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Word of Faith > Higher than I've ever been, higher than yesterday's sin

By Martin Cisneros

By not understanding the teachings of Lord Jesus, St. Paul, & others of the Bible we've oversimplified the concept of FULFILLMENTS.  Preterism, Futurism, Historicism, Literalism, & Allegoricism EACH snub the Word of Faith teaching of Scripture regarding seed-faith by words & corresponding actions. Matthew 8:17 is said to have been fulfilled that day, yet couldn't be 'til the Cross, YET people STILL get supernaturally HEALED! Even on touchy subjects among Christian & Jewish theologians, like the virgin birth, a spiritual fruit need not be a point of contention on literal verses allegorical, nor to debate whether it was INTENDED to convey that meaning, nor need it bring in the debate regarding the evolution of the interpretations of the passage over time!

The Scriptures are the practical guide and divine boundaries for the whole Creation and within the context of Genesis 8:22 it's not hard to say or to see how many chapters in the Old Testament and in the New Testament have been VERY STRICTLY, LITERALLY FULFILLED, AND SPIRITUALLY FULFILLED by many a devout religious Jew and by many a devout religious Christian over the eons.  The claims of Christianity rest upon HOW MUCH fulfillment there is in Lord Jesus (all things!!) and most importantly His sinless life, resurrection, & absolute claims to all of Creation.  It's fair to say with the authors of all of the Psalms and with Lord Jesus that the Scriptures will endure as long as the earth endures and that if the last 22 to 25 Centuries are any kind of a guide to the future that all of the potential future doctrines taught with the full authority of the Scriptures haven't even crossed the minds of your most devoted mystics or theologians because of the vastness of the treasures of wisdom and knowledge and the intent of God that these Words of the Bible will meet the needs of mankind and of the entirety of Creation for the rest of eternity!! (Eternity in the strictest, most literal sense of the term & not in a way that's subject to the eonian debates!!) 

The Bible speaks of a Body of Christ that reigns with Him to the ages of ages in this earth.  While that's not strictly, nor even remotely within the ballpark of ETERNITY, that's EVIDENTLY for a few centuries more, and with that understanding: the Scriptures will play a central role in that reign, baring fruit that's sufficient for the needs of the Creation that's up to twelve different kinds EVERY SINGLE MONTH!  The doctrine of fulfilled verses yet to be fulfilled denies this core Biblical truth of the last couple of chapters of Revelation about 12 kinds of fruit being harvested EVERY SINGLE MONTH!!  A lot of other Scriptures in the Old and New Testament are implicitly written in that direction that the Scriptures will give guidance and provision for as long as guidance and provision are EVER needed!!  Only where the Scriptures SPECIFICALLY SAY FOR US "this was a one time deal" should we put the stamp of "FULFILLED," such as in the Book of Hebrews. 

That'll leave many Christians comfortable with their eschatologies a bit unnerved when it's fully thought through that sooooo little of Scripture places those kinds of stamps on certain prophecies as "paid in full."  However, this actually opens up unimaginable doors of opportunity for deeper Kingdom exploration and manifestation on levels nobody has ever seen before!!!  There are no implicit expiration dates on any prophecies about wings of eagles and/or wings of His glory being revealed as our defense, hiding place, and provision in Deuteronomy, the Psalms, Isaiah, Malachi, and elsewhere.  We can SOAR IN GOD forever, for as long as God exists!!


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