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By Martin Cisneros

Rationalizations are experiential, emotional, nonsequitar, and can absolutely never be based on all of the available data.


Generalizations ignore obvious exceptions, changing trends & statistics, and are prejudicial in favor of oversimplification and setting aside the supernatural.


Reality, in this world, is abstract, limited by one's perceptions, fundamentally and mathematically ellusive on a general and rational level, and requires leaps of faith no matter the interpretation applied to it, whether objective and detached, generous, or self preserving.


Jesus Christ continues progressing into all of the world with greater and greater generocity after the infancy of the Church and it's predisposition to set aside His teachings was finally overcome [to an extent] from within.


Jesus Christ has not only consistently been the greatest source for universal good to all of mankind, but continues to be the best possible choice for an individual's progress, recovery, maturity, elevated standard of living, and for laying a solid foundation to achieve the personal legacy that each individual from a position of clarity, generocity, and sobriety of perspective would wish to build upon for personal and mutual good.


The teachings of Jesus Christ are easily understood, applied, imparted to others, and consistently justify their own soundness and ends when approached, understood, put into practice, and yielded to as the foundation of all wholeness, progress, liberality, mercy, and justice when approached with a growing archaic, perhaps primitive, Covenant framework and mindset.


Even if certain Christian groups seem to give the whole thing a bad name, or there's that sense that certain individuals have seemed less than desireable thru their expression of their faith in Jesus Christ, it's difficult to dismiss a true healer, a body of proven teachings, and a recent history of an increasingly better world [in some ways, compared to antiquity] based upon either religious agendas or a few people that easily demonstrate by their driving of an automobile or their handling of a computer that the Bible is not at fault for their lack of attention to their consistency, God and world views, lifestyle, and handling of others.


Accepting Jesus Christ, embracing His teachings, way of life, and promises of a more powerful life, [including and involving more and more of His supernatural gifts,] that gives victory over self and gradual overcoming of the externals of life as God's wisdom is more and more reflected in one's life through progressing towards consistent Biblical reading and practice does not necessarily reflect an agreement, endorsement, and support of religious individuals and religious institutions that have either left a bad taste in your own mouth or a bad taste in the mouth of those that have mattered to you.


What I've shared isn't about threats, but about hoping you'll pray a prayer whose sole intent isn't your becoming religious, but that you'd simply open the door to Jesus Christ to come and be reflected in the littlest details of your life so that He can show you that everything pertaining to this world really are the littlest details of your life, with the new world that He'll open up to you as time progresses between you and Him on the foundation of His teachings thru His Apostles and Prophets.  Pray this.  I'm not promising you a bolt of lightning or that He'll wine and dine you.  It's up to Him on what kind of assurances and deals He wants to make with regards to the outcomes of your life, depending on what He wants you to do, how He wants you to do it, what He's expecting of Himself in your life, and what He opens up to your understanding of a Biblically lived and a supernaturally empowered life that He'll lead you on the path towards as He begins explaining things to you in His own way:


Lord Jesus, I'm done with the mental trampolines and word games of life and am ready for a dose of a genuine way, truth, light, resurrection, and life.  Not even sure what all of that means or what I'm asking, but if life genuinely works if You work it for me, with me, and thru me, then I want to see what You're able to do with a life that's fully surrendered to You, Your calling, and Your assurances that life works and really comes to a favorable harvest when it's invested and sown in You and Your Words.  Cleanse me, save me, and make Your newness of life and Your new creation a reality in my life.  And I thank You for showing me my heavenly Father!


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For the idols speak delusion; the diviners envision lies, and tell false dreams; they comfort in vain. Therefore the people wend their way like sheep; they are in trouble because there is no shepherd. Zechariah 10:2


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