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By Martin Cisneros

Thank You, Father, in Jesus' Name, for wise teacher-leadership being raised up for our lands, for each area of political office; each branch of government, and for wise teacher-leadership in each area of our Churches.  Thank You, Father, for freedom from condemnation because we walk in the light as He's in the light and His Blood cleanses us from all unrighteousness.  Thank You, Father, for freedom from stress because we cast all of our cares upon You and think only on what we should, according to 2Corinthians 10, Philippians 4, and 1Peter 5, knowing that You care for us, and are actively involved in our exaltation from each situation that we've faced thus far, because we walk by faith and not by sight, believing You're a rewarder of those who diligently seek You, according to Hebrews 11:6.  Thank You, Father, for casting our sins as far as the east is from the west, according to Psalm 103, for having Your rivers of living water flowing east and west, according to Zechariah 14, as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so was the coming of the Son of Man, according to Matthew 24, and You've saved Your people from the land of the rising sun and from the land of the setting sun, according to Zechariah 8.  Thank You, Father, that those who have complained will learn doctrine, according to Isaiah 29:24. 

Thank You, Father, for going straight through the thorns and briers that people have set against You in battle, burning them up, according to Isaiah 27:4, for removing the thorns and briers of the land in one day, according to Isaiah 10:17, for removing the iniquity of the land in one day, according to Zechariah 3:9, and for making us as Your royal horses in the battle, according to Zechariah 10:3.  Thank You, Father, for quick moves of the convicting work of Your Spirit and the preaching of the Gospel by those laborers You've sent into the harvest so that people are breaking off their sins by righteousness and breaking off iniquity by showing mercy to the poor so that it would be a healing of their error and a lengthening of their prosperity, according to Daniel 4:27.  Thank You, Father, for these quick moves of Your Spirit and of Your Gospel ministers so that the land isn't vomiting out it's inhabitants because of it's abhorrence of their deeds and the testimony of all of Creation against them.  Thank You, Father, that as we believe on the Lord Jesus, we're saved and our households, and we thank You for extending this mercy to our extended families, for doing a quick work in reclaiming our communities, our cities, our counties, our states or provinces, our countries, and our continents from the iniquity of the land. 

Lord Jesus, we sup with You, taking the Bread that You've blessed, broken, and distributed to us as Your disciples, telling us to eat it, because it's Your Body.  Taking You at Your Word, we eat Your Body in Remembrance of You!

Lord Jesus, we take the Cup that You've given thanks for and handed to Your disciples, telling us to drink it, because it's Your Blood.  Taking You at Your Word, we drink Your Blood in Remembrance of You!

Thank You, Father, for raising up real teacher-leadership that's filled with Your Gospel and Your Spirit, that don't turn from Your Gospel to the right or to the left, and keep their hands and feet out of evil and heading in the direction of Your Gospel's most dominant themes regarding righteousness, redemption, sanctification, and the prosperity and wholeness to come.  Thank You, Father, for protecting our Christian Missionaries and for multiplying all of their resources, for giving them the greatest concentration on the Gospel in it's totality that they've ever had in their lives, and for causing the signs and wonders to glorify the Name of Jesus, to purge the evil from their midst, and so that there would be no longer a single idol in their midst, or a single plague, drought, or broken heart in their midst.  Thank You, Father, for Your special care and love for mothers on this day, and for comforting those who have lost children for whatever reason.  Thank You, Father, for filling their lives with love and a deeper appreciation for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the son of David. 

Thank You, Father, for bountiful rain, bountiful crops, lower costs of all of these things to the general population, and most importantly, for lower fuel costs that have been high on the list for why food prices have been so high.  Father, we thank You for caring for these details in our behalf so that it then becomes easier for us to care for widows, orphans, animals, and to remain unpolluted by the world.  Thank You, Father, for every good and perfect gift that comes from above, for making us first-fruits of Your creatures, for giving us Your wisdom without upbraiding, and for not leading us into temptation, but delivering us from evil, and filling our hearts with joy unspeakable and full of glory!  Thank You, Father, for bringing forth wise and effective teacher-leadership in our schools, in our Churches, in our Bible schools, at our City Councils, and for laying solid foundations for future generations of wise and godly teacher-leadership.  Thank You, Father, for future generations of wise and godly teacher-leadership that doesn't turn to the right or to the left from the Gospel, that loves people as much as You love Christ Jesus, and that abhors evil continually in all of it's forms and stops at nothing in tearing it down and removing the evil from their midst, because they're taught of You and great has been their peace and prosperity, according to Isaiah 54.


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