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By Martin Cisneros

Thank You, Father, for cleansing us of all unrighteousness, for clothing us with Your robe of righteousness, for sending Christ Jesus, through the Gospel, to quicken the living and the dead, and for conforming all of us to the image of Jesus through the Gospel in full meditation and application through our lives!  Thank You, Father, for drawing us near to You by the Blood of Jesus, for delivering us from the authority of darkness and for translating us into the Kingdom of the Son of Your Love, and for making us the fullness of You that fills all in all.  Thank You, Father, in Jesus' Name, for receiving us to Yourself as alive from the dead and our members as instruments of righteousness.  Thank You, Father, for healing our bodies and our relationships, for helping us, for not letting us be disgraced, for setting our face like flint, for keeping us from being ashamed, for being our ever-present justifier, and that all that contend with us grow old like a garment and the moths eat them up, in the Name of Jesus!  Thank You, Father, for grace that's abounding towards us without measure, for purity that's ours beyond anything this world has seen in thousands of years, and for boldness to speak Your love and Your Gospel into every situation, every life that we encounter, and for tearing down all of the strongholds of the enemy, and that nothing shall by any means harm us! 

Thank You, Father, for strong, sanctifying relationships in our lives, powerful sanctifying dramatic examples You're placing in our lives, and for perfecting us in everything to do Your will through the Blood of Jesus!  Thank You, Father, for the exceedingly great and precious promises by which we're participants in the divine nature.  Thank You, Father, for protecting us, giving Your angels charge over us, and for making the Gentiles and the animals our joint-heirs, according to Jeremiah 31:27-28, in the Name of Jesus, because You've torn down the Ezekiel 38:20 walls of division between us through the Gospel You swore long ago through Your prophets in the Bible.  Thank You, Father, for bringing Israel back into their land, for removing the unbelief and idolatry from the land, and for making the desert blossom as the Garden of the Lord! 

Lord Jesus, the same night in which You were betrayed, You took Bread, blessed it, and distributed it to Your disciples saying "This is Your Body," so we eat this in Remembrance of You, right now!

Lord Jesus, in the same way You took the Cup, gave thanks, and gave it to Your disciples saying "This is the New Testament in My Blood," so we drink this in Remembrance of You, right now!

Thank You, Father, for bringing the whole House of Israel to embrace the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and for casting out all of their enemies from their land, including religious enemies that have been trying to get them to rebuild an Old Testament Temple that You refuse to inhabit because of the Hosea 2:18 Covenant and St. Paul's Gospel, because otherwise, You'd have contradicted St. Paul and the Gospel You've given me to the animals that their warfare has ended, they'll see disaster no more, and You'll give them praise and fame in every land where they were put to shame.  Thank You, Father, for the two immutable things by which You cannot lie, the Blood of Your Son and the Body of Your Son in the Gospels; St. Paul and myself in the prophets that Israel's physical temple shall never be rebuilt!  Thank You, Father, for likewise keeping Your promises to Zechariah and St. John about people and animals being in New Jerusalem without exploitation, and there being no temple in the last couple of chapters of Revelation that speak of the Gospel ages of grace that carry us through 'til 1Corinthians 15:28 when all things are offered up to You, Father, so that we can have a hundred-thousandfold harvest and beyond! 

Thank You, Father, for delivering Mexico and Egypt from worshipers of false gods, and for bringing them great prophets of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that'll take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ and avenge all disobedience with the anointing of Your Spirit.  Thank You, Father, for crushing the iniquity of the land and removing it in one day, according to Isaiah 10:17, 27 and Zechariah 3:9, in the Name of Jesus!  Thank You, Father, for burning it all up under Yourself as You go forth riding us as Your royal horses in the battle, according to Zechariah 10:3 and for allowing all of the animals of the land to gorge themselves on the flesh of these false kings, according to Revelation 19, as we go forth with Your Gospel, faith, the anointing, and Your Blood upon our lives!  Thank You, Father, for the two immutable things by which You cannot lie, Christ, the Head of every man, and the Church, the Body of Christ that rules the nations with a rod of iron through the Gospel and faith in the Name of Jesus; faith in The Name, Itself, according to Acts 3:16.  Thank You, Father, for the holy Name of Jesus that's been given among men by which we must be saved.  Thank You, Father, for the holy Name of Jesus that sanctifies us from every false way, purifies our consciences from dead works to serve the living God, and that distinguishes us from all of the people of the earth, according to Ephesians chapters 1 and 3.


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