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By Martin Cisneros

In the second verse of Jude's epistle, it says, "May mercy and peace and love be multiplied to you!"  In a world that for some people is increasingly difficult as loneliness surrounds them and needs threaten to choke the life out of them; and for whom pain and abandonment are seemingly a fact of life, the thought of "mercy, peace, and love" being multiplied to them seems like either sci-fi fantasy, or in the back of their minds it somehow implies the sweet release of death from this life.  So they're naturally apprehensive in the presence of such a declaration.

So let me say upfront that the Gospel only brings death to the sin nature, to poverty, to disease, to war, to fear, to hatred, to unforgiveness, and to death.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ isn't about your dying and it's not about either of the religious notions of heaven or eternity.  The Gospel is about a practical, immortal Saviour that is the friend of all of mankind.

His demands of obedience and His claims to such an unchallengeable right to be obeyed wholeheartedly are because He knows more than we do, He's more powerful than we are, He knows what it'll take to save our lives, and He's wholeheartedly committed to the process of bringing us out of our needs and greeds and over into peace of mind and body and love for our spirits to become our cardinal law.

Failure to obey His convictions and failure to receive pleasure, fulfillment, contentment, wholeness, great financial riches, and strength of character through His Gospel can only be remedied by a total dethroning of one's principles that violate the overall body of knowledge He intended for us to have through the Gospel so that the sum total of the peace on earth, good will towards men intended by Jesus Christ can begin to grow into our lives, [as the sun rising from the midnight to the brightest noon,] through our commitment to express every molecule of goodness and obedience to God that His Gospel of grace will progressively impart.  Pray with me:

Lord Jesus, I surrender my thoughts that aren't Your thoughts and my ways that haven't been Your ways.  I turn to You and receive with a glad heart Your Word that has gone forth.  Thank You, Jesus, for being my reconciliation with my heavenly Father, my righteousness, and for leading me from now on through every line of the Gospel that has proceeded from the mouth of God so that I'll ultimately spend my days in prosperity and my years in pleasure.


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