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Word of Faith > Have You Lost Or Are You Losing A Pet?

By: Martin Cisneros

The Scriptures are clear about animals entering into the liberties of the children of God. That passage in Romans 8 is a paraphrasing of Hosea 2:18 because later in Romans, though not much later, St. Paul is quoting from Hosea, so evidently he'd been doing much reading in Hosea when it was time to write Romans. Hosea 2:18 is the most neglected covenant in the Scriptures. Even John Calvin tried to say that it was the subjugation of animals to us during the millenium when the very chapter says you'll call Me "my husband" and no longer call Me "my Master." Jeremiah 31:27-28 indicates that as both man and beast were a prey in prior eons that the New Covenant would be capped off with God building and planting His goodness in the lives of animals.

Isaiah 30:23-26 indicates that this would start really coming up in the time of the great slaughter when the towers would fall. And of course, in Mark 5 the number 2000 is associated with the pigs that passed through the baptismal waters which put demonized man, known to scientists as "homo-daemon," back in his right mind. It also broke the demonic oppression from the animals. Isaiah 11 has a passing reference to the full armor of God indicating a reordering of priorities to include animals in the Kingdom mindset prior to the millenium because what's the purpose of the full armor if the devil's already bound a thousand years? There's lots of passages of Scripture to at least tease on the timing of the birds of the air finding rest in the branches of the Kingdom around the start of this decade, and with the games people like to play and the arguments they like to get in over calendars, it still wouldn't be beyond the next decade on either the best or creudest of time measurements.

God is very interested in animals and their well-being. Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on a donkey and the vision of His High Priestly ministry making dynamic progress in Revelation 19 through the preached Gospel while He's depicted on a White Horse indicates the progress of the ways and thoughts of God that haven't been the ways of thoughts of man where both man and animal are entering into the thousand years of peace on earth. Wickedness is portrayed as being unleashed on the back of animals in Revelation 6 and righteousness is portrayed as being unleashed into the biggest outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the history of the world in Revelation 19 on the back of animals. I really don't want to get long-winded about this subject, but the 23rd Psalm is no less true for each of our pets. If anything, it's especially true for them.

The Gospel to the animals is glorious, though it disappeared for the most part from the Church with the coming of Thomas Aquinas who was to the animal cause what Augustine was to the universal restoration cause. But from the earliest days of the Church until the death of Francis of Assissi, the miraculous stories regarding the progress of the Gospel to animals is there. Christians were animal rights activists prior to Aquinas' blending of Christian theology with the nonsense of Aristotle. But, as truth has progressed since the days of the Reformation, it's the same with the Biblical truth regarding God's Covenant with animals in Christ. He appeared in the Old Testament as an angel, according to many theologians with their doctrine of "theophanies," for the sake of their ultimate restoration. He appeared to man as a man to redeem men, and yet He's the Lamb of God who also called Himself a Hen in the Gospels.

I don't know all that God has in mind where this is concerned, although I understand some things about it that I won't get into here. But there are multiple references to God's love for animals that aren't prioritized or even noticed by the very best of Bible teachers where God says concerning His love for them that He'll demonstrate it as when He brought Israel out of the land of Egypt.


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