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Word of Faith > Writing: The Forgotten Relationship Skill

By Martin Cisneros

Rediscover the art of letter writing. For some of you, the form that takes may wind up being email writing. Learn to open up in your prayer time and send something devotional to someone, or a personal testimony, or develop an insight into a short piece with the three or four different ways of saying something that you know that many of the better teachers that you've come across would. And husbands or boyfriends, your wives or girlfriends have been wanting to hear from you since prehistoric times!

Many times the best way for a man to communicate with a woman is going to be in written form. They appreciate the extra effort, there are fewer interruptions to what you're wanting to say, and you can sit on a writing for a while until you're sure you've written it exactly how you intended to say it or to the best of your ability, whichever. Gentlemen, when is the last time that that special lady in your life that's absolutely everything to you got anything from you in writing?

God entrusted the very Gospel that we all believe to letters. Most of the writings of the New Testament are very clearly written in letter form. The preciousness of all that Jesus did for us, the preciousness of all that that means to us, and the preciousness of all that we're supposed to be transformed into as a result of that is conveyed to us in letters. Don't wait until circumstances are more favorable and you think that you have more time and don't wait until you think that physical distance is a part of the equation before you carve your heart into a few pages.

There is a uniqueness to the written page or email to where you wind up creating a literal child of yours with the person that you're writing to. It's not just that writing can fertilize the relationship, but the actual writing process releases something into this world that can never go out of existance once it's been written. Writing can be a tremenous opportunity to build something. Yes, the other person has to actually read it rather than skim it, but that's like saying that a mother has to change a diaper or else. Once it's written and sent, then you've formed a little angel to be with that special someone "forever."

I know that I seem to be focusing specifically on the type of writing that's an exchange of hearts or the act of consummating a relationship, seemingly to the exclusion of considering other forms of writing right now. But, it's in our relationships with one another where the greatest need often is. And there's something specifically supernatural in our writing to someone, particularly someone that's taken some or all of our heart. Focus on that relationship or relationships that you know can't be shaken because they're a part of your inheritance from God.


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