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By Martin Cisneros

Father, in Jesus' Name, we thank and bless and praise and magnify Your holy Name.  We adore Your Word and the lifestyle You've given to us, by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, and we've acted on all that You've told us to do.  We praise Your holy Name, Father, and thank You for having done a quick work in perfecting us in Your righteousness and for having made all grace abound towards us.  Father, we repent for not having blessed absolutely each and every single thing that You've given to us, and we bless it all now -- each and every single thing and each and every single being that You've given to us to be with us for some period of time in this world.  We bless it all now, in Jesus' Name!  We thank You, Father, for giving us days of heaven on earth, for causing rivers of living water to come out of our inner-most being, and for having given us the nations for our inheritance!  We thank You, Father, for all that You've done and are doing in getting the Gospel out through every single marketplace, and for beating back the remaining traces of darkness that there have been in our economies, in our policies, and in our Churches and Parachurch ministries with greater and greater light of Your Gospel and the work of Your Spirit in each heart that's building itself upon that Gospel.  We thank You, Father, for satisfying our mouths with good things so that our youth is renewed as the eagle's. 

We thank You, Father, for making the tallest buildings in our cities to [once again] be about the promotion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the community and into all of the earth!  We thank You, Father, for purifying the drinking water of our earth, in proportion as You are purifying the mouths, minds, and messages of each individual on the planet to their parents, to their spouses, to their children, and to their neighbours.  We thank You, Father, for ground that [once again] provides very nutrient-rich food that has everything in it that we've been needing for our bodies WITHOUT violations of the Hosea 2:18; Jeremiah 31:27-28; Isaiah 11:6-9 Covenant being on the horizon of what we have to do to get all of our nutrients and resources.  Thank You, Father, for making things right with every animal that's ever existed since the beginning of the earth.  We thank You, Father, for that, and add our faith in watering what You're doing along those lines, because we are participants in the divine nature, according to 2Peter 1.  We thank You, Father, and we add our faith in watering what You're doing about the elimination of all diseases from the planet, from the earth, the water, the rocks, people, animals, and plants, and together with You we claim the increase of all that You are doing with each one!  We stand in agreement with You, Father, in Jesus' Name, for all of it!!

The Lord Jesus, the same night in which He was betrayed took Bread from the Passover meal and said "This is My Body broken for you," so we eat His Body in Remembrance of Him!

In the same way, Lord Jesus took a Cup from the Passover meal and said "This is My Blood of the New Testament," so we drink His Blood in Remembrance of Him! 

We thank You, Father, for Colossians 2 that sets aside a requirement of waiting 'til an annual celebration because we have Christ Jesus our Lord each and every single moment of each and every single day and night!  We thank You, Father, for the example in the book of Acts, that You left to us, that they were partaking of Kingdom Bread with You all of the time!  Father, we receive a Deuteronomy 1:11 thousandfold blessing upon all that You're doing, and all that You're doing together with us with the faith that our Lord Jesus is perfecting in us, since faith is like muscle in that it's doing something on it's road to greatness.  We thank You, Father, for all that You're accomplishing in the development of our faith in the behalf of all life everywhere, in the behalf of all matter and energy, space, and time.  We thank You, Father, for healed bodies, renewed minds, watered crops, the end to all drought everywhere on the planet, though not in quite the disastrous way that some people would envision from our gratitude towards You for that, because this has been done according to Your wisdom.  We thank You, Father, for inspiring the improvement of our nuclear technologies so that there's never again an environmental disaster like there's been in Japan and in a couple of other places around the world.  We thank You, Father, for inspiring the improvement of every other technology that we have that's been hopelessly behind Your standards on safety and efficiency.  We thank You, Father, for increased ways of travel and communication that are cheaper and easier for people to use than today's technologies.

We thank You, Father, for eliminating the economic threats that there have been against us by the ungodly that have laid siege to us at our borders through oil and other natural resources that we should have already outgrown the usage of to the ages of ages and beyond!  We thank You, Father, for giving us new inventions and increasing our productivity as a global society, exponentially, so that poverty is removed from individuals and governments that have suffered with it.  We thank You, Father, for rapidly removing Islam from the planet and for giving all of our nations isolationist policies, so that we're not spending lives, resources, and habitats on harming other civilizations, whether they're terrestrial or extraterrestrial.  Father, we thank You for the growth of plant life that's indigenous to earth on other planets that are nearby where seeds have traveled to the upper atmosphere of our planet and have survived the temperature extremes before landing elsewhere over the last several thousand years, perhaps longer.  Father, we speak to the heavenlies and we bless it, and multiply it as Elisha multiplied the bread in the Old Testament.  We claim a harvest for our planet from the multiplied seed that's scattered around the cosmos for the crops and the quality of crops that we've been needing on this planet, in the Name of Jesus, since as heirs of Abraham, this whole thing is ours, since we're in Christ!  And we thank You, Father, for it, in Jesus' Name! Amen!!


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