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By Martin Cisneros

We each are what we've been called to be by Christ Jesus in this many-membered extraterrestrial Body of Faith. That's why we'll each always believe more than certain creeds of faith that any local, regional, national, or international fellowship of believers will draw up -- no matter how enlightened they'll be.

The transmission will have additional beliefs beyond how it's rooted to the core of the identity and purpose of the automobile from what the engine will believe in it's union with the core identity and purpose of the automobile that it's in. All one automobile, each with a unique purpose.

In one sense, no additional meanings brought to the table by each part of the automobile, but each being entirely different according to the schematic of the manufacturer with a different objective, warranty, sphere of sustainability, and promise of about when it's served it's purpose for the particular generation of mileage that the car has been involved in. Each being entirely different, yet united in purpose and in the core sciences of how they fit together.

Of course, to belong to a Ford or a Chevy the manufacturer has to create [or recreate] the parts to fit in those cars, and there's the specifics of Who is authorized to do so, Who the authorized dealers, mechanics, and salesmen are, etc. There's zero question about that.

Each part fitting where it belongs and very seldom anywhere else beyond where it belongs; each fitting into the purpose and identity of the Car and it's Manufacturer to work within the parameters previously established by the understanding of the physics and mathematics involved by the engineers, laws of the land, the safety, emissions, and environmental regulations involved; each [individual part] guaranteed to last for a prescribed period of mileage under normal useage conditions.

The basics are never in dispute by any of the parts, otherwise the car doesn't function if they're not united in heart, mind, and intent. Each part has to go as far as it'll take the car and in the particular place within the car that'll serve it's purpose so that the car can get to where it needs to get. There's variety of purpose, but not autonomy within the organism of the parts of the car, otherwise those autonomous parts would have to be pulled and replaced and the disguarded part, or parts, in our recycling world, would have to be melted down and used for some other purpose.

Unbelievers are simply unutilized parts that haven't yet been tweeked to fit within the design of the car. But they're not parts of cars by other manufacturers, or inherently able to give their own lives purpose elsewhere in some other manufacturing plant. They're simply displaced, shelved, still in the process of being manufactured, and/or simply haven't been placed into the automobile yet. But they serve no purpose outside of that for which they were created for.

Parts aren't created simply to be discarded. Sometimes they have to be recalled and remanufactured in order to comply with newer/better regulations and to fit in the next generation of cars and/or to resolve issues of defect. But all of the way back to before having been manufactured from the raw materials that they were made from, there was likely still already Books being kept on where they would ultimately end up, to which developmental plant that they'd be sent to, and likely with some sense already in mind of where they would end up with checkpoints and additional notations being taken along the way from raw material to finished product. So-called finished products don't really mean that they're finished in the sense that one might think.

A finished product is only really finished when it's been engaged and placed within the still greater product than itself so that it can fulfill it's purpose. In other words, is a spark plug finished with it's destiny when it's created or is it's destiny only beginning at that point and finds completion when it's actually within the car that it's supposed to go in and taking the car where it needs to go? Is it a finished product when it simply is, or when it's actually taking everything where it needs to be taken in the way that it alone either fully can, or in the way that it would contribute to the whole reaching their destination?

The Cross of Christ and His Blood have created a New Humanity, but history is only just beginning because all that'll ever be reborn and all that'll ever fit within their purpose as descendants of Christ Jesus rather than descendants of Adam are only just starting to come down the manufacturing line after just having been recreated. They're on the conveyor belt, but aren't yet the active parts of the automobiles that I'll call "History" that they're destined to become.

Many of the parts are still being adjusted in their settings and tolerances, but that doesn't nullify the fact that many parts are actually already in very dynamic usage, speeding through history while obeying the speed and yielding laws of the New Jerusalem with Christ Jesus sitting in the seat that's enwrapped by the car that they're individual parts of. Many are already reigning with Christ Jesus to the ages of ages.

Christ Jesus is more than the One sitting in the seat of the car and the schematics of the car. Thankfully, He's both the computer of the car and the outer exterior that gives all of us our beauty on the road. The Scriptures are the coding that the computer understands and speaks in, as well as the GPS to keep it on track. Father God is actually the One driving the car while at the same time fulfilling the role of being the road and the glorious destination, while the Holy Spirit is the alternative fuel that's adding to and enriching the environment rather than tearing it down.


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