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By Martin Cisneros

Father, in the Name of Jesus, thank You for healing us, prospering us, filling our minds with Your thoughts, our hearts with Your impulses, our dreams with Your desires, our arms with Your love, our faces with Your smiles, and our hands with Your gentleness!  Father, we thank You, for filling us with joy unspeakable, full of glory, and for making a way where there seemed to be no way.  Thank You, Father, for completing us by the Blood of Jesus, so that we'd walk every path You've had for us, never surrendering to the heat of the day or to the waters that would present themselves along the way, but always abounding in Your works everywhere and every time, in the Name of Jesus.  Thank You, Father, for saving us, making our hearts shine with Your light, and for making us Shepherds of Your Creation!  Thank You, Father, for wealth and riches in our houses, courage in our hearts for all of Your will, and for using us as an unbroken chain between our heritage of faith and the legacy of our descendants that You're building the future upon with the Words that You've given us. 

Thank You, Father, for the joy that held us strong from the first day until now, the hope that was set before Christ Jesus, our High Priest, the patience of our merciful heavenly Father, and the completion of Your wisdom and Your recognizable patterns in and for our lives, both for our good always and for the good of all who are across Your whole Creation with us in the ages to come!  Thank You, Father, for the strength of character of Christ Jesus that's given us strength of character, for the endurance of Christ that's given us endurance, and for the Gospel that's made us good news to everyone that we go to, no matter where they're at in Your Creation!  Thank You, Father, for showing us everything that would be additional levels of prosperity to create, to impart, and to build upon!  Thank You, Father, for incorruptible destinies through the Gospel, and immortality that's bridged the gap between Creation's woes and Creation's unspeakable joys as it's burdens have been delivered and it's souls have been made whole. 

Jesus, we are One with You, and we celebrate You as our Passover, and receive Your Body broken for us 2000yrs ago.  We eat this in Remembrance of You!

Jesus, Your Blood has made us free, and we thank You for the repentance and liberty that You came heralding from the first day until now, and we receive Your Blood shed for us 2000yrs ago.  We drink this in Remembrance of You!

Thank You, Father, for every cleansed heart, every healed body, every met need, every dream fulfilled, every desire granted, every heart that's been made a disciple, and every Door that You made Christ Jesus to be to us along the way that we have stepped through!  Thank You, Father, that all limited thinking has fallen away, that the Prophets and New Testament of the Bible have defined our every border, boundary, bridge, Deliverer, Hero, Judge, and share in the divine nature.  Thank You, Father, for every area of Direction, influence, opportunity, and restraint that You've given us through Your Gospel and Your Spirit.  Thank You, Father, for wholeness for all of our loved ones, salvation of their lives, and prosperity in their thinking.  Thank You, Father, for filling all of our loved ones with Your Gospel, and for removing limited thinking from them in all areas that didn't originate in the Gospel and the Prophets of the Bible.  Thank You, Father, for the sanctification of all that You've given us, the ever-increasing holiness in our lives, and the systematic path that You've had us walk out through the Scriptures for bringing each moment, each molecule, and each dimension to it's highest potential, even where that potential had to be redrawn in it's mud by the Gospel forcefully advancing from our hearts through our mouths upon all of it, as we live unparalleled lives before it with the High Priestly ministry of Christ Jesus over us and the Holy Spirit within us consistently taking new ground through us.  

Thank You, Father, for all of the doors that have held Creation in bondage that You've enabled us to open to set it free and that You are continuing to enable us to open through the Gospel consistently taking more and more ground in our conversations and through our thanksgiving to You for Your boundless gift.  Thank You, Father, for Creation's unspeakable joys and for all of Creation's song continuing to abound to You through the Gospel that we've given it, lived before it, and lived it through, as it's midwife, through the Bread and Cup of the New Testament being our constant rest, refreshment, and washing of the feet of Christ Jesus with our own tears of joy for all He's achieved as our Superman.


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