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Word of Faith > Why Is There So Little Unity Among Spirit-Filled Ministers?

By Martin Cisneros

There aren't as many contradictions in the Body as many people imagine. Much of it is an emotional this or that rather than focusing on how the Bible harmonizes all of it. There are far fewer contradictions in the Body of Christ than most believers imagine. When it comes to 75 teachers in a room all lead by Holy Spirit and each having 75 contradicting opinions about different things there's the three issues of time devoted to the Word so that 10% time in the Word equals 10% accuracy regarding the Word, what George MacDonald called the folly of trying to understand without any intention of obeying, and that although all of the Sons of God without question, according to Romans 8, are lead by Holy Spirit -- not all are listening to Him to the same degree about each of the things that He'll try to expound to them.

One person has 3 or 4 genuine insights on Creationism that He gave them and 2 insights on the atonement that He genuinely gave them, but 150 things that they'll say about both things, etc. To a certain degree people confuse themselves with the teachings of teachers that God has genuinely set in the Body in that they're not as attentive to their teachings as they imagine themselves to be so that they half hear teachers in the Body all of the time. Parable of the sower again: the way you measure it, is precisely the way it's measured back to you.

I still watch a lot of Bible teachers on Christian television that I find myself agreeing with less and less [and less] every single day because if they're truly a part of the Body then none of them can be 100% wrong about everything and I'll often find surprise nuggets to research further in the Word or to plug in to my understanding of this or that in my meditation time. Many of our differences are over not prayerfully hearing one another out when it's often nothing but semantics that divides us 'cause we don't like to hear the truth of certain Scriptures said in such and such a way or attached to certain theological labels.

Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Workers of Miracles, Gifts of Healings, Administrations, Interpreters of supernatural tongues for the Body, Financiers for the Body, Ministries of Encouragements, and Ministries of Helps don't usually divide the Body. It's usually the Body that decides to divide and hide behind favorite ministries because of preferred ways of saying things, being offended at certain ministries, self imposed limitations upon our understanding because of no intention of obeying or being offended, etc.

The Body tends to be much more divisive than the ministry gifts. Coveteousness, offenses, refusal to submit to authority, refusal to repent when certain areas of light in the Gospel are brought forth, and other issues are the bane of us all, but seldom genuinely anointed ministries whose lives are fully submitted to the Scriptures to the fullest part of their current understanding of what they teach.


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