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Word of Faith > Stop Being Offended!!!

By Martin Cisneros

Stop being offended and stop making excuses for why you were offended. When they said what they said to you, you did not need to respond. Why are you trying to save face if you believe God's Word that He's your defender, He's got your back, and you're His workmanship that He's at work within to cause you to will and to do for His good pleasure? 2Timothy 2 says that if you cleanse yourself from these things, then you'll be a vessel of honor, ready for any good work. You're not supposed to be in strife. Forgive it. Forget it. Cast the care on the Lord. It's not any of your business what they've called you. All that should matter to you is what He's called you!

Mark 4 and Luke 8 say that being offended will open the door for the devil to steal the Word out of your heart that was going to produce the 100 fold+ of all that God was announcing to you as His Good News to you of His grace at work in your life. Why shut down the grace of God from working in your life? Was what they said to you worth your having quenched the Spirit at work in you? The anointing in your life is unstoppable in your life unless you stop it, according to Mark 4:20-25, 33; Luke 8:15-21. Allow the Lord to be your defense. If you won't reply in your own defense, imitating the example that He left to us to follow, as carefully as you can, then He'll answer all of your critics Himself, and when He answers them...

Read Ephesians 4 and 2Timothy 2 on walking worthy of the Lord; equipped for every good work: endeavoring to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace, or in other words, endeavoring to stay single-minded so that your whole body will be full of light. James chapter 1 says that if you're not single-minded, then you receive from God squat-doodley, better known as doodley-squat.


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