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By: Martin Cisneros

  • In the eternal scheme of things, you came from very mysterious origins, beyond your parents, race, country of origin, or the proverbial "big bang."
  • You are probably aware of a certain level of your existence where things just don't make sense at all, whether or not you have it together with your family, life's purpose, and social, economic, and other resources in your life.
  • Jesus Christ came to restore you to a relationship with God that you don't even remember, before all that you see everyday ever, "was."
  • Whether things ever become easier or harder, you need that one great foundation of all things that Jesus Christ came into the world to bring you back to.  Life and reality isn't a state, a substance, or a concept.  It's a Person who wants to reclaim His kids who were adopted out into this physical world.


When you're ready to start the long road back to the center of ultimate reality and you just want to know "why," "how," "when," and that you're loved by the only One Who has ever really mattered - the One who made it all, then just pray this prayer and mean it with all of your heart:


Jesus Christ,

There's a whole lot that I really don't understand.  But a lot of people say that You're "IT" - the final frontier of all of reality and the One Who actually makes it all work.  I don't understand any of that.  I'm certainly no theologian or pastor.  But I want to see where You can honestly take me.  If any of this is real and if you're the real deal, then take me, save me, do whatever with me.  Just show me that there's a God.  I'll pick up a Bible and I won't look back, if you'll just let me know where to go from here.  You have my undivided attention.  For whatever it's worth: "Amen!"


Was this your first time really acknowledging the Lord, receiving Him with all of your heart, and receiving, or accepting, those things that He has determined for your life? If this was your first time praying a prayer for Jesus to do a really saving and empowering work in your life, please write to us and let us know that you've committed your life to Jesus Christ. We'd love to hear about it!



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