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By Martin Cisneros

Father, in Jesus' Name, we bless and praise You for having given to us the Name that is above all names whereby we must be saved.  Father, we thank You that every knee has to bow to the Name You've given us whereby we must be saved, whether those in the heavens, in the earth, or under the earth, and every tongue must confess that in the Lord they have righteousness and strength.  We thank You, Father, that the Name of Jesus is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and are safe.  Father, we thank You that His Name is the Word of God and He rides us as His royal horse in the battle, according to Zechariah 10:3.  Father, we thank You that in the Name of Jesus we go into all of the world, and in the Name of Jesus we cast out the Devil.

Lord Jesus, in Your Name, we eat the Bread that You blessed, broke, and declared Your Body.

Lord Jesus, in Your Name, we drink the Cup You gave thanks for and declared Your shed Blood in the behalf of the New Testament; the New Passover.

Father, we thank You for sending our Lord Jesus to be blessed, broken, and consumed for the life of the world.  We thank You that as we metabolize Him, He becomes our resurrection in us that abounds more and more as Your love, grace, and wisdom for the life of the world finds expression in us.  We thank You that inspite of normal food producing toxins that must be eliminated, the consumed Christ produces no toxins, but transforms our lives from within us so that we ourselves aren't toxins to be eliminated.  Instead of elimination, the digested Christ within us must become the 1Thessalonians 4 ascended Christ that transforms all of Creation around us into conformity with Himself and catches up the entire Creation into the Father, according to Philippians 3:21, Romans 8:21, Ephesians 1:8-10, and 1Corinthians 15:28!


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