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Word of Faith > Ways we frustrate the grace of God

By Martin Cisneros

It's often thought that Adam and Eve were clothed by God in an animal skin that God had murdered an animal for. This interpretation is often thought as something unchallengable by many Evangelicals, otherwise they think their doctrine of the Blood of Jesus Christ stands or falls on this one passage in Genesis. However, Adam and Eve were clothed by God in snake skin, actually, 'cause they were dead and their bodies were little more than poles to hang the serpent on without eonian life. When God cursed the serpent, obviously He shrunk him down to size if he lost his legs over it, or his stand on the Word of Life that God had spoken in chapters 1 and 2 of Genesis. Wasn't meant as an atonement, but a prophecy of the Cross. Abel reaped what he sowed with killing. The Satanic nature that he'd inherited revealed itself, and his brother was like "and you're better than me, how?"

Cain is the elder brother according to Genesis 4:1 and the spirit Jesus addressed in the Prodigal Son story in Luke 15. I'm not disputing that they could have been twins per Genesis 4:2 being immediately after, but Cain was firstborn and the elder was serving the younger when the younger went into the pig pen. Cain was feeding his brother and what Abel killed in terms of animals when Abel took on the spirit of what was to later be Nimrod and Esau that Abel sowed for by his actions. Abel killed in his heart the divine compassions in himself towards the Creation in his attempts at atoning for himself rather than letting God be his atonement.

I know it says that Abel offered a more excellent sacrifice in Hebrews 11, but that was his own blood rather than the animal or Cain having offered his own. It never speaks of the blood of Cain crying for vengeance on all that had cast them out of the Garden and had made their lives hard. Cain's blood never spoke, which means his fear drove the Word of God from his spirit rather than it having become his meditation until it was the production of his blood in his life and in his death.

Cain kept waiting on God to speak to him again, like all of us do, but what God had said previously had never been taken to heart until he gained a revelation of God's mercy. He never got that revelation of God's mercy! When the proceeding Word of God doesn't eventually become to you a revelation of God's mercy in your circumstances, then you ultimately become Cain the destroyer of his younger brother, the one for whom God's Word never became their life's blood that though dead yet speaks.

Isn't the letter of the Word what's dead and yet speaks? Isn't the letter of the Word what we put on in our water baptism, so that the life of the risen Christ is revealed in our mortal members? His previous proceeding Words must become the life and breath of your flesh and spirit, otherwise His future proceeding Words may bring deliverance to your flesh, but they won't be the training of your spirit that becomes life to the generations yet unborn because of your own blood that speaks. If your blood doesn't ultimately speak of His mercy thru the revelation of His proceeding Word, [including but not limited to -- but including His Written Word,] then you'll abort your future generations.

Every Word from God, including His Written Word, must become flesh and blood IN YOU. And God sent Adam and Eve, out of the Garden with an object lesson with covering them with their own sin, i.e. making them the serpent on the pole with that snake skin. When Adam called her "Eve," it was actually a sarcasm about her being the mother of the dead rather than the living, since with that snake skin on he was still blaming his wife and God for what happened rather than taking responsibility and the Cup of what God had spoken to them that their seed was coming that would turn back the clock and restore Eden in this world. He was crying "My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?" but he wasn't accepting the responsibility for the sin of the world, if that makes any sense. However, Jesus Christ did, and He's working in every heart everywhere, and according to 1Corinthians 15:22-28 and Ephesians 1:10 (among many other passages) is working diligently night and day to abolish all rule, authority, and power -- so that then and only then He can abdicate so that God our Father, and He Alone will be ALL in all at the conclusion of the ages of ages!

Because people do not understand Egypt and Babylon in the Scriptures, those are two biggies on their misunderstanding of the place of the Word of Faith movement in the Body of Christ. Whether Egypt or Babylon, we're talking about people who waste your time, don't fairly compensate you for your labor, create deplorable working conditions for you, claim they can do what they please with you, are verbally and in every other way ABUSIVE of you, your time with your God, the Name of your God, ultimately in their unfair dealings with you are oppressing your children, and are the stranglers of hope. Would be nice to nicely and neatly place these descriptions at the feet of any religious system that one doesn't agree with, but when noting God's dealings with both situations with Exodus and Zechariah, you're talking about people getting all of their back wages and being freed up in their time to serve their God unreservedly.

Religious matters in the Scriptures regarding other religions that don't reflect the true readings of the Scriptures have less extreme measures taken against them by God, in terms of the suddenness of His pronounced judgments, compared to this issue of the laborer oppressed in their wages, in their time, in their morale, having "HAPPY HOLIDAYS!" crammed down their throat rather than being able to either say what the holiday is or to claim the Biblical ones, etc. Let's face it, the timing of the prophesies of Zechariah require the fountain of Blood to be opened at Jerusalem for sin and all uncleanness, and what's potentially the half brother of Jesus, who may have grown up in the house with Him, in the epistle of James chapter 5 says that these promises from Zechariah weren't yet fulfilled in his day.

