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By Martin Cisneros

Thank You, Father, for a blessed Creation that we're joint-heirs with Abraham of, according to Romans 4, Galatians 3, and elsewhere, in the Name of Jesus.  Thank You, Father, for rain in those areas that have needed it, warmer conditions in those areas that have had too much water, and a general wider dispersal of every bit of Creation's manna across the entire Creation so that of daily sustenance matters, those that had much didn't have too much and those that had little had no lack.  Father, we thank You for warm areas that have been cold, for cooler, but comfortable areas where it's been hot, for green grass and wonderful vegetation that supplies the needs of every living thing where there's been desert, and for keeping winds below 50mph and earthquakes below a 1.0 so that the soils are rotated and the whole earth's ecosystem enters into more and more prosperity.  We thank You, Father, for bringing animals back from the verge of extinction, bringing animals back into human knowledge that have been regarded as extinct, but who still live in remote parts of the earth.  Father, we thank You for causing their populations to expand rapidly before humankind re-discovers them and then keep their populations stable and not so incredibly high through any initial exploitation that men and women of covetousness would initially try to do for personal profit, or even innocent curiosity with wanting to make known Your wonders to all of the people of the earth. 

We thank You, Father, for ending fishing, according to Isaiah 19:8, putting a stop to hunting by humans according to Hosea 2:18, putting a stop to hunting by animals, according to Isaiah 11:6-9, and for causing the full knowledge of Your glory to fill the whole earth as the waters cover the seas.  We thank You, Father, for appropriately reducing mosquito populations and the populations of any animals that would seek to be aggressive so that mankind would once again know each of them by name, and for bringing forth their food in total abundance.  Thank You, Father, for preventing conflicts between our plants that don't promote life for all plants, for raising the water tables [everywhere] appropriately to constitute health and blessings for each region and more than enough for every desire. 

The same night in which Jesus was betrayed, [so He could fulfill all of this,] He took Bread from the Passover meal, blessed it, broke it, and gave it to His disciples saying "This is My Body broken for the New Testament," according to 1Corinthians 11, so we eat this in Remembrance of Him.

In the same way, Jesus took a Cup from the Passover meal, and when He'd given thanks, He gave it to His disciples saying "This Cup is the New Testament in My Blood," according to 1Corinthians 11, so we drink this in Remembrance of Him.

Thank You, Father, for ending the intensity of hurricanes as we've known them, and bringing back balance and order to our planet, so that there are no destructive winds, or destructive floods, and keep us safe from destructive fires that come upon civilizations unexpectedly.  Father, we thank You for stopping destructive fires that don't promote life and health, in Jesus' Name!  Thank You, Father, for preventing massive earthquake explosions that destroy untold amounts of life around them and pollute the air everyone breathes, and for bringing balance and moderation back to the earthquakes of the world.  Thank You, Father, for purifying our air and our earth by other means, for not allowing pressures to build up soooo excessively under the soil, in the atmosphere, or in the stars and planets around us as the universe is expanding more and more rapidly.   Thank You, Father, in Jesus' Name for healing our earth, prospering our nations, removing the pride of life that would Expire a Cain to kill an Abel, and bringing all to glad obedience to the Gospel and to worship You!  Thank You, Father, for healing our homes and our communities because the Blood of Jesus is successfully taking new territory each moment out of each moment out of each day.  We thank You, Father, for making Your rainbows brighter [and more colorful] than ever, for removing the iniquity of the land and the thorns and briers in one day, according to Zechariah 3:9 and Isaiah 10:17, and for removing the plague of idolatry from our planet, as idols were dealt with in ancient times when they were set before Your Ark. 

Father, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is Your Ark that we carry, so we thank You for aggressively seeking, targeting, and destroying every idol and every vain political, religious, entertainment, and societal philosophy and restoring all to humility, chastity, wholeness, peace, honour, respect, sanctification, monogamy, both among humankind and animalkind, and for turning the eyes of absolutely all upon You!  We thank You, Father, for bringing all nations to You to worship our King Jesus, according to Zechariah 14 through the preaching of the Gospel.  We thank You, Father, for birds that sing, owls that hoot, monogamous couples that love, bees that make insane amounts of honey, bears that couldn't be happier and would never harm a person or another animal, not even fish, and we thank You, Father, for flowers, butterflies, and hummingbirds that fill the land with greater beauty that are of a greater size and complexity than has ever been seen in recorded history.  We thank You, Father, for a blessed Creation that human beings and animal beings are able to enjoy to the full with infinite love, infinite lifespans, infinite understanding of the Gospel and of Your ways, Father, and we thank You for giving us infinite peace, prosperity, and camaraderie as we seek and serve our King Jesus.  We thank You, Father, for restoring the Canaanites that were excluded in Zechariah 14:21, according to Ephesians 1:8-10, Ephesians 2, 1Timothy 2:6, 1Timothy 4:9-11, and Revelation 5:13.


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