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Tracts > Calling the witch, warlock, and the vampyr to the sacred assembly

By: Martin Cisneros

Haven't you run screaming from enough demons in your past?  Aren't you tired of all of the spiked drinks that life has been offering you every day of your life?  Haven't you had enough of a belly ache from all of your sins in the past?  Why do you want to continue to wear a mask?  You wear enough funny hats on a regular basis without even going there on Halloween! 

Aren't you tired of using all of the fake blood to cover up and make light of the real blood that's coming from your bleeding heart?  You've been beaten by witches, warlocks, spells, potions, and every other wanna-be for most of your life, so what's the sudden attraction at this time of year? 

You've even screamed for years for your mummy and it hasn't helped!  The bandages haven't really been there when you've needed them!  You haven't even been allowed to hide in the coffin when all of the ghosts and serial stabbers have really been after you!

Haven't you been burned and staked enough?

You want to dress up?  Come to Jesus Christ and He'll clothe you in the full armour of God!  Why deal in fake blood when His real Blood can wash away all of your sins?  You want spiritual power?  Is that why you're playing with that weegee board? 

Come to Christ and He'll give you absolutely all power in heaven and on earth, if you'll obey Him implicitly and explicitly all of the days of your life!  Candy's nice, but what you really want is a piece of the Sacrifice, right?  Tell Jesus Christ, right now, that you want to be healed of all that hurts, that you want power that's real, and that you'll obey Him all of the days of your life if He'll enter into that Blood covenant with you that He's got your back all of the days of your life! 

Once you've done this, let us know that you've done this because it's important to keep it real and keep it out there where people can see the changes that Christ is making in your life from this moment forward.  Some will be happy for you, others will be disappointed and perhaps even angered, but it'll genuinely never be another dull moment again if you'll dig deep into all of this!

Pray this with me:

Lord Jesus Christ, I offer up my life to You because You've offered Your life to me.  I bow my knee to You and obey You totally all of the days of my life, knowing that I'm entering into the fullness of the Blood of Your sacred Oath. Therefore, I'll never be powerless another day of my life as I seek to know Your will and to establish Your will in the earth from now on and forever! 

I yeild up my voice to You, fill it.  I yeild up my hands to You, fill them.  I yeild up my eyes and my ears to You, open them.  You are my God and I am Your child and Your servant from now on!  I take to myself the fullness of Your Spirit, expecting You to speak through me all of the days of my life.  Amen!!


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