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By Martin Cisneros

Father, in the Name of Jesus, we thank You for a good family and friends that love us, for promoting the message of the Gospel in the earth in any way that You see fit, and for miraculously creating new open doors for the spreading of the Gospel through Jesus Christ, our Door.  Thank You, Father, that Lord Jesus is our Door, and that He's wide enough for us to get through with all of our family and all of our world, and that the pride of life is taken away in the commandments of Christ.  Thank You, Father, for more grace, for more wisdom, for sanctifying us further through the Gospel and the Prophets of the Bible, by Your Spirit, and giving us such a Good Shepherd that we shall not want!  Thank You, Father, that we shall not want for healing, because Jesus' broken Body is the children's bread.  Thank You, Father, that we shall not want for righteousness because the Blood of Jesus has remitted every sin, and made us perfect to do Your will, working in us everything that's good, according to Hebrews 13:20-21 so that as we've worked out our own salvation with the Bread and Cup, through Jesus' High Priestly ministry, in reverence and awe at the finished work of Christ, according to Philippians 2, we're conformed to the image of God's Son, according to Romans 8.

We thank You, Father, that according to Hebrews 13:20-21 that it's the Bread and Cup that are at work in us, causing us to will and to do according to good pleasure, as we compare Hebrews 13:20-21 with Philippians 2:12-13 in our John 8 "continue-time."  Thank You, Father, in Jesus' Name, that this is not of works, but is from Christ's finished work, and we partake of that with great gladness according to the exceedingly great and precious promises of the Scriptures regarding the Bread and Cup of the New Testament that is the Exodus meal from all of our former lifestyles and circumstances, and from this meal we walk into all You have for us.  Thank You, Lord Jesus, for taking us out of our land of bondage and bringing us into the good realm of the Acts 17 lands that You've given us to possess through the Gospel and the Prophets of the Bible being our unparalleled rest before You.  Father, we thank You, in the Name of Jesus, that the Isaiah 54 New Testament cannot be removed from us, we've forgotten the shame of our youth, and we're far from fear, oppression, terror, and weapons prospering against us. 

Lord Jesus, we thank You for dining with us, according to Revelation 3:20.  You blessed, broke, and distributed the Bread and told us to take it and eat it, because it is Your Body.  So we take Your Body and eat it, in Remembrance of You!

Lord Jesus, afterwards You took the Cup, gave thanks, and gave it to Your disciples, telling us to drink it, because it is Your Blood.  So we take Your Blood and drink it, in Remembrance of You!

Father, we thank You, in the Name of Jesus, for all that You've provided for us in Christ Jesus, that it was for the New Testament that we were born, so that our lives would bare witness to the Psalm 112, book of Ephesians, and Psalm 149 truths in every area of our spirit, soul, body, finances, and social life through our knowledge and understanding, physical expression, and our ongoing conversations and meditations that establish our social bonds, expectations, and joint-expressions and joint-ventures.  Father, we thank You, we just thank You, for leading us into all truth through Your Holy Spirit as we call to mind everything in the New Testament, living accordingly, putting the Living Words of the Gospel to practice and manifestation in our lives!  Father, we thank You for a powerful manifestation of the Gospel through us with Your Spirit stepping up into manifestation as an establishing witness with us.  We thank You, Father, that together, we, with Your Spirit, are redeeming the time from evil.  We thank You, Father, that together we experience a constant series of moments of heaven on earth, as the Bread and Cup of the New Testament are multiplying through our lives lived/bled into this world by our every impulse/breath that's only Your Will ever-spreading into all of the Creation from the center of ground zero in our hearts. 

We thank You, Father, that from our hearts, unified with Yours, Your Gospel has been ejaculating into the new big bang of the ages of ages that we reign with Christ, pulling from within Your nature a whole new universe through us, in the Name of Jesus!  We thank You, Father, that all things are made new from the finished point of our redemption.  We thank You, Father, that everything expands again in prosperity, wholeness, and completeness through Your Gospel forcefully ejaculating from our spirits and mouths into new dimensions of time, space, and being that are spreading forth.  We thank You, Father, for a continual manifestation of the redemption of time, and that these are the beginnings of time spreading out from Your Gospel: the coalescing of fragments of the Bread of the New Testament from the Gospel within us into new states of being, new worlds, and new beings as we go forth obeying every New Testament principle that's upon our mouths and the rule by which we reign over all things with our heavenly Father in Christ Jesus our Lord.  We thank You, Father, for the expansion of the daily Bread of the Kingdom until every molecule is as satisfied with their fill as we and our heavenly Father have been, in the Name of Jesus!  Amen!!


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