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By Martin Cisneros

There's absolutely no such thing as anyone not getting something that they themselves planted. Everything that we have every morning that we wake up is based on something that we'd previously planted. God does nothing without a seed. Nothing. Not sure how other translations translate it, but I believe that Proverbs says that the curse causeless does not come. To say otherwise is to mock God. Every miracle in the ministry of Jesus was because of a seed sown. In fact, every miracle in the whole Bible is from a seed sown. Every blessing and every curse in the Bible is from a seed sown.

Jesus said in Mark 4:13 that if you didn't understand that parable in that chapter, then you'd forever be at a loss for understanding anything that He or His Apostles and Prophets would be teaching. Jabez got the life that he sowed for. Isaac sowed in famine and received a hundredfold. There isn't one good thing in the Bible that didn't come from a seed. There's not one thing in the Bible that's a promise that you can have without sowing it. David said in the Psalms that those that delight in cursing will wear the curse like a garment. Proverbs says that life and death are in the power of the tongue and those that indulge it will eat the fruit of it, for good or evil. James said to stop having mixed seeds. I believe his illustration was mixed water 'cause you wind up making all of it disgusting.

1Peter 3 says that if you want to inherit a blessing, you better watch your mouth. The problem has been not knowing what has been the seed to what. Each receive the things done in the body, good or bad, 'cause God is no respecter of persons. Everything we'll ever, ever, ever have is going to be based on the seed that we sow. Sowing and reaping is the kingdom of heaven. If it were otherwise, then UR would be impossible, but Christ Jesus is hybridizing all of Creation with Himself. But that's going to take a while 'cause Scripture assures us that His coming would be delayed. In the meantime, we can absolutely choke ourselves to death if we're fools not accurately bringing out of our treasures things both new and old.


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