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Animals > A prayer for animals in times of need

By Martin Cisneros

Heavenly Father,

I thank You that in the Name of Jesus that You have provided a Covenant in the Blood of Jesus that is not only between Jews and Gentiles, but that it is also between man and animal according to Hosea 2:18, and that according to verses 16-23 of that second chapter that You've first established this Covenant between man and animal and then You've betrothed US, together, to Yourself to the age (Heb: Olam). I thank You that these animals have found Covenant grace in Your sight and that as joint-heirs with us in the Blood of Jesus Christ that the same healing that is ours is their's and that the same peace of mind is theirs by the finished work of Christ. I thank You that they have the level of righteousness that is appropriate to their kind and that they have a right to deliverance from the hands of unreasonable and wicked men.

Father, as one of the ones responsible for faith in this age where these animals are concerned, and especially over this animal that I now bring before You in the Name of Jesus, I claim their Covenant provisions of comfort, food, water, coolness/warmth {where appropriate to pray this} healing, peace, deliverance, protection, safety, and rest. I believe that Your Holy Spirit now comes upon this dear one now according to Isaiah 63:14 in the measure, essence, purpose, and provision that is appropriate for them. I receive the remittance by the Blood of Jesus of the fear of man that Hosea 2:18 was supposed to be to this dear one in this time of need, in the exact measure that is appropriate for this season in the earth.

I claim the full measure of Hosea 2:18 being manifested in Your timing, however, I claim before Jesus, my High Priest, the provision of Hosea 2:18 and Joel 2:22 that this little animal needs now for themselves and those that they care about to make their lives content. I take authority over the principalities and powers of death that have sought from time immemorial the destruction of these little ones. I break your snares and strategies against these little ones by the Name of Jesus Christ and the full authority vested in that Name. I plead the Blood of Jesus Christ against them. I minister the comfort of the Holy Spirit over this dear one, again, according to Isaiah 63:14, in Jesus' Name.



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