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Word of Faith > And Isaac sowed in a time of famine and received a hundredfold...

By Martin Cisneros

If I had nothing and someone gave me a can of beans, I'd seek our Lord about where and/or to whom to sow it. Anything that's not enough to meet your need is a seed:-) Everybody else could do what they want, and each must carry his own load regarding what his convictions are, so I'm not downing anybody that wouldn't. But after sowing that thing I'd be sitting there rejoicing and giving thanks for the abundance of all things until the supply of the Spirit manifested with all of God's grace so that I'd have enough for every need, according to 2Corinthians chapters 8 and 9 where it talks about the supply of manna that comes to those who sow bountifully, so that as the Old Testament manna passage says (St. Paul says in 2Corinthians) he that gathered much didn't have too much and he that gathered little had no need," glory be to God!! I'd just be sitting there thanking God and rejoicing that my God meets my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. I have abundance and no lack. My heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord, and as Psalm 112 says "wealth and riches are in my house."

I'd just keep saying it and saying it and saying it until the angels manifested and cooked my supper. Job 5:22 tells us what to do at destruction and famine. Just laugh at it, in the Name of Jesus! I'm not of this world anyway! This whole thing is going to turn around quicker than it went down like the Titanic. The beasts of the field are at peace with me, according to Job 5, so what do I care about any of the rest of it? My times are in God's Hands and He'll teleport me to sit with kings since Proverbs says I won't stand before idle or obscure men, according to Proverbs 22:29. He's my Shepherd and I do what He tells me to do. He says sell, then I sell; He says buy, then I buy; He says give, then I give; He says receive, then I receive: or I withdraw like my father Abraham did if it's not right. I've lifted my hand to God. No man makes me rich. I'll never let it be said that any man made me rich, but Almighty God. All of these blessings have come upon me and overtaken me. I'm blessed in the city and in the field, coming in and going out because I have a better covenant established upon better promises than the one that said what it said in Deuteronomy 8:18.

I have the blessing in the Name of Jesus and the blessing does in my life what it's always done from the beginning of time in producing more wealth than the dreamers of avarice could ever imagine that God would do for me. Those that say that a preacher ought not have that kind of money, well, my Bible says that the desire of the wicked shall perish and I'll look and behold, myself inaccessible in the secret place of the most high as He visits their iniquity in having said that to the third and fourth generation. I delight greatly in the commandments of the Lord my God. I have His Blood sworn oath in the Blood of Jesus that through Jesus poverty at the cross I'm rich, in the Name of Jesus. There are no other alternatives as far as I'm concerned. Lack? What lack?? Pass the bread and I'll bless it and we'll get everybody fed right now, in the Name of Jesus 'cause He meets my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. And His inclusion of the manna in 2Corinthians chapters 8 and 9 mean that I'm always going to have what I need even if He has to drop it on my head like a coconut from heaven!! My heart is established, according to Psalm 112. I'll not be moved from any of this, in the Name of Jesus. In the Name of Jesus, this is settled as far as I'm concerned. There is no other reality to me. None other. My God loves me as much as He loves Jesus, according to John 17. I've known and believed His love, according to 1John. And I'm rooted and built up and established in the faith abounding and overflowing in thanksgiving according to Colossians 2:6-7 and Colossians 3:17.



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