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By Martin Cisneros

One of the things to pay attention to in St. Paul's writings is that he viewed himself as the Apocalypse. As any good preacher would, he called himself the Son of God manifested in the flesh in Galatians 1, the bringer of eternal life in Titus 1, and his language in the last 4 chapters of 2Corinthians about coming and fighting against the rebellious with the Sword of his mouth forces me to conclude that his talk in Thessalonians of the Son of God coming and executing vengeance on the disobedient was his own (i.e. St. Paul's) ministry when you bare in mind 2Corinthians 10:3-6 in particular, though as I said 2Corinthians 10 and 2Corinthians 13 in their entirety "go there."

I believe that I could successfully argue that John "went there" too in Revelation, in viewing his own life and ministry as the Apocalypse. These Apostles would have been doing this based off of Jesus's doctrine of continuing in His Word in the way that He continued in the Word of the Father (i.e. John 8). The "I tried to worship this angel twice and he wouldn't let me" was more calculated than scholars have imagined. He was targeting the gnostics and their big ol' angelology that placed these hundreds of angels between us and God. And John's language in Revelation 19 is that he's coming to those Churches since Satan is no longer hindering him as he had through the many trials, being boiled in oil, etc., and his imprisonment on the isle of Patmos.

These people were addressing a Greek mindset that needed the melodrama. Plus, they were training these Christian believers to expect more from the Christ within them. The millenium for every believer is when they've grown up and their inner image of themselves is the exact same as their inner image of Jesus because they are new creations in Him, "old things have passed away, behold all things are become new" and in the context of this new creation "all things are of God."


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