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By Martin Cisneros

I want to address for a minute those that are wanting to know that they've entered into a new level of obedience to the Lord. This is how to enter into His rest, if you're honestly ready for a new level of your spiritual Sabbath. This won't be applicable to everyone, but for Christians that are wanting to know that they're doing all that they can for the Lord, you'll likely find the following comments both helpful and empowering.

I commend anyone that's wanting to assume their responsibilities as a maturing son/daughter of God. It's always good to start getting about the Father's business. The Gospel from Romans to Philemon is a Gospel of Obedience. But as others have pointed out, there aren't many brownie points for doing what you're supposed to do, so that's why St. Paul was constantly adding to his own work load. He said that if he was only doing what was commanded of him, then where was the reward in that? To me, that's indicating there's none for only doing what He tells you to do, just on the level that He's telling you to do it. But when you do more and even absorb the expense of a few things, which St. Paul took too far and deeply apologized to the Corinthian Church for not having received offerings from them. He then said, but I'm not going to burden you, which was both a tongue in cheek and a "you don't have to cough up more than any of the other congregations have." People refer to Christ's sense of humor in the Gospels but completely miss Paul's.

He said he wasn't speaking by commandment along those lines, but if they really were advancing in all of the graces of God, then they were to advance in that grace of both giving and receiving as well. The New Testament pattern is to work for Christ AS THOUGH the weight of the whole world were upon your shoulders, but to keep absolutely all of the cares of all of it and of everyone cast upon Him. When you carry the cares of any of it, there is no reward. We live on this side of the Crucifixion; the Resurrection side. Our heavenly Father's supposed to carry our Cross daily 'cause we're under grace and not under law. When we choose to carry it, then we've wandered into the unsavoury parts of Hebrews 10. Mark 4 says that the cares of this world entering into and cluttering the heart choke the Word and it becomes unfruitful.

1Peter 5:6-7 say to keep every care cast upon Him and 2Corinthians 10 says that this is a part of the weapons of our warfare in Christ: casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of the Word of God, bringing every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. It says in verse 6 that that completes/fulfills our obedience, and then God starts avenging each situation where our lives aren't yet reflecting a completed work at the Cross. That's when the healings start, that's when the money starts flowing freely, that's when the Lord's your defender, etc. Our worries become a vice that choke out the life of God. Whatever you focus on, you start multiplying. So, the Scriptures teach to engage in warfare to recapture every thought and to keep every care cast upon Him. As you've received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, according to Colossians 2:6-7 with doing your best to overdose on thanksgiving.

First you need the knowledge of the Word and of the Promises by which you become a partaker of the divine nature, then you need the overdosed thanksgiving in order to enter in, and then when thanksgiving based upon the exceeding great and precious promises has cast out all fear, then you begin to simply do those things that the Lord places upon your heart. And with every care cast upon Him you've entered into the supernatural existence where bread and wine multiplies, etc.


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