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By: Martin Cisneros

Currently, as of August 21, 2010, I am not aware of another human being, viz., another author, on the planet that has seen the Hosea 2:18 Covenant as the Biblical cornerstone for any consideration of animal rights, and as the basis upon which we can eagerly and gratefully expect our heavenly Father to intervene with absolutely all of the power He has in the behalf of animals.

I've not read deeply and completely any works by any other Christian authors on this subject of a Biblically consistent and genuine “Good News” to all animals everywhere. But from my previous skimming of other Christian authors via online descriptions of their works at, their approach is either to view it as a matter that's consistent with Biblical ethics, or to speak of it as something eschatological, or to argue for the consciousness, experience, and souls of these animals, their importance to Creation and our survival or our stewardship of what God's given us, or to eulogize the memory of particularly loved animals and to express certainty to grieving hearts that they'll see their beloved pets in heaven.

As of today, that's the gist and sum of all that I've seen from other authors: arguments for God's compassion for animals requiring our compassion as well if we're truly walking with Him, arguments for them being living, conscious accountable beings, and arguments for what God did in Creation and in preserving them through Noah's Flood, and arguments for what God will someday do for animals, or that at least we'll see our most loved animal companions in heaven or on the new earth.

I don't dispute that many of the Biblical passages that I cite in sharing this Animal Gospel are likely cited by many or all of the Christian authors who have written on this. But though they may work towards more animal conscious Churches and ministry to those in any kind of emotional distress over an animal, I've not seen the full conviction of His Holy Spirit on any other Christian authors about what the Bible says about animals that we are stepping into an era of a new Book of Acts in the behalf of animals where we will gleefully see God parting the waters of the Red Sea in the behalf of animals to free them of thousands of years of torments.

I don't see them as being freed from having relationships with us, as is implicit in the messages of many non-Christian animal rights activists, and neither do I envision a world where animals never do anything for us and we'd never trespass their worlds; their personal space. To me, that would simply be a new kind of enmity where we'd transfer from open hostility and bold, indifferent, and defiant exploitation to an indifferent distancing ourselves from them. Neither extreme reflects what's noblest in mankind, nor is either extreme the intent of God.

I don't believe the Bible teaches that humans and animals will ever one day thrive as islands unto themselves. But I do believe the general slave trade will end where animals are stripped from native habitats and never see their loved ones ever again. In fairness, I do realize that many species do abandon their young and not in every case are we talking about the dividing and conquering of families. I do realize that.

I see a world coming where people as a general rule, [for want of a better word,] are much more parental of animals rather than exploiting of animals for their diets, clothes, entertainment and other vanities.

My particular Animal Gospel presentation is a Pentecostal message of deliverance and healing for animals and sanctification and a renewed mind for human beings. I expect, based on the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, for God's miraculous power to intervene with and without the direct physical involvement of human beings.

I expect the Word of Faith to be spoken by believers and for animals to be healed physically and emotionally. I expect such an Outpouring of God's Prosperity into the lives of those that take their cues from the Hosea 2:18 Covenant and all related Scriptures, and adopt a vegan lifestyle, meditate in the Word day and night as diligently over this as they do all other matters, and for those that'll step out of the boat as co-deliverers and judges with Christ Jesus on the basis of the Word of God in the behalf of animals.

I fully expect for trillions of dollars to be raised among Christians in the generations to come that'll be specifically spent on natural habitat restoration, and giving the animals back double for all of their shame. I expect for everlasting joy to come about through our heralding a complete Gospel of Jesus Christ that includes all of the message of the Biblical prophets and not just those parts that only relate to humans.

I expect that the Gospel will finally be preached in it's totality, for Bible schools to begin including courses, including courses on miracles, where this Hosea 2:18 Covenant is concerned. I believe we will see billions of vegans on planet earth because the kingdoms of this world are become the Kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, according to Revelation 11:15 and that these are not separate messages, but are one and the same message!

I am carefully laying a foundation that others will rebuild our world upon. This message is a message of power and not of ethics, not solely of compassion, and this isn't about seeing our animals in heaven someday. I fully expect for animals to be raised from the dead, as surely as human beings will be if He won't alter His Covenant, according to Psalm 89:34 and man has no preeminence over the animals according to Ecclesiastes 3:19, because there is a season for everything; a time for every purpose under heaven and Romans 8:21 says animals must enter into the liberties of the children of God!

I expect, in the spirit realm, for the Anointing of God to fall on the animal butchery and animal exploitation/prostitution industries like a hammer, (the anointing corrodes and shatters the yoke of bondage according to Isaiah 10:27,) and for the death grip that unreasonable and wicked men have had on animals to be shattered from the animals and for a new level of the fear of the Lord, [which is the beginning of wisdom,] to come upon mankind through the preaching of this Hosea 2:18 Covenant together with the preaching of the rest of the Gospel of Christ.


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