ever would be a Way to the Father except through Jesus. I’m just saying, as the prophet of God said so long ago to his servant, "there’s [a lot] more with you than against you!" There’s more at work in your favor than you can possibly imagine.

God loves and adores you. He’s your Father and He’s never going to let go. He’s not only never going to let go of you, but He’s never going to let go of your loved ones; of your situation and of theirs. God is intimately aware of each of your bills. If you’re ill, God’s intimately aware of each of your symptoms. God’s going to pay the bills and heal your body. Don’t worry about it any longer. Any of it. He loves you and through Christ you’ve found a ransom for your life…God’s aware of every strained relationship and Christ’s Blood is Bleeding on the whole situation. Trust Him to make all things new. Trust Him to wipe away your every tear. Don’t be afraid.


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