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By Martin Cisneros

Father, in the Name of Jesus, we thank You for the power to forgive because we are new creations in Christ Jesus.  We thank You, Father, for all that You've forgiven us for, and all You've anointed us with, and we extend that forgiveness at absolutely all times to the Creation around us and we're not stingy with that forgiveness, just as You've been lavish with Yours.  We look unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith Who is finishing the faith that forgives within us and turning it into a very beautiful thing that makes the hearts of mortal men, women, and children weep with joy, with repentance, and with commitment to live better lives as followers of every precept of the Gospel and all redemptive portions of the Prophets of the Bible that spoke to our days of making amends with all of Creation everywhere.  Father, we thank You for having purified our lives by the Blood of Jesus, and for having fixed all that was formerly broken within us, emotionally and in every other way, so that we can forgive

Thank You, Father, that we're not broken cisterns that can't hold water, but we're mighty flowing rivers of life, of hope, of cleansing, of strength, and of forgiveness, not only for those needing forgiveness, but so that they'd have the ability to forgive all that they're needing to forgive.  Thank You, Father, that forgiveness isn't something that's merely commanded, but is something we receive and impart as a supernatural ability to participate in Your divine nature with You, escaping the unforgiveness that's in the world through lust, according to 2Peter 1.  Thank You, Father, that we're released from all previous relationships in our lives that are no longer a part of our lives, even as we forgive them and receive their forgiveness from You in their behalf.  Thank You, Father, for the ability to forgive our past and for releasing us from our past.  Thank You, Father, that Your forgiveness has done such a thorough work in us with the Bread and Cup, so that the millions of things we face each and every single day that would otherwise be impossible to forgive are most readily forgiven in the Name of Jesus with all of the power that You have!

Father, we lift the Bread of forgiveness to our mouths that's the embodiment of the Body of Jesus, and with our Lord Jesus partaking with us in Your Kingdom, according to Revelation 3:20, we eat this in Remembrance of His forgiveness from the Cross and in pledge of our own Oneness through the Gospel and the Prophets of the Bible that we live, and move, and have our being by.

Father, we lift the Cup of forgiveness to our mouths that's full of the Blood of Jesus, and with our Lord Jesus partaking with us in Your Kingdom, according to Matthew 26:29, we drink this in Remembrance of His forgiveness from the Cross and in pledge of our own forgiveness in imitation of His sufferings.

Father, we thank You, in the Name of Jesus, for answering the prayer of Lord Jesus on the Cross for the forgiveness of our persecutors and we trust You, according to the prophecies of the Scriptures, that that forgiveness is extended to all life everywhere and we thank You with all of our hearts for this!  Father, we thank You for the pleasures that have followed our forgiveness with the reconciliation that's flowing powerfully from Your Spirit within us through the Gospel of Jesus Christ upon our lips that's written in our hearts and bled through our lives upon every Creature.  Father, we thank You for the healing You're working in our lives through the Gospel we're feeding upon in those areas where we weren't forgiving ourselves for not living up to our own standards, nor up to the standards of the Scriptures.  Father, we thank You for the ability to live at peace with all life everywhere and the Isaiah 54 Covenant of Prosperity can not be removed from us.  Thank You, Father, that though fear, oppression, and terrorism have tried to rise against us, they have fallen for our sakes, a thousand at our side and ten thousand at our right hand, because no weapon formed against us will prosper and every tongue which rises against us in judgment is condemned for our sakes, because You've given Your angels charge over us that hearken to the Scriptures from our mouths, according to Psalm 103:20-21.  We thank You, Father, that with long life You satisfy us and show us immortality through the Gospel. 

Thank You, Father, for renewing our youth as the eagle's even more fully because of our reaffirmed commitment that everything we've ever faced prenatally and every day of our lives is totally forgiven as fully and as without hesitation as You've forgiven us, and we've rooted this in the same Blood and Broken Body of our Lord Jesus, this day, as You have when You forgave all of us, recreated us, according to 2Corinthians 5:17, and made us the forgiveness and healing of the whole world that has been sent into all of the world to disciple them.  Thank You, Father, for our Ephesians chapters 3, 4, and 5 UNITY, and as we go forth as Your imitators, walking in love, even as You're in love, all of these principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, and wicked spirits in heavenly places listed in Ephesians 6 are not only thoroughly overcome and defeated, but all of our children honour us, according to Ephesians 6 and their days are filled with heaven on earth in the Acts 17 land that You've given them to possess with the proclamation of the Gospel of the Kingdom, because they're all taught of You and great is their peace and prosperity, according to Isaiah 54 and Psalm 112, in Jesus' Name!  Amen!!


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