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By: Martin Cisneros

What is missing in someone's life when they feel the need to eat flesh and bodily fluids, after they've already genuinely understood that it is wrong and terribly short of God's ideal desire for one's life?

Is it an emotional need for acceptance from others in one's life? Is it the idea of so-called "comfort foods?" Is it a genuine lack of information on how to meet all of one's nutritional needs through a vegan lifestyle? Is it a lack of recognition that eating flesh and bodily fluids is in the same category with alcoholism and a smoker's addiction? Is it a lack of knowledge on how to bake with various bean and nut milks and with flax seed oil in place of eggs?

Trying to meet spiritual needs for acceptance from others with irrelevant nonsense and irrelevant "items" being brought into the equation such as items arrived at through animal exploitation is materialism. The "lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life" constitute 3 categories of conduct or psychological breakdown that you really don't want any part of because of the built in humiliation and self degradation that you were never intended to live your life in. No relationship in your life that's genuinely worth having should ever be the better or the worse for what you do or do not eat. And quite a bit of nutritional information and how to prepare really great dishes is available from

You've really got to deal with your addictive and vanity reasons for continuing to feast on products that came through the exploitation and suffering of animals. It's an area of licentiousness in your life that as a Christian you really don't need. You need to maintain a pure conscience before the Lord at absolutely all costs. Your long term health, peace of mind, and sanctification are genuinely on the line and you know it. Licentiousness is not a good place to call "home." St. Paul seems to indicate that what'll initially start out so innocently (i.e. in the eyes of others) will open up the door to other areas of coveteousness, vanity, deception, intemperance, false doctrine, demonic oppression, strife, identity and relationship breakdown.

This isn't a light issue, that's just about the environment and the lives of animals that you don't even fully understand. This is about your mental clarity, your purity of conscience, your strength for obeying the Lord at absolutely all times, and whether or not you'll fulfill all of the will of God for your life.

I want to talk with you about some possible pointers for getting free of the meat and dairy monkey that's on your shoulder. However, I want to emphasize right here up front, as loudly as written text can convey anything: if you've got any pre-existing medical or psychiatric conditions, please be sure to run this by your doctors so that they can monitor you, tweek any medicine doses for you, change any prescriptions, or whatever along the way. If any "miracles" happened to "accidentally" happen along the way with your blood sugar, cholesterol, or any nonhealing wounds, etc., etc., etc., we need for our medical and psychiatric professionals to know that their medications either had little to nothing to do with it, or what combination of medication with lifestyle adjustments made a dramatic difference! It's not so that vegans can do an "I told you so," but so that doctors will know what actually works when they're trying to help others. All some doctors know of vegetarianism are the idiots that tried living on grilled cheese sandwiches, french fries, ketchup, root beer, twinkies, and pies that came in with some new disease and made vegetarianism look like a disaster waiting to happen. For all of our sakes, keep them informed on what you're doing every step of the way!!

If you're still stumbling through your prayer life and letting go of all of your nursing on animals in your past, then buy a very high quality juicer - best one you can afford - and stay on freshly made vegetable juices on a "juice fast" for two to four weeks until you meet the deeper needs that your body may genuinely have for deep tissue cleansing and regeneration of it's severely worn and poisoned parts that are letting out the cries for attention that your brain and emotions are interpreting as a "need" for animal derived ingredients.

If you can't leave off all food while you're on a "juice fast," then at least avoid meat, dairy, and "ingredients" derived from meat and dairy. Leaving meat and dairy behind can be so rough on some people for the first two or three weeks, that for some people a fast is the easier way to transition. But if you think you'd crash too hard from that, or if your schedule is too hectic for doing this, then eat whole fruit, to get the fiber with the sugar that'll keep you from blood sugar spikes and blood sugar crashes.

Eat fruit in it's entirety without sticking it through the juicer, and drink enormous amounts of freshly juiced vegetables. If you'll think "meal replacement" you might get the idea of what I'm talking about with this. Obviously, don't do anything to make yourself sick, like something stupid like drinking a dozen gallons of this in a day. I don't mean that at all by saying to drink enormous amounts of it. A lot of people would find a gallon in a 24 hour period a difficult project.

And yes, you can add a few slices of apple to the juicer if you accidentally bought some bitter carrots. But I'd personally use a jicama or some cabbage for the additional enzymes that would get tossed into the mix. I might be tempted to try adding some agave or stevia, though I've never tried sweetening my vegetable juice before 'cause it's usually pretty satisfying by itself to me. Cabbages produce a surprisingly good juice, especially when mixed together.

And yes, I said to buy a juicer rather than a dozen cans of vegetable juice for the week. You want live, nonpasteurized vegetable juice when you're working problem areas in your lifestyle out of your body. And if you're going to go through all of this, you might as well get all of the advantages and healing and renewing properties out if it that you can, right? While some people would say that the health benefits of this would be minimal, there's still so many miracle stories that come out every once in a while about this, aren't there?

Consider this a bootcamp for dealing with more past issues than just your diet and lifestyle. This is a really good way to work through all of that, and to find yourself again underneath all of the socially conditioned norms.

Don't feel "condemned" if you've been dealing with this issue in your life for quite some time. A lot of vegans will try to use a condemnation tactic to try to get you to leave your animal addiction behind. But for some people there are very deep psychological and physiological roots to their animal addictions that will only be overcome "daily" at first. When you experience some freedom from it, though, you're going to be in the same category as the person that's gotten free of alcoholism and cigarettes in one important sense. You're not going to be able to play with it at all. When in doubt, you're going to have to do without, if you think that any well meaning loved ones would taint a cooked dish that you'd be sharing with them and/or others. People who get free of alcoholism can't be "social drinkers" that only do so on New Year's Eve and wedding anniversaries. If it's gone from your life, then it has to remain gone!

But after all, wasn't the point to get free of all of that, and to live a more consistent life with one's beliefs?


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