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By Martin Cisneros

Father, in the Name of Jesus, we thank You for a new level of accuracy in sound Biblical doctrine, for enabling all Christians to teach much more indepth in the Gospel, and for octupling the size of the Body of Christ.  Thank You, Father, for discipled nations, memorials on public buildings, in parks, and rest and memorial areas that are the entire text of Ephesians, instead of the ten commandments or Lord's prayer, and for making every television, radio, and YouTube channel into a Christian channel.  Thank You, Father, for Churches all over the world and in every community with Hosea 2:18 and related Scriptures being used in their architecture, for removing Churches from foundations of animal bloodshed, for shutting down every animal slaughterhouse, and for making it a capital offense everywhere to eat an animal.  Thank You, Father, for restoring the dignity of women, the unborn, orphans, animals, and prairie land everywhere.  Thank You, Father, for crops, education, and prosperity, even monetarily, that are growing wildly at all times everywhere.  Thank You, Father, for the natural state of man being prosperity, humility to You and Your Gospel, and love and patience with all people everywhere.  Thank You, Father, for the death of disease and lack among us, and that the very next two species to go extinct are diseases of every kind and physical lack and poverty.  Thank You, Father, for taking lack away from the midst of us.  Thank You, Father, for much higher levels and qualities of technology that are cheap, that raise the standard of living for everyone, and that restore each person's right and resources for living absolutely anywhere they'd wish, with or without being tied to this global society. 

The Lord Jesus, the same night in which He was betrayed took Bread and when He'd blessed it, He said "Take, eat, this is My Body," so we eat this in Remembrance of Him.

After the same manner also, He took the Cup saying "This is My Blood of the New Testament," so we drink this in Remembrance of Him!

Thank You, Father, for eliminating global hunger so that the only people who have to go without eating are those You've called to do it for whatever period of time.  Thank You, Father, for the ability to instantly stop tornadoes and hurricanes with our technologies and for the ability to stop earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, or to greatly delay them at periods when they would be catastrophic to life.  Thank You, Father, for increasing all of mankind's general common knowledge and wisdom lightyears ahead of summa cum laude graduates with multiple earned doctorates.  Thank You, Father, for making it actual wisdom and knowledge on the part of everyone and not as it's been to where people have been deeply dependent upon technology companies and technology manufacturers.  Thank You, Father, for restoring every individual to dignity on a planet that's lacked the ability to provide for themselves without scientists providing for them.  Thank You, Father, for giving us all knowledge, understanding, strength, prosperity, and the ability to live anywhere in all of Creation that we'd choose for as long as we'd choose, and to come and go at the speeds we'd choose.  Thank You, Father, for restoring actual choice to our free will, instead of the Hell we've been in of a free will that's then at the mercy of it's struggle to have the most basic dignities and honours within such an impossibly short vapor of a lifespan, healthspan, and youthspan.  Father, we thank You for wholeness and prosperity of our years and for removing the most basic dignities from the realm of fiction and restoring them to each individual's whim so that they can offer You the most fruitful, most joyful, and most meaningful service.  Thank You, Father, for giving us the ability to give You the most joyful service, in Jesus' Name!  Amen!


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