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By Martin Cisneros

Father, we thank You, in the Name of Jesus, for an abundance of Bibles and increasingly better and better translations that are phasing out various dark age vulgarities that weren't the teachings of the early Apostles, nor the specifics in the language of the original manuscripts of the Bible.  Father, we thank You that where Bible publishers would be tempted to go too far with removing references to the Blood of Jesus and various other Gospel basics, we thank You for squashing those deadly errors and for allowing the fullness of the truth to be published, in the Name of Jesus.  Father, we thank You for teaching broadcasts and publications that are getting the full light of the knowledge of the glory of God that shines in the face of Jesus Christ fully out there to everyone.  Father, You know who will listen to whom, and we thank You for advancing promotions in the Kingdom accordingly so that the greatest amount of fruit would be growing to full maturity in the shortest amount of time, because of what You said in Scripture about doing a quick work and cutting it short in righteousness.  We thank You, Father, that that doesn't mean that any would be excluded, but it's the time between the seed and the harvest that You're cutting shorter and shorter and shorter to keep it on the schedule You envisioned when You revealed what You revealed to the prophets in the Bible. 

We thank You, Father, for absolute clarity about which ministries to support, which ministries to start, and which ministries to reap from in instances where that's where You're wanting us to go to get all or part of the harvest of what we've been sowing for with the Written Word on our lips and in our heart, on our lips and in our heart, on our lips and in our heart, the way that all things reach the heart, initially via the lips.  Thank You, Father, for multiplying signs and wonders in the behalf of the Gospel that's going forth with greater and greater excellence and fullness of expression, that as a flower opens when ready, the signs and wonders are opening up to us as the Gospel is rising up higher and higher towards the Sun.  Thank You, Father, for removing every obstacle to getting the Gospel out to people, to everyone everywhere, in the Name of Jesus!  Thank You, Father, for demolishing governments as we're demolishing arguments for idolatry by the simplicity that's in Christ Jesus, if they'd in any way get in the way and/or be dead weight to the Gospel getting out to everyone everywhere. 

Father, in the Name of Jesus, we thank You for the Broken Body of our Lord Jesus on the Cross and in Remembrance of Him, right now, we eat this bread He blessed, broke, and distributed, calling it His Body.

Merciful Father, in the Name of Jesus, we thank You for the Shed Blood of our Lord Jesus on the Cross and in Remembrance of Him, right now, we drink this cup He gave thanks for and distributed to His disciples calling it His Blood signature on the New Testament, sealing it as Your integrity [and as our incorruptible image] forever.

Father, in Jesus' Name, we thank You for fully matured families and individuals in Christ, emptied doctor's offices, emptied nursing homes, emptied hospitals, emptied cemeteries, and emptied mental wards as the knowledge of the glory that shines in the face of Jesus is reaching out further and further and dispelling more and more darkness.  We thank You, Father, for renewing everyone's youth into their late teens, if aging has been a factor, at all, in the impairment of anyone, and where it's been nutritional deficiencies, we thank You for improving the qualities of our crops and getting people to actually eat our crops instead of eating those who have eaten the crops, in the Name of Jesus!  Father, in the behalf of the Hosea 2:18; Jeremiah 31:27-28 Covenant, we thank You for emptied veterinary clinics and hospitals, emptied pet cemeteries, emptied laboratories from all animal experimentation, and emptied circuses and other places that thrive off of exploited, depleted, vulnerable, harassed, shamed, victimized, and dead animals.  We thank You, Father, for computers that make the best computers we have today look like computers from the 1950s.  We thank You, Father, for computers with memories beyond a thousand yottabytes.  We thank You, Father, for wisdom so that our programs don't have to get unrealistically bigger to solve the same problems of older versions or to have the latest features.  We thank You, Father, for computers that finally suffice for entire lifetimes and beyond. 

We thank You, Father, for seeing to our transportation needs in the same way and for bringing down the costs of computers, automobiles, airplanes, boats, trains, fuel, food, clothing, utilities, grooming, and other matters where there's seemed to be no end in sight for how much stuff could cost.  We thank You, Father, for actively participating in making transportation to anywhere from anywhere in the world infinitely simpler [and infinitely cheaper] and for removing the plague of Islam from our midst, in the Name of Jesus!  Thank You, Father, for more insight into the Scriptures for how to bring about all of these and many other signs and wonders in the Name of Jesus, through Your stretched out Hand, in fulfillment of Zechariah 3:9, Isaiah 10:17, and many other promises in the Bible.  Thank You, Father, for seriously raising the quality of life for everyone everywhere by restoring absolute respect, integrity, chastity, modesty, decency, cleanliness, godliness, monogamy, self-control, patience, fidelity, love for one another and for all life everywhere, and for elevating the levels of joy, wisdom, mental clarity, humility before You, intelligence, and the ability to remember with accuracy and with depth all that You would have us remember and all that would be necessary to remember of our skills and our knowledge in order to make this a better world to the Glory of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of David, by Your Kingdom means and not by worldly means and pride of life institutions.


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