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Word of Faith > Allowing Him to start decoding life for you

by Martin Cisneros

God loves you and He has a purpose for your life that He’s holding Himself accountable for. He sent Jesus Christ so that He could regain access to your heart and life. He’s eager to deliver you from everything that you need deliverance from. And He’s eager – very eager – to begin making up the difference between what you lack and where you need to be in completing His purposes for your life.

Jesus Christ loves you and His death on the cross was about creating a new heavens and a new earth for you. He was raised from the dead to fulfill His part in conforming you to His image. He doesn’t rest day or night as He works to introduce Himself to you and to cleanse you from the past that separated you from God.

The Holy Spirit loves you and was sent by Jesus Christ to take possession of your life and to fill your heart with all of the realities of the love of God. The Holy Spirit can empower you to achieve all that you were created for. He’s here to help you to be alert and aware of all that you need to be alert and aware of.

True Christians love you and can’t wait to see all that God will accomplish in your life through Jesus Christ. True Christians are praying for you, blessing you during their time with God, and are eagerly fasting and praying that they’d fulfill God’s purpose through them for you. They’re fasting and praying so that they’d be equipped to share with you God’s love for you and His purpose for you in Christ Jesus.

Your calling at this stage of your life is to believe God’s love sacrifice for you was Jesus Christ. God gave Jesus so that you’d be free of the behaviors and mindset that’s previously kept you excluded from the covenants and life promised to you in the Bible. God raised Jesus from the dead and appointed Him as your Lord and Shepherd so that you wouldn’t be in want. You need to believe and embrace that. Thank Him for washing your life through this Good News of His sacrificial Blood. Thank Him for preparing a table before you in the presence of your enemies. Tell Jesus Christ that you’re submitting your life to Him and looking to Him for everything from now on.

Embracing the Lordship of Jesus Christ, in addition to being an act of surrender to the Kingdom of God is a commitment to strive to the death for sexual and verbal purity; generocity, humility, obedience, and surrender to Godly, Scripturally based authority.

Embracing the Lordship of Jesus Christ means committing yourself for the rest of your life to the ministry of reconciliation, not only between God and man but between every relationship between people instituted by God. Embracing the Lordship of Jesus Christ is the Open Door to absolute power for reconciliation in the Kingdom of God. Reconciliation is the power of Godly prosperity. Prosperity in the Kingdom of God is through reconciliation. Our God will meet our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. That's true. But reconciliation is both the test and where exactly half of the warfare for Godly prosperity, even financial, is concerned.

Embracing the Lordship of Jesus Christ, in addition to being an act of surrender to the Kingdom of God, is a recognition that wholeness and ultimate prosperity is on the other end of a decision and a pursued lifestyle of sanctification to the process of reconciliation.

If the end of all things is a completed reconciliation that leads to the recreation of all worlds everywhere, then obviously the end of all torments, poverty, lack, illness, fear, brokenness, and destruction in your life is going to be through embracing the Lordship of Jesus Christ, renouncing all ungodliness, and reconciling every broken relationship in your life at absolutely all costs. The stories of Joseph, of Job, the prayer of Jabez, and of the end of all things teach us precisely these things: God's set before you life and death, blessings and cursings, and reconciliation is the only path to peace, life, and blessing today.  So choose you this day whom you will serve: self or Christ?

Christ won’t leave you with eternally draining wounds in Hell. He’s no longer content to allow you to be a prodigal son that’s wandered off into the far country. Your time of estrangement from Him is over. You’re not doing to escape your date with drowning in infinite love. The love of God will chase away all of your fears. Your sin was taken away 2000 years ago. That’s never even been a factor in your lack of relationship with your Father God. All of your sin was nailed to the Cross. It doesn’t become nailed to the Cross when you embrace His Lordship, as the popular creed of Pharisaical evangelicals would dictate. Christ doesn’t become crucified again every time that someone repents. That’s blasphemy on the part of evangelicals. Your sin is ABSOLUTELY GONE!

You’re no longer banished from Paradise. You’re no longer banished from the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life was replanted 2000 years ago. It’s a Cross. Yes, there’s some commitments that He wants you to make to life, liberty, purity, love, humility, and anything else that it means to be a disciple of His. But after you’ve fallen into the Ocean of Infinite Love, He’ll explain all of that and how any and all of that relates to your particular life and all that He has for you. You don’t have to be afraid ever again. You don’t have to dread anything ever again. You don’t have to lack peace and victory in your heart ever again. Jesus has conquered the world’s pressures and is conquering each heart one by one. Right now, He’s chasing you down and assuring you of His power to save, to restore, to provide, and to teach. Your life has had enough mysteries. Isn’t it time you started allowing Him to start decoding life for you?


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