In the prophecy of Zechariah where Satan is bound for a thousand years and appears to be identified for us in that prophecy as the spirit of Babylon in particular, what we see worked out in the natural realm is a liberation of people's time and income as they grow spiritually to that point to where the just are living by faith, the outpoured Spirit, or rain, is bringing forth fruitfulness that was previously denied to the people of God, cf. Zechariah 8 with Jeremiah 31:27-28, and neither in Josephus regarding what lead up to 70AD nor in any of the writings that happened after the Babylonian captivity do we have this massive wealth transference described as having happened IN THE BEHALF OF THE PEOPLE OF GOD in Zechariah 2:9 and 14:14.

That's what's yet on the horizon so that we can go from there to ministering to the King annually in Zechariah 14 in the way that Matthew 25 says we're supposed to, and the implication of entering into the joy of the Lord is to work at getting the rain back on the lives of those whose tongues have melted, whose flesh has been consumed, and whose eyes have been blinded by the false religious, political, and economic systems of man which was the fire prepared for the Adversary and his messengers, and so that as His people have gone forth as His royal horse in the battle according to Zechariah 10:3, then we see all of the nations become the people of God as the previous economic hardships that may or may not have had a religious spin added to it are cast aside and the firstfruits are then able to minister to the latter fruits completely unhindered as we enter into the gold, silver, and apparel promised to us in Zechariah 14:14 and pictured to us in obscene opulent glory in the last two chapters of Revelation as we minister to the outsiders in full dominion.

The Romans carried off the treasures of the Jewish temple to Rome in 70AD or thereafter, but that's not what Zechariah 2, Zechariah 8, Zechariah 14, James chapter 5, and the book of Revelation are talking about with regards to the City of Truth and the people of God growing towards being the old men and old women carrying His staff and shepherding all of the children of the flock in Zechariah's, Isaiah's, and many other areas of Bible prophecy that describe the glorious manifestation of the Sons of God as the will of God that's done in heaven becomes the total manifestation of what's done on the earth. We've not yet seen that literal Psalm 23, Psalm 112 manifestation in the lives of the people of God on the scale that I believe that the Scriptures are saying we're supposed to be anticipating in our day as we get the junk out of our mouths and make sure His Written Word and Words by His Spirit have the ascendency over our mouths and our thoughts according to 2Corinthians 10, Proverbs 4, 1Peter 3, 2Peter 1, and many other passages to this effect.

Someone was asking on Facebook based on Galatians 2:21 "how can we frustrate the grace of God?" to which I replied: Ways we frustrate the grace of God:

Trying to mix law with grace, such as the Ten Commandments according to Romans 7 and 2Corinthians 3. Then there's Lord Jesus's parable about all we've been forgiven and yet still being delivered over to the tormenters because we wouldn't forgive someone their $20 debt with us. Then there's the issue of trying to apply to the whole Body what Scripture is saying to ministers alone. There's the issue of not discerning not only the times but the audience and mixing the 4 messages of the Bible up and confusing who gets what, when there's one Biblical message to the natural man, one to the baby in Christ, one to the adolescent, and one to Fathers of the faith.

Only babies in Christ are warned of AntiChrist, but most Christians never notice that about 1John 2 when it mentions 3 of the spiritual levels in that chapter. And trying to hold Christians bound to a sin consciousness that Hebrews says is taken away by the Blood of Christ as though they were those that 1Timothy 1 says that the Law of Moses belongs to that aren't doing right.

It's as bad to try to say that the natural man shouldn't feel guilty for sins that the Bible honestly damns him for until he comes to faith in Christ Jesus so that he won't be bound by those. But people mix the milk that's for babies and adolescents in Christ about living lives free from the consciousness of sin thru His Blood with what's supposed to be declared to the natural man that doesn't receive the things of the spirit, but is emphatically commanded [nonetheless] to repent, embrace the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and produce works worthy of repentance. Ambassadors in Christ, as 2Corinthians 5 calls us, aren't supposed to be approaching the world with an "I'm okay, you're okay" mentality, but are supposed to be negotiating the terms of their [total] surrender to Lord Jesus.

Generational curses teaching is another way when Jeremiah 31 says that under grace the children's teeth won't be set on edge by what the fathers have drunk because at the Cross right before saying "it is finished" and releasing His Spirit, Lord Jesus drank of that bitter vinegar.

He refused the anesthetic that they'd tried to give Him hours earlier on the Cross, but He did drink that generational iniquity curse right before expiring. Yet people ignore that particular "wound" on the Cross and have generational curses teachings when St. Paul is dogmatic that the only way to have those is the mixture of law and grace 'cause those are a part of the curse of the law according to Deuteronomy 28 which Jeremiah 31 emphatically says isn't a part of the New Covenant. Each one must carry his own load according to St. Paul in Galatians. It's why there's a Hell, so you can "take it with you" until He subdues your iniquities, causes the desire of the wicked to perish, subjects all things to Himself in Christ, and gathers all things together into one in Christ in the dispensation of the fullness of times.


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