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By Martin Cisneros

God's love never ceases, even when our love or patience with ourselves has started to wane, or perhaps just isn't there right now. Life being neither a gamble on the one hand, nor a remote control production on the opposite extreme is something to be enjoyed, cherished, and celebrated rather than endured, coped with, and sedated during. The rollercoaster isn't meant to make one ill, but to make one giggle and to jump in Daddy's arms afterwards with gratitude for having been allowed to do something so exhilerating!

Life isn't about getting out of here, nor is it about hating the planet or the worldly around you. This world is our home, but not in it's present form and not with it's current potential distractions from the Abiding Word. If the Book of Revelation is meant to teach us anything, it's that gold refined in the fire is coming our way, descending from heaven. This life isn't about living through a proper rationing of manna, but it's for the taking of the promised land.

The promised land for each believer is not only the conformity of one's self to the image of Jesus Christ, but the conforming of the nations to the image of Jesus Christ. Is such a thing possible, one might ask? There's no other reason for us to be here, except to create a better world through an aggressive life of manifesting the Gospel. Becoming the expression of each precept of the Gospel and bringing life to the dead everywhere you go is the way to make love to the world.

Friendship with the world in the sense of being supportive of it's current systems and becoming personally drowned in it's anxieties, lusts, and pleasures is to be rebuked and resisted from one's life everytime that it tries to creep in. But loving what Jesus Christ can transform the world into isn't sin, and neither is it sin to involve one's self in all aspects of the world as salt, light, and multiplied bread and wine of the Kingdom.

Though some would balk that that's conditional love, it's the only way to be the Son of God made flesh in and to this world. We're here to maintain the destruction of the works of the devil that Christ has accomplished for us, and to conform the world to our principles rather than to be conformed by the present form of this world that's passing away.

Neutrality is impossible, though the Pharisaical is to be avoided and condemned in our ranks every time it tries to stick up it's ugly AntiChrist head to assert itself against the knowledge of God, His Son Jesus Christ, and our transforming of the world through Holy Spirit within us. The only reason for Christians to be in the world is to rule the world through the Christ within them.

The true Gospel of life and liberty can only be demonstrated by forcefully and continually taking new ground by pulling the Son of God further and further out of ourselves by becoming the Gospel daily in time, abiding, word, thought, and deed.


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