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By Martin Cisneros

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I thank You, bless You, and worship You for all of Your kindness, all of Your holiness, all of Your purity, all of Your beauty, all of Your generosity to all life everywhere.  Thank You, Father, for fearfully and wonderfully making each of us, whether we're people or animals, and for doing all it takes to make sure we have a nice place to live in the universe, as scientists would look at it.  Thank You, Father, for such a beautifully expanding universe that's going faster and faster and faster as though the biggest Kid were in the driver's seat and He knew He'd never hurt Himself, anything, or anyone with driving it increasingly faster and faster and faster with the biggest smile, red baseball cap on his head turned around, and looking back constantly to make sure that we're all following Him like cars in a train!  Thank You, Father, for such beautiful planets, such beautiful stars, such beautiful galaxies, and for a universe that's filled with every color You've ever created, all for Your own pleasure, so that we'd enjoy these worlds to the full, all of their ages, and fill them with an ever-growing family, all Your children.  Thank You, Father, for a universe filled with worship for You, and for opening up the eyes of all to see; for opening up the ears of all to hear how every molecule in existence worships You and speaks of the intensely passionate love that gave birth to it, that sustains it, and that's given it the direction it's heading in. 

Thank You, Father, for knowing the thoughts You have towards each molecule, each being, and each dimension in the entire universe: thoughts of peace and prosperity, and not of evil, to give us all an hope-filled future!  Thank You, Father, for peace, prosperity, and affectionate love for all, everywhere.  Thank You, Father, for never failing a single one of us, for never failing to provide for each one of us, and for having always put everything right where we could find it, in the Gospel, in the Name of Jesus, and by His Blood!  Thank You, Father, for Your faithfulness to Your Covenant with every dimension, every molecule, and every being.  Thank You, Father, for showing all how they must all come through Jesus Christ, the Door of the sheep, through which we all come to You, the Father of all!  Thank You, Father, for having sent Jesus to die for the smallest molecule, the smallest dimension, and the smallest being.  Thank You, Jesus, for leading each dimension, each molecule, and each being in triumph through Your teachings, Your Blood, and Your mediation ministry with the Father that always watches the back of everything in all of existence! 

Lord Jesus, we gratefully sup with You, according to Revelation 3:20.  We've opened the Door, as You said in Your Word, and we participate in Your Body and Blood, according to 1Corinthians 10:16-22.  In the same night in which our Lord Jesus was betrayed, He took Bread, blessed it, and gave it to His disciples saying "This is My Body," so we eat this in Remembrance of Him, right now!

In the same way, Lord Jesus thankfully picked up the Cup after supper saying "This is the New Testament in My Blood," so we drink this in Remembrance of Him, right now!

Thank You, Father, that Your love is continually abounding towards every being, every dimension, and every molecule, and there are no limits to that love!  Thank You, Father, that every fragment is picked up, not one fragment of the bread is lost, in the Name of Jesus!  Thank You, Father, that the universe itself is nothing more than the Bread of the Passover that Lord Jesus gave thanks for, blessed, broke, and distributed everywhere Your heart wished, Father.  Thank You, Father, that that Bread just continues to grow and flow at greater and greater speeds until there's more than enough to satisfy every heart's desire!  Thank You, Father, that in the fullness of time, Lord Jesus took upon Himself some of the very Bread that You had Him bless, break, and put everywhere Your soul desired, and the Word became flesh and walked among us!  Thank You, Father, for supernatural abundance that keeps growing at faster and faster speeds beyond the speed of light, in the Name of Jesus!  Thank You, Father, that the "big bang" was nothing more than the Bread that You gave to Lord Jesus to bless and break and that that "big bang" was the very breaking of the Bread that would someday, after that, become our Passover Lamb that was slain for us, Who declared Himself to be the Bread of Life! 

Thank You, Father, that the universe is full of Bread, not of dark matter!  Thank You, Father, for healing that continues to grow everywhere at faster and faster speeds, beyond the speed of light, as this universe continues to grow.  Thank You, Father, that the devouring of every enemy just continues to expand faster and faster and faster, beyond the speed of light, including the destruction of Death!  Thank You, Father, that this universe began blessed and that blessing can never be revoked, in the Name of Jesus!  Thank You, Father, Thank You, Father, for healing all of us and for satisfying the desire of every living thing, because what do any of us have that didn't originate as the Bread of Your Covenant with Your Son?  Thank You, Father, that because You didn't withhold the Bread in the beginning, nor did You withhold the One through Whom every piece of Bread has been placed at every moment of a continually expanding existence in this universe, then how or why would You ever withhold from us any good thing?  Thank You, Father, that the Bread that Originated with You that was above all and through Who's blessing from a grateful Heart the universe was set in motion wasn't even withheld, therefore, we're certainly heir of all things through the Bread and Cup of the New Testament, in the Name of Jesus!  Amen!!


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