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By Martin Cisneros

Thank You, Father, in Jesus' Name, for perfect weather: for clouds that rain, wind that cools and brings rain, pollen, and whatever the need, and for warm, sunny days.  We thank You, Father, for: eyes that see beauty, hands that touch softness, mouths that distinguish flavour, beautiful teeth and smiles, and ears that bring us the sounds of love.  Thank You, Father, for: energy to have very fruitful days, imaginations that provide very fit bodies, words that provide loyal, wholesome relationships, and hearts that understand reading and writing.  Thank You, Father, for: saving our souls, our nations, our creativity and productivity, and our economies.  In Jesus' Name, Father, we thank You for: new ways to get the Gospel, vegan food, vegan clothing, vegan books, and vegan art into the lives of more and more people.  Thank You, Father, for: ending world hunger through us and for creating so much righteous conviction, food, and clothes that the food and clothes can't be withheld from people any longer!

Lord Jesus, we thank You for the offering of Your Flesh and Blood for the salvation of the whole world.  We participate in Your divine nature partaking of this Covenantal meal with You.

Jesus, we take the Bread that You've broken, believing You that this is Your Body and we eat this in Remembrance of You.

Jesus, in the same way, we take the Cup that You've blessed and sanctified, believing You that this is Your Blood of the New Testament and we drink this in Remembrance of You.

Lord Jesus, we stand on the Scriptures about the Covenantal nature of Your death until You fulfill all of the divine nature in our lives as You promised!

Father, we thank You, in Jesus' Name, for entrance into the holiest by the Blood of Jesus through the veil of His Flesh and we stand before You alive from the dead with our members as instruments of righteousness for You.  Father, we thank You for making us whole and holy, that we lack no good thing we'd ever want, and that every need is met among us, as we serve You by serving one another in love.  Father, we thank You for fulfilled destiny, that every purpose of our hearts are fulfilled, and that we are with all of our loved ones, even if You had to lead us on when to jerk them out of their graves through our authority in Christ.  Father, we thank You for not only restoring our compassion for the Creation, but for also making it a compassionate Creation before our very eyes!  Father, in Jesus' Name, we thank You for perpetually renewing our youth and for causing every weapon to fail that would ever try to come against us.  Father, we thank You for much more money than we'd ever need if we lived the whole history of the world and everyone was our responsibility along the way.  Father, we thank You for healing, quickening, and vivifying everyone we've ever touched, spoken to, or who have ever seen our face, in Jesus' Name!  Amen!!


